Jerome BraggsJoin in as SLSP host Tatiana Berindei discusses what it truly means to love yourself with the Soul Medicine Man, Jerome Braggs. In 2005, after being diagnosed with kidney failure, pneumonia and AIDS, being told he had 48 hours to live and having a near-death experience, Jerome began a mystical journey of epic proportions that brought him where he is today. In this episode, Jerome shares what he learned on that journey about what self love REALLY is and how you can have it to. Tune in for concrete tips and practical ways to apply his 4 cardinal principles of self love to your life.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I am your host Tatiana Berindei. Today I am really delighted to have with me Jerome Braggs. We are going to be discussing how to love yourself wholly. Let me tell you a little bit about Jerome. Jerome Braggs is a highly gifted intuitive healer, channel, and self-love coach. In 2005, Jerome was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure and then given 48 hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome had a near death experience in which he was told directly by a source that the key to true healing and well-being is to love yourself wholly.

That experience catalyzed a multiyear mystical journey in which he learned how to truly heal himself and create a deep, well and delicious life through the practice of wholly loving himself. Today, Jerome uses his intuitive gifts and the sacred wisdom he gained through his journey to teach spiritual seekers around the world how to heal themselves from whatever ails them and create deeply thriving and delicious lives through the miraculous practice of self-love. Welcome to the show, Jerome.

Thank you so much. I’m honored and excited to be here.

Yeah. I’m really excited to have you here to. Before we launch in you, I love to ask everyone what their superpowers are. I just wanted to give a little caveat to our listeners. Jerome came to me because I had originally put a shout out. I realized I’ve been doing this show for a long time and I didn’t really feel like I was accurately representing anyone in the gay community. I didn’t have enough of those voices on the show. I really am wanting to provide a plethora and a variety of voices. I put the call out and someone connected me with Jerome.

I love to have fun

I love to have fun.

I was feeling into it today and really like Jerome, I was feeling into him and just how much he’s caring and what a beautiful soul he is and how to really make this conversation only about like a gay experience felt like not honoring of everything that Jerome is carrying and felt like it was perpetuating sort of a separation of like gay is different and needs to be discussed in this separate little box over here instead of just like here’s this beautiful human who has all this wisdom to share who also happens to be gay and like let’s come together from this heart space and have a glorious conversation from there. I just wanted to share that with the listeners because that felt important.

That came out when he and I were connecting right before we hit record. I’m really excited for this exchange. I’m really excited for you, our listeners, to get to hear Jerome and the wisdom that he’s carrying today. I think it’s such a beautiful gift that he is here with us. Now, Jerome, I get to ask you the super fun question, what are your superpowers?

You were just saying it before I was thinking about it. I would say I have three. One is that I read energy. I read the vibration of people. I can see it. I can feel it. I can know from their vibration kind of what the beliefs are that they’re holding, what they’re creating for themselves and where they maybe in the way of themselves from creating what they really want. The other one I’d say is silliness. I mean I am silly. I love to have fun. I think it’s a superpower because I enjoy the hell out of my life because of it.

Yeah. I agree. That is totally a superpower.

Yeah, I definitely do. The last one I would say is my ability to guide people and also to know the way of loving yourself into whatever you want. I call myself really a Sherpa in that way, a well-being Sherpa, because I know whatever experience of well-being you really want, the way to it is to love yourself fully, wholly, more. I know the way to do that. My journey has really given me the guidance of how to do that well. I’d say those are my superpowers.

Beautiful. I love that image of you as the Sherpa because I think truly it is a guiding process. No one can do that work for you. The Sherpa’s the guide, but the person has to actually walk up the mountain.

Yes, indeed.

I love that image. That’s really, really beautiful. We have about like three or four minutes before we have to go to break. You have such a powerful story and I’m wondering if you have like a three minute version of it that you can share with our audience.

Yeah, sure! I’ll condense it down as much as possible. What I’d like to say is the being that I am today, that journey into that really began on January 1st of 2004 on New Year’s Day when I had checked into the hospital with what I thought was the flu and I thought I was just going in there to get some medicine so I can go back to work. Ended up instead being diagnosed with kidney failure, pneumonia, pancreatitis, anemia, a fluid packed lung, 20 pounds of extra fluid on my body, a parasite in my stomach. If all of that wasn’t delicious enough already, also diagnosed with AIDS and then given seven days to live. The doctor said they thought I had about seven days to live.

I looked back over my life and how I lived it

I looked back over my life and how I lived it.

That everything have progressed to a point that they didn’t think they were going to be able to help me. On my deathbed, I kind of had what’s called a life review where I looked back over my life and how I lived it and came to the awareness that although I wasn’t afraid of death at that time, I really believed at that moment that I was a spiritual being and that death wasn’t an end for me. It was just going to be another transition for me. I was 24 years old and have been on the kind of stretch of journey for a few years, but I realized in that kind of life review that I was getting ready to die not having really fully lived. Not just because I was 24, but I hadn’t been happy with my life. I hadn’t really been authentically myself.

I hadn’t really felt good about myself. I hadn’t really shared my heart or really how I felt with the people I most cared about. Actually I didn’t know how to express my feelings period. I also had a feeling like I wasn’t going to be leaving this world having deposited into the world what I came here for. It was a very strong feeling even though I didn’t know exactly what that was. I did have a very strong feeling that I was going to.. If I transitioned, I was going to be transitioning incomplete. I made a decision that I didn’t want to die like that and I wasn’t going to die. I wanted to die being complete. I began to throw everything I knew about the law of attraction at my situation at the time.

If we can create a reality, then it must be true for me and it must be true for me to be able to create a miracle. Within three months’ time, I had created a miracle for myself. I was fully healed. My kidneys were back fully functioning. There was no HIV or AIDS in my system anywhere. My body was healed of all the other illnesses that I was going through. I thought I had all figured out. I thought I had it figured out about how the law of attraction works. I thought I had it figured out about all the other stuff until I found myself back in that same hospital a year and a half later with the exact same diagnosis to the T-cell count. I mean every illness was back and even the same T-cell count was the same.

I knew this time that if I was back in this situation, it was a message that my soul was trying to get me to pay very hard attention to and I was trying very hard not to pay attention to it.

Wow. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. I have to pause to you because we have to go to the break. I think it’s perfect because it’s a cliffhanger so people are going to have to stay tuned to hear how the story ends. Before we go to the break, will you tell our listeners where they can go to find out more about you?

Yeah. I’m all over social media in the internet. My website is My Facebook page is Instagram jerome_braggs. I’m all over that. It’s me and it’s only me. If you reach out there, you’ll be able to connect with me.

Beautiful. All right. We’re going to take a quick break. We’re talking with Jerome Braggs about how to love yourself wholly and I know you want to hear what happens next, so stay tuned.

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