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PowerUp 95 | Read the Field

In this episode, he talks about how he can read the field and how he can also teach it to people so they can do it themselves as well. He talks about life energies, being connected with not only the people you love but even buildings, things, animals, etc. to understand the core of life.

Uwe Albrecht is a spiritual gangster, born and raised in Germany. His business, Innerwise, helps people understand the energy patterns and fields of people, animals and systems that are at the core of life itself, and shows us ways to clarify and resolve irritations in the easiest possible manner.

I have a real treat today for you all. Before we get started, the gentleman joining us today, there’s two main pieces I was looking mniver his bio earlier that I just had to giggle a little bit about. First of all, he is a spiritual gangster, born and raised in Germany. The quote on his business card says, “The creative madness had another orgasm.” Please join me in welcoming to the show, Uwe Albrecht. Welcome to the show, Uwe. We’re so excited to have you here.

Thank you for this amazing introduction.

It’s delightful connecting with you. I’m just glad to have you here. We jump right in usually and just ask people, what are your superpowers?

My superpowers are to be able to read the field and to see in this way what reality will bring up because reality is only a result of the field behind. I can read it and the more important thing is I can teach it to others so that they can learn it too. This way I invented a complete new model of energetic medicine, which is able to take over and just offering something for the ones who doesn’t believe in medications and symptoms any longer. They want to connect with the root cause and find exactly what it is and clear it. It’s a combination of precise detective on the other side of really high energies available. Combine the left and the right part of the brain in a good way and not get lost on one side.

You had me at read the field. I heard that and I was like, “This is going to be so much fun.” Talk to us about what you mean about reading the field.

PowerUp 95 | Read the Field

Read the Field: If you bring back the original music of the soul and connect people with their purpose, it suddenly becomes a beautiful dance.

You can imagine when you’re in a dance floor and there’s some music being played and you do your movements based on the music. You might like the movements or not, it’s based on the music. If you don’t like your movements, the easiest thing is to change the music. The field is like the music of our dance floor or if we’re having an experience on our dance floor and we are creating our reality out of.

I don’t like so much the word energy any longer because it’s spiritually quite used. But the field is a word even like business companies, big companies can accept. For them it’s normal that there’s a field. Not only in quantum physics. It’s the music of our life. For most people, it’s not only one music getting played, they have ten different kinds of music getting played; rock and roll, heavy metal and jazz and free jazz and waltz and whatever, and they try to dance it all at once.

It can only look ugly and they can only feel ugly. There’s no other way. If you bring back the original music of the soul and connect people with their purpose and bring all these lost pieces back, it suddenly becomes a beautiful dance. You have a totally different resonance and people will be acting totally different towards you and life is reacting differently. This is how you live and how you enjoy living, by resonance. It’s not what we want, what we create, what we need. It’s about our music we’re sending out. This is such a beautiful and easy way of living. It’s a state of flow.

In our speak over here, I often refer to not just the multifacetedness of who we are but also the multidimensionality. I like that you’re giving voice to the fact that there are all those pieces and parts of us. I reflect on the fact that my education was in things like intergroup relations and critical theories as it relates to groups and cultures and stuff, interacting. Then to find myself years, years, years later speaking about things like multidimensionality and that we have all these pieces and parts. We really do exist in all these different frequencies simultaneously and helping people understand how you actually associate with some of those different elements of yourself.

I see where it freaks people out a little bit, but I love the richness of experience that it affords us. It really is very free flowing, I love how you’re just off the cuff, “You can change the music or you can do this. It’s so easy.” But really helping people understand that we are that fluid. We can shift pretty quickly. It’s just, are we willing to see it that way?

Most people are waiting until something appears on the structural level, like a disease or symptom, but underneath you have the biochemistry and the mental, the emotion and the energy field and the soul. All irritations are starting at the energy field normally. Over 95% of our irritations we are experiencing later on as symptoms or problems in our life, they are starting on the energy field. It’s really low level and some of them take years until this show up on the surface. When you’re able to read the field, people are euphoric and feeling good or moody or a little depressed or whatever. Then you analyze it deeper, why? Why is it this way? What was changing? What can I shift that my emotions immediately change from, “I want to commit suicide,” to, “Let’s have a party.” That can happen from one moment to another if you find the root, and the root cause is in the field.

I invented all these tools which you need to be able to read the field and then also tools to change the field. For sure, multidimensionals Burkhardt Heim, like a German research from the last century, and he found the twelfth dimensional system of the universe, the most advanced understanding of the universe in twelve dimensions. The more you observe, the more you realize it happens on all dimensions. If you don’t look so deep, you think time is linear. If you look deeper you say, “Time is a loop.” As far as it goes, the more you have to get rid of these old belief systems. Because if you want to change reality then you have to be able to understand the complex field on all dimensions and not getting lost on the other side of this.

There’s so much goodness on what you’re saying. I call it quantum leaping, to really just pull yourself out. Like you said, you want to commit suicide to, “Let’s have a party.” I appreciate being in the space where I can affirm from people all of it is real. Yes, a piece of you may want to commit suicide and yes, a piece of you may want to throw a party, and that’s okay. We really do exist in all these spaces and you could choose to accept one or whatever modality. We talk about integrating things or transmuting, whatever technique works for people. I find myself using all of them in various stages, depending on what the issues are.

What you call reading the field, I always call it a disturbance in the force. I try to mix all the superhero ideology with the X-Men ideology with the Star Wars. I just throw it all together and mix it up. That’s how I experienced it. It’s just a subtle disturbance in the force and it very rarely manifests as a full-fledged temper tantrum or feeling or fear or anything like that anymore. It’s getting really good at those subtleties, the real subtle energy in those shifts and catching them before they take root and really solidify into something that’s much more difficult to move down the road.

There’s lots of fun stuff here that we can explore. What do you see coming forward for us with regards to how we interact with each other, getting support and getting mentorship and stuff. I know that you’ve created a huge network of people who are all teaching this in their own way. What are your visions for all of that moving forward?

PowerUp 95 | Read the Field

Read the Field: We need people who have access to their purpose and they’re coming out of trust.

My vision is that we need a huge shift on the planet. This requires waking up and the braveness to leave the patterns and the security of old rules. Right now, this world is run by people who are living in fear. We need people who have access to their purpose and they’re coming out of trust. When you have these improvements, you have a different kind of connection and communication anyway, so we can sense each other based on love. My grandfather was in Russia. He was there for sixteen years. My grandmother got several messages that said he died and she always felt he’s alive. Because she was loving him so much that she could feel how he felt. That’s something that I’m experiencing. When you’re opening up for the energy field and for the subtle energies, you are realizing, “I have all these emotions in me. I have all these abilities in me to connect not only with my children and my lovers. I’m able to connect with other people. I’m able to connect with this building, to connect with an animal, with a situation,” or whatever.

You realize that we are communicating on so many levels all the time, but we are often denying them that they are existing. It’s all resonance-based. My vision for the future of people who are self-responsible about the energies they are radiating. Often people don’t even know how they affect the environment, or the energies. It’s time that we take responsibility. Because when I’m affecting my environment and I even don’t know what is working through me, I’m still responsible. This way, I better know what is working through me. I better know where I am and what is going on so that I can consciously be responsible for what I’m creating.

For communication for the future, I like to have more people who are able to be responsible for what they are, what they live and how they affect the environment. This requires that they come in touch again with their senses, because everybody can sense but most people don’t trust them any longer. They will lose it when they’re having young children. When you reconnect with your senses and you got an internal confirmation, what I’m doing with the arm-length test, the right and left part of the brain are suddenly working together. It can go so deep and you’re not getting lost in it. The scientific part and the spiritual part is coming together, and this is a very healthy way. Then you have a totally different understanding of reality and how you connect and what you create. This is my vision for the future.

I often tell people, it’s great to talk about superpowers and everything like that, but you have to want this. You have to be willing to do the work that it takes to get there because it’s not going to happen. There are a lot of folks I know playing around with what I call level one superpowers. Psychic ability and empathy and even healing to an extent. But if people haven’t done the work to get to a place of any autonomy and reliability, then they won’t be able to wield those in a particularly useful way. They may get little blips of success here and there, but overall most of those initial level one, especially I’m thinking specifically psychic ability or something like that, you still have to be able to interpret the information. You can really only interpret it the level at which you are capable of comprehending.

If you aren’t able to discern what’s yours and read the field, like you’re talking about, in a way that’s particularly useful to the person you’re talking to, then I see a lot of damage happening in those phases. That’s where a lot of the apocalyptic predictions and stuff like that come from. It’s just metaphors. You have to be able to interpret the information in a usable fashion. That really only comes after, at least in my opinion, after people have mastered that personal power that sit in a sense of actualization so that they can be of use out in the world with it. But there’s no shortcut to that.

Certainly, as we talked about, there’s quantum leaping, you can quickly do it. But it takes you being willing to take a hard look at and take responsibility for what you’re creating in your existence. Like you said, most people aren’t even aware that they’re having an impact, that they’re doing anything. Or like the phrase where people will be like, “I had this thought about this person, but I didn’t say it.” You might as well just say it, you already energetically jabbed the person. You might as well speak it out loud and give them a chance to understand what just happened to them versus pretending it didn’t occur.

The point is that 95% of our reality we are creating out of our unconscious and only 5% out of our conscious part. People are not aware of their unconscious at all, often. If they just believe the will of their mind, that’s reality. But that’s not at all. The mind is not creating anything, that’s 5% of power. The 95% power part in our self, when this part doesn’t want something, it doesn’t happen. This is something you need to realize. You need tools to access your subconscious. I want to add one thing to the last point. For me, the most important thing in life is to be connected and to work together as people and live together as people, which live in our energy states. They create their own energy. They don’t need my energy or someone else’s energy.

PowerUp 95 | Read the Field

Read the Field: I think all these interactions we have on this planet is based on, are people giving or taking energies?

I think all these interactions we have on this planet, in between humans, is based on, are people giving or taking energies? When someone doesn’t have enough life energy by themselves and don’t know how to get it and are stealing it from others, is playing a victim, manipulations and all these kinds of stuff, it drains. When you’re together with these people, they have enough energy because they know how to create it by themselves. It’s such a creative orgasm. It’s lifting up, nothing is getting lost. There is no danger. No anchor is putting somewhere. That’s why I have almost one rule: who’s taking energy, I’m not working together with. They all have a chance. You show them what they’re doing and what is the pattern behind why they’re doing it. A lot of people want to change their patterns, but some people don’t want to change it. They want to stay the victim. They want to control people with power and whatever. Just do your stuff but not with me because I feel drained afterwards.

I’m sitting here smirking to myself because I see part of the reason why we created the superpower net, this membership base, was solely for that. All of us at a certain point in time are taking energy because we don’t know it. The key is once we present that to you, are you willing to work toward not doing that anymore? What I’ve noticed is that in the net, the more people we add to it who are autonomous and who are able to generate their own energy, we can work with more and more and more people because we are able to offset it. Whereas when I was just an individual coach, I experienced what you’re talking about, where there are just certain clients where, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m physically drained.” I kept looking for more resources and everything else.

Ultimately, if we want to have a much, much, much bigger impact here in the world, we have to systemize it because everybody coming in at the beginning doesn’t know that they’re taking energy. They just really don’t know. We haven’t trained people to understand this stuff. They need a little bit of assistance. I think the key is, are you willing to learn and are you willing to make the adaptations necessary so that you are no longer draining other people? I think that we have created an environment at least within the net that those folks, they don’t last very long within us. I think vibrationally, it’s uncomfortable. We are not into coddling that. We’ll support and we’ll love generously and without fail until the point where it’s obvious that people aren’t moving. I think it just happens naturally, which is really cool to think about.

On our website, I wanted to put a claim on it, “Not for victims.”

I want to just set a rule here lately that there’s no adulting allowed in superpower experts. I equate adulting to exactly what you’re talking about, being responsible and living in fear. That’s not responsibility, it is all victim-based and very fear-based. But we don’t see it as that. It’s so ironic. I told someone the other day, “I feel like we’re all in a big fun house. Nothing’s what it seems.” It’s like opposite day all the time, where what we think of as being really responsible is actually the most fear-based, irresponsible way to live but we’re busy patting ourselves on the back thinking we’re doing the right thing. “No, you’re not doing the right thing.” Don’t go get a job if you’re miserable, that’s not the right thing. You’re making the rest of us miserable. But we don’t honor that in our society.

What I learned all these years is that the only chance to become autonomous is to exercise your life purpose. It’s like a funnel, life energy is coming through us by living the purpose. It’s going to be stored in a battery. When we are alive as our purpose, there is more energy as we could ever use. We are turning into an instrument of manifestation. A lot of people don’t want to be in that funnel which is in the end, like the energy is going through a tall structure. They want to live in the donut and they want to just stay dependent and get lost in the collective field and blaming others. Everybody else is responsible for whatever they have. That’s not the way at all. As long as you want to stay in this mode, you will never access life’s purpose. You’ll never reach the energy you want.

What people don’t know about the life energy, it’s not about having it, it’s about being ready for the responsibility you have when you access your purpose. People just see purpose as a big gift. “You’re so blessed. You’re so gifted.” But what they don’t see is the responsibility which is coming first before you get the energy. What you have to give up also because you can’t live compromises any longer as you can when living in the donut. In the donut, you can live a lot of compromises, it doesn’t matter, everybody is doing it. But when you access your purpose, you have to decide. Whatever takes energy is out. Go through your house, go through your life, do the jobs, people are working together. I have a lot of people, creative people, even my tech guy, he’s kicking everybody out who’s draining him. When he’s touching a folder and he feels a lie, they’re out. That’s the key rules.

I had said something similar like that. In the superpower organization, I want commitment and dedication without obligation. That was my way of defining what you’re talking about, I’m not going to babysit people. It’s just not going to work any longer. You can’t sustain that. Not doing this work, it’s impossible. I’m so on board with everything that you’re saying. I think it’s beautiful. One thing I want to comment on is that you’re in Germany. I know there are a lot of folks who listen to us and a lot of our members who are doing really amazing work in other cultures and communities. It’s important to acknowledge that that work is happening in many, many, many places and also to acknowledge that it’s different. The basics are the same but how you’re operating is different. Correct?

I don’t know if it’s different. I was traveling so much around the world and trying to find what is the essence of all these different philosophical concepts, healing methods and so on. There must be an essence behind. The essence is a field. That’s something which is everywhere the same on the planet. Another point for me, this Innerwise, a system I created, when it’s really real, when it’s true that it works, it must work everywhere with everything; with humans, with houses, with plants, with animals, with companies, with products, with political situations, with global warzones, whatever. For me, this is the line. When it works with everything, then it’s real and there’s something true behind it.

That’s why I don’t see so much the difference. I see more that there is so much in common. For sure, culturally there are differences. I was happy to grow up in Germany with this is preciseness, German preciseness. That helped me really to build up the system over 20 years to perfection. That’s something you won’t really want to celebrate so much in America, perfection to the limit. Most celebrate life before this part comes. You have these cultural differences. In the end, whatever you do, you need to be able to offer it to everybody and it must be applicable for everybody. Then it’s true.

I’ve got that same message. Uwe, I know that some of our audiences are going to want to know more about you. Where can we send them for information?

You can just go on, or The is the main website globally with a lot of content. There are so many information on it. A lot of video clips, we have 80 subpages because Innerwise is spreading out in so many areas, from healing, business, learning, so many different ways. That’s just the best, just go on the websites and you’ll see a lot.

Congratulations on all the success.

I had to do it.

Spoken like a true renegade. That was a perfect ending to the interview. Thank you so much, Uwe, for joining us today. It’s really delightful to connect with you.

Thank you.

To all of you out there, as always, we appreciate your loyalty. Until next time, go out, uncover your superpowers and change the world. Take care, everyone.


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As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization.. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, clair senses, intentional molecular creation, etc. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience.
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