In this debut episode of the Mystical Science show, host Karen Elkins joins the SuperPower Up Network. In this conversation, she chats with Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director of Super Power Experts, about the importance of uncovering the mechanisms by which nature works through science. Through this show, Karen introduces to us the practice of religious ecstasies together with ethics, rites, and ideologies. Listen in, subscribe to the show and get ready for a wonderful, wild journey of science and mysticism.

Welcome. This is a new show on the SuperPower Up!, Mystical Science. I’m your host, Karen Elkins, and we’re here to explore science to sage. 

For 10 years I’ve done extensive research in the convergence of science, consciousness and world philosophies. This new show, Mystical Science, will engage the world leaders, innovative thinkers, discussing their insights, their innovation, and their inspiration.

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