Mercedes GuzmanTransformational Speaker, Coach and Expert on Re-connecting the Inner Child, Mercedes Guzman, joins AngelaMarίa on the High Frequency Healing Show to guide us how to claim our own worth. In this interview, Mercedes Guzman shows us how our life is being run by paradigms and limiting beliefs that we learned from others during our childhood, beliefs that often limit us from living a fulfilling life. Born in El Salvador and a mother of 5 beautiful kids, Mercedes helps hundreds around the world through her coaching in English and Spanish. Listen in as Mercedes shares with AngelaMaría how to truly own your worth.

Hello. This is AngelaMarίa. One of the SuperPower Up! hosts, and you are listening to High Frequency Healing show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take, here and now, to heal your life.

Let’s take a deep breath and be here and now. I invite you to enjoy this time together. So, here we go. Let’s welcome Mercedes Guzman to my show. Today, we will be talking about Own Worth by Empowering Your Inner Child. I am super excited about this podcast today because the experience I have had with the inner child has changed my life. Mercedes is a transformational speaker, coach, and expert on reconnecting the inner child. She helps hundreds around the world through coaching. In reconnecting your inner child, Mercedes Guzman shows us how our life is being handled by para dimes and limiting beliefs that we have learned from others during our childhood that many times limit us to live a fulfilling life.

Mercedes has a book that is in Spanish. It’s already in English and it’s going to be published soon. Mercedes, do you have the title in English? I would like to say it just as it is.

The Forgotten Child: A Journey to Come Back to Love and Innocence.

Oh, I love it! She has been in interviews. She has written articles and she has been in the Hispanic World newspaper. She has also been in articles and magazines. The name is The Fiesta. All of those are magazines in Spanish. And personal label, she was born in El Salvador in Central America. It’s a beautiful country. She’s mother of five beautiful kids.

And, she’s bilingual. She speaks English and Spanish. So, please join me to welcome Mercedes Guzman. Hola Mercedes!

Hola, hola AngelaMaría! Gracious, gracious! Oh, I’m sorry. I just started..

Go ahead. I know we’re going to have a lot of people listening. Go ahead.

Oh my gosh! I need to shush. Okay. I am so excited to be here. Thank you for this platform so many can tune in and, connect with so many wisdom that you are allowing others to share. Thank you so much for having me tonight.

Oh my God, thank you for your time and, thank you for being here. But, especially, thank you for your work. So, let’s begin these Mercedes. What’s your healing super power?

I have to get just to see beyond what they're saying and really have like a map of the circumstances and situations what they are saying

I have to get just to see beyond what they’re saying and really have like a map of the circumstances and situations what they are saying.

Well, I have a few but, the one that I can share with you is that the power that I have to see a different perspective when a person or a client comes to me and they start talking. I have to get just to see beyond what they’re saying and really have like a map of the circumstances and situations what they are saying. So, many times I am very quiet and I can listen exactly what is said. That’s a gift, I think, because I can discern things quickly, and I can give the right and short version of maybe an advice or something that will help others. That’s one of them, my biggest power.

And I want to say that I witness that super power. I just had a session with Mercedes yesterday and oh my God. She has that skill, that divine gift to read in between letters. To read in between the sounds that I pronounced and I feel honored to have had that experience with you Mercedes. So, exactly I would say that your healing superpower is exactly that. You have the ability to see beyond words. That’s beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you.

Mercedes, would you please take us back to your early years and, name one memorable life lesson that is useful for you today?

I was 10 years old, and I grew up in a lot of poverty. But, I live in two worlds because I was going to a very elite school that have accepted under privileged kids. I remember listening to my teachers because I love school. My mother, she never went to school, and she did not care if we had good grades or nothing. I have to prove myself every day that she will allow me to go to school, because what she will say just “go to the marketplace, work,” because that’s how you’re going to make your money. And, going to school and putting that attention to my teacher, one day she came and she start just saying a phrase that has stuck with me for so many years that transformed my life. And, what she said was, “you are the architect of your own destiny.”

You can choose whatever you want to become when you grow up and you can accomplish that

You can choose whatever you want to become when you grow up and you can accomplish that.

In my soul, something in me, just spark. I said, “Can you please say more about it?” She said, “Yes. You can choose whatever you want to become when you grow up and you can accomplish that.” That, Angela, transformed my life completely. I start creating things from what she said I believe it. I needed to believe something and, she gave me that, that had stayed with me. Now, we have what is called The Law of Attraction, where your focus expand, and the gift that we have to create from our thoughts and our feelings. That’s what she gave me at that young age that I was 10 years old.

Wow. I love how teachers can create really profound and powerful impact in kids. Sometimes we don’t see that. And, I honor you for listening to those words. I honor you for following that path of really creating your destiny Mercedes.

Yes, because when she said that, soon after I won the first place singing in a competition.


I said this work, and then, I created a TV. We didn’t have a TV and I just started visualizing that my dad will bring a TV to the house, and it happen. Then, with that thought I even work at the American Embassy in my country, that’s one of the biggest things to do, and I did not spoke English at that time. That was big, because I was an executive secretary.


But, my husband was my boss, but I met him at the American Embassy and that’s how I ended up in the United States because I met my husband at the American Embassy in my country. He was my boss, and he will help me to translate, and do things. It was amazing. But, yes. That’s one of my biggest experience when I was a child.

Oh my God. I love that story Mercedes. I was wondering how she came, because I’m from Columbia and I love those stories about how, we Latin women, come to United States, we have a life, we are legal, and we are really transforming lives. I love that story Mercedes. Thank you, thank you for sharing that. So, Mercedes, where can people go to find out more about you?

Well, I have a platform. I’ve been in the business over 15 years. I have a website that is my name,, or I have another in English, but with my name you can go to the English one. There is a button there that said English. My other one is, or you can look me up on Instagram, MercedesGuzman01 and I am in Facebook. Mercedes B Guzman. The reason that is B, that Guzman in Facebook is because there’s so many Mercedes Guzman and, that’s how you are going to identify me, Mercedes B. Guzman on Facebook.

On Facebook. So, when we come back from this short break we are going to talk more about her healing superpowers. Stayed tuned. We’ll be right back.

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