Jerome BraggsJoin in as SLSP host Tatiana Berindei discusses what it truly means to love yourself with the Soul Medicine Man, Jerome Braggs. In 2005, after being diagnosed with kidney failure, pneumonia and AIDS, being told he had 48 hours to live and having a near-death experience, Jerome began a mystical journey of epic proportions that brought him where he is today. In this episode, Jerome shares what he learned on that journey about what self love REALLY is and how you can have it to. Tune in for concrete tips and practical ways to apply his 4 cardinal principles of self love to your life.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I am your host Tatiana Berindei. Today I am really delighted to have with me Jerome Braggs. We are going to be discussing how to love yourself wholly. Let me tell you a little bit about Jerome. Jerome Braggs is a highly gifted intuitive healer, channel, and self-love coach. In 2005, Jerome was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure and then given 48 hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a near death experience in which he was told directly by a source that the key to true healing and well-being is to love yourself wholly.

That experience catalyzed a multiyear mystical journey in which he learned how to truly heal himself and create a deep, well and delicious life through the practice of wholly loving himself. Today, Jerome uses his intuitive gifts and the sacred wisdom he gained through his journey to teach spiritual seekers around the world how to heal themselves from whatever ails them and create deeply thriving and delicious lives through the miraculous practice of self-love. Welcome to the show, Jerome.

Thank you so much. I’m honored and excited to be here.

Yeah. I’m really excited to have you here to. Before we launch in you, I love to ask everyone what their superpowers are. I just wanted to give a little caveat to our listeners. Jerome came to me because I had originally put a shout out. I realized I’ve been doing this show for a long time and I didn’t really feel like I was accurately representing anyone in the gay community. I didn’t have enough of those voices on the show. I really am wanting to provide a plethora and a variety of voices. I put the call out and someone connected me with Jerome.