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Reconnecting with Truth

Witches and More

As a child, I always thought how cool it would be to see and hear beyond the “normal”. How awesome it would be to have superpowers. For some reason, which I recognize today, I felt I had something that others did not, that I was like a witch who just needed to make a magical spell and would make things happen. I loved watching Wonder Woman and Bewitched. It was a magical feeling to witness how they could achieve anything they wanted; they only needed to want it, act out the desire, and they got it.

Well, as I grew up, “Those powers did not seem to belong to any terrestrial being,” as my mother told me. That only happens in movies. Whenever I went through difficult times, the desire to connect to those powers was greater; until one day, I started working with the power of the mind. I would say that was when my intuition began to awaken, as I began to feel and to perceive things before they happened. Not with the clarity I had wanted, but it was happening, and it generated a mix of emotions.  I was excited because what I experienced was magical, but I also felt some sort of fear. I honestly think that this fear accompanied me for a long time, and the full connection process to my Super Powers was delayed. In short, after a difficult life situation, where I felt impotent, I ended up learning about energy and how to balance it in the body, rather than searching for a cure.  Therefore, I became certified as a Reiki Master, and with this new knowledge, a series of beautiful events took place that changed the course of my life.

Becoming YOU

When something is destined to happen, red applenothing stops it; and my powers were definitely destined to come out at some point. All this work with the body’s energy led me to see and feel more, whenever I had sessions with other people, this was verified. At first I thought I was simply very creative; that the things I was coming up with, were unique.  Well, little did I know, at that moment, that all these “occurrences” were actually messages that I was receiving from superior beings; that were not here in flesh and bone, in this existence. These messages began to be stronger and more evident. The best part of it all was that all these new discoveries resonated with the people with whom I shared these facts with. I began to hear that I was very powerful! People began to wonder how I knew that, or how I was able to get connected with that information. That is where my journey begins inside of me, which unleashed a series of gifts and skills that I always wanted to have, but at that moment, did not fully comprehend its magnitude and power. I ended up certifying myself, as if to justify to everyone the fact that I had been taught how to use these powers, when the truth is that no one really “taught me”, I only gave myself permission to live this experience and that’s when my powers awakened.

The purpose of this article is for you who’s reading now, and can identify with my story, or at least part of it, leave the about what people will say about you. Abandon the fear about to the religious doctrine and its precepts, and take the risk of being you. Being you implies accepting what you are and awakening that which you do not know you are. Our purpose in this incarnation is to connect to that Divinity we already are to this human experience. This implies that we can create the life we dream, desire and deserve through the actions we take. That connection takes work and commitment. Work I thought I was already doing as I threw myself out there to help others become empowered.  A commitment that I believe to be exercising when I completed my certifications and attempting to comply with the social “norms” of giving evidence of my professionalism and skills through a diploma. However, something happened inside me, something that said that there was more, more to explore in me, to know in me in order to be able to lead my life to a higher level of satisfaction and therefore of connection with that Divinity that I already am.

Super Power Experts ®

tribeThat’s where I realize that I was not going to be able to do it on my own, who was going to be able to assist me? Who would be able to understand my need if it’s not part of something that is “real” for everyone in this existence? I needed to find more of that which I was at a Divine level, in order to be able to create here in this existence, creations that get me and others to that essence of who we truly are; to that oneness to which we belong. Suddenly, “Super Power Experts ®” appears, and I know the face behind that name that called my attention intensely because of everything that I’ve already mentioned previously in this article. A new phase of my life begins. A stage that I invite you to experiment, if like me, you feel that there is something more for you. If you feel that you are much more, and that you are capable of more, but you feel lost in this world of emotions, ideas, actions, comings and goings that somehow dilute that truth that you are. Thanks to Tonya Dawn Recla could understand a lot more of who I am, and what I can do. We are all one, and in being one, we can achieve all. I “am” what you are and what you are able to do, and you “are” what I am and what I am able to do. As I mentioned earlier, we are, consciously or unconsciously, in this process of reconnection with our Divinity, and it is necessary to make that recognition at the individual level first. Thanks to “Super Power Experts”, I recognized my truth and power. A power, which is worth clarifying, encompassing beyond what I can see and perceive. Therein lies the true power, in trusting that the here and now is perfect, and that once that here and now advances, it will no longer be here and now, it will only be part of the past, and with it comes a new here and a new now that brings one more facet of the intensity of your power and transforming capacity.

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