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Uwe Albrecht

Unique Super Power: innerwise® healing

Uwe AlbrechtSuper Power Expert

Uwe Albrecht MD is a medical doctor and spiritual gangster. Born and raised in Germany, he was able to use the old german potential to discover, analyze and create up to perfection. He developed the innerwise® system and wrote ten books, all bestsellers with translations in twelve languages. Over 150,000 people around the world are already applying innerwise® for themselves, their families, clients, patients, systems, companies. The words on his business card are: “The creative madness had another orgasm.”

Over the past 20 years, Uwe Albrecht has been developing and working with innerwise® — an entirely new system for medical diagnostics and healing. Innerwise® is a living healing system that unites the best from all cultures and times. It’s an open system and can be integrated into any other technique or method. It enables us to discover the individual correlations, thereby learning to understand illness in new ways. It’s both the essence and the abundance that can be applied intuitively. Every aspect of this system is something we have experienced ourselves.

Uwe studied at Humboldt University in Berlin and became a physician in 1994. In addition to his medical studies he has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and has followed its philosophy, pathology of medicinal herbs for years. He studied neural therapy under Dr. Horst Becke, and worked with Dr. Johann Abele, one of the last physicians who still mastered detoxifying treatments based on methods by Hufeland. Uwe has studied osteopathic techniques, homeopathy, systemic constellation work and emotional therapies. He has worked with Professor Bernd Senf worked using bioenergetic bodywork based on Wilhelm Reich’s methods, and experience a miracle when he was able to get rid of his glasses!

If I had to describe my path in just a few words, they would be:

  • From chaos to my own identity: I am myself again, I am I.
  • Clearing up old charges
  • Putting an end to compromise and being honest with myself
  • Trusting myself. Finally growing up and taking responsibility for myself and my life
  • Reintegrating lost soul fragments
  • Learning to be happy with myself
  • Loving myself

 I can look back at my lifework with joy; I can let it go and look forward to all that life still has to offer.

Uwe is a bestselling author and has published more than ten books in multiple languages. Uwe teaches seminars and workshops around the world teaching innerwise® students and training innerwise® mentors.


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