Healer Karen Dominguez-Cavin harnesses zento energy as a medical intuitive. And she learned to manage her premonitions of death from a very young age.

Hello everybody this is Tonya Dawn Recla your Super Power Expert and I’m excited to have with me Karen Dominguez – Cavin, she is a fourth generation healer. This woman is pretty miraculous and like a lot of our guests you know she’s living this truly integrated lifestyle. So, it’s not like this has been the work that she’s always done.

We’re excited to have her share her story with you. I’m really super excited to have her talk about…I’m really excited, I’ve said that word like four times. I’m really ecstatic to have her talk to us about Zento energy. This was the first time I’ve heard of this concept and it feels really powerful and it feels pivotal moving forward. So please join me in welcoming Karen to the show. Welcome, Karen!

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Oh absolutely, I’m just glad you chose to spend a little bit of time and space with us today. Well, I’m going to jump right in here and ask you the pivotal question, what are your superpowers?

Well my superpowers are healing, medical intuitive, and pretty much all of the Clairs. Clairsentience, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant.

You know we had one of our guests called the “Clair Alls”

Haha I like that! I have the “Clair All’s”

I thought that I was creative to call them the “Clair’s” and then it was like he one upped me with the “Clair All’s” so I thought that was pretty cool.

Hahah… That’s pretty cool…

So talk to our listeners a little bit about, what does that look like? Can you have all the Claire’s and what does that feel like and how does that work?

Well for me, very rarely do I get them real strong all at once, one will usually stand out more in a situation than another. You know, I will just physically just know something and I get the you know the angel bumps that tell me for sure that “Yep” that’s a confirmation of what I’m seeing, feeling, hearing and I can sense things around myself energetically.

I’ll go into places my friends, they like to take me into places where there are energies that you know they all sense and they ask me if I do and so I actually have to pay attention to try to you know keep myself open to experience that because I keep myself very protected. Protection for me is really important and not letting too much in that wouldn’t benefit me. That’s negative energy.

Very cool. So it’s like fun party tricks for your friends.

Well, yeah it can entertain them quite a bit. It’s just how I lived so to me it’s normal. Haha

Hahaha…So funny “Let’s see what Karen feels? Come on, Karen what’s this?”

Haha… Yes, something like that.

Oh my gosh it brings back so many memories there was a point of my journey where I didn’t realize like that I was feeling other people’s issues in my body, you know, and I would walk into a place “Oh, my gosh my heart hurts.” You know and it was so cool because I’d be with my husband and our young daughter and we became kind of like the Power Rangers or whatever, the Wonder Twins; because it was like I would sense it in my body, and I would say something to my husband he would figure out who was in the room, and then my daughter was able to help heal them.

It’s so cool. Like when you and I were talking before the show about being able to relax into the pieces of this journey that we really want to hone for ourselves and that’s really the first step in harnessing your superpowers is recognizing that you can be like we talked about mediocre at a bunch of different things or you can align yourself with people who have other desires you know other superpowers that they’re harnessing band together kind of like the Avengers and play off each other you know and use each other’s gifts.

When I relaxed into that with my husband and my daughter in those situations it was like I didn’t feel pressure to do anything about it I just had to give it voice, and then it dissipates inside of me. Then, he kind of took it and ran with it, and then handed off to my daughter and then she kind of took it and ran with it and it was like done. As, opposed to I think a lot of people who get bombarded with these gifts are like what do you do with them? Are you responsible for them? What are we supposed to do here?

So, being able to learn how, especially like you as a family, as a collective whole unit, being able to complement each other you know as a husband and a wife, you complement each other in one way, but being able to complement each other as a family and as light beings. Being able to say “This is what I see.” And then saying to the other “OK, what can you do and what can you do?” And it’s that collective whole of oneness of being on purpose, I don’t need to be better than you we’re just. We are even more awesome just together.

Oh and I mean and that really was the foundation for the Net. I mean everything that we’ve built and put together with Super Power Experts I’m very clear that I experienced it first in my relationship with my husband, and then second in our family and how we chose to raise our daughter. And in experimenting with those it really did open up exactly what you’re talking about. All kinds of opportunities to learn about how we can play together. And it’s so much more fun that way, I think.

Oh yeah, it really is being able to you know like with my family we used to sit and read auras and be able to see things. I had the vision of premonition with death as a child. My mom got it when she was younger and she said “I don’t want that.” So she shut that off. But I got it and I didn’t see it as a problem. I just had to learn how to acknowledge the steps of the premonition coming and what I was supposed to do with it.

Oh, I love that. That’s been an ongoing dialogue right now in the Net on our Facebook group page because we have a lot of folks that are waking up to those gifts and then what we do with them? And those can be scary if you don’t have the foresight and the skills and your own developments to really know how to interpret that you know. I know a lot of people have been picking up on like the apocalyptic energies and stuff like that. And those can be very disconcerting, so I’m happy to hear you talking about that. And if you have experience in that because it really is important that we start voicing this stuff because there’s so many people, I call them the mutants, that are out there on their own trying to figure out what to do with all this stuff.

Yeah, being able to acknowledge your gifts to say “Ok, I’m not a panicky person, I’m just sensitive. I’m feeling energy of people that are around me” or “There was a really bad and you know environment that was happening before I got here and that’s what I’m walking into.” How can I change my situation so that I can walk into that and not let in come into my auric field and that residual suet and change my day, and, my feelings, and, my experience about how to keep yourself protected and cleared so that you were just radiating the light in the beauty that you are within and that you’re not letting anything that is out adverse to that come into that area either so that you are just in a place that you can walk in and be in the moment of enjoyment and your experience that you’re trying to create. You know being helpful, being of service, whatever that is. But just choose to say “Ok, this is the experience I have I can learn how to hone it and protect it.” or I can choose to say “Ok, that one it’s not one I want to work with. Let’s try the next one.”

I really like everything that you’re talking about and I think it’s so important to give ourselves the freedom of that choice. And it’s interesting because you talk about protection and that never ever ever resonated with me and what I found was, again, my journeys a little bit different. I remember I tried to shield or I tried to do all these things and it just felt icky and heavy to me. And the practice that I learned, and I’m saying this for all of you out there listening because, know that as Karen and I are dialoging our journeys were very different. We do similar things and we have similar experiences. You know we both hold the “Clair All’s” and all these other things. But the journey can be however you want it to be. I didn’t want to shield I didn’t want to ground all of that stuff to me felt gross and I wanted nothing to do with it.

But what I did discover in that conversation and the way it showed up for me was in what I call “refueling”. So, it’s very similar like you know what I finally realized my resisted in calling it grounding. I embrace by saying “Oh I tap into the Earth’s Energy Matrix” and they’re like “Yeah that’s grounding” and I was like, “No, no, no, no. No, it’s not. It’s something else entirely.”

It’s not really a hot fudge sundae, it’s just a dessert. Haha

That’s right, It’s like my brain was just like “Nope, nope” and was like that is okay too. Play with the language of it. And for me what it felt more like with “refueling” and making sure I knew where my energy sources were, where I could gather in energy because if I was working, which come to find out I’m always working. You know I was being depleted the higher I which in these like vibrational echelons.

And I had no idea. You know what could fuel me yesterday can’t fuel me today. And so you have to constantly be upping your game to do this work. And so whether it’s “protecting yourself”, “shielding yourself”, “grounding”, “refueling”, “tapping into their energy matrix” or whatever you want to call it you know the longer and bigger the words I guess the better I felt about it.


Just know that, that’s okay. You know you can do it your way. Yes, it’s semantics and whatever but it’s important because people are going to hear what Karen’s saying and resonate with it. Then people are going to hear what I’m saying and resonate with it. There’ll be different groups of people we can only really truly speak our own language to help other people and that’s ultimately I think what we’re all here to do.

You know speaking the truth of who you are and how you feel and the words that resonate within you is so important. It is important that you stay true to that because if you go, “Oh, well I like what Karen’s saying because she’s a nice person but it doesn’t feel right.” It’s not going to work for you it’s so important to do what feels right and that resonates within you if the word “grounding” doesn’t work for you or if the word “protecting” and “shielding” doesn’t work, change it in a way that you are safe. Change it to what makes you feel safe; however, you want to create it. That’s the main thing. How you create safeness of that area for you that feels peace, bliss, oneness. That’s perfect.

For me I think it’s even more powerful than that in the sense that intrinsically we experience each other through energy first. So, if you are trying to sell something that’s not intrinsic to who you are, by sell I just mean embodying it. We feel it and so there’s incongruity and so everybody immediately goes on alert like “Oh, what’s that about.” or “What are they doing?” and we get suspicious of it and so when that happens people immediately disregard anything that you’re trying to tell them, or do for them, or anything else.

So, finding your own resonance and being in congruence with yourself is the most important thing in my opinion in traversing this world. Otherwise, it’s like you know coming from the spy arena people always ask my husband and I if we can teach them lie detection and NLP and all this other stuff. And I’m like there’s no science in that. I know that might raise some eye brows for some people, actually those people are probably not listening to this interview. What I will teach people is congruence and learning that the mind and the body and the energy speak and communicate at the same time. If there’s an incongruity, we immediately feel it.

Most people interpret that as the person is being deceptive and at some level they kind of are because some aspect of them is not in agreement with what’s being said or what’s being perpetrated. So, I will teach that all day long because energy, you know, we can lie with our bodies, we can lie with our words but very few people have mastered lying energetically. They’re starting to, that’s become a thing.

Of course we will develop superpowers to combat that. But the energy piece in the congruence is so much more of a powerful and reliable tool, but the flipside is true too. As, you’re interpreting that about other people, other people are interpreting that about you and this goes back to your point of if you’re trying to speak words that aren’t intrinsic to who you are or don’t even feel good for whatever reason, you may have a story around them, I don’t care. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t try to perpetrate that because it won’t work for you. So, I really think that that’s a powerful thing.

So, I do want to get into the Zento thing because it is really fascinating to me, talk to me about that. How did it come about? I want to share with our listeners what it means and all that fun stuff.

Well, Zento came to me when I asked my guides in regards to what type of energy work I did. I was constantly asked all the time when I did energy healing if I was doing Reiki or Pranic and all of these other things.

Because we like our boxes. Haha!

Yeah, they’re like what box do we put you in, and I’m like I don’t know any of those boxes. So, I kept asking my guides, and I just kept doing work just describing it as just energy healing. So I finally asked my guides repeatedly and then I was in the car with my husband very loudly and very clearly “Zento” comes out and I’m like OK and I didn’t have paper so I texted it to myself. Then everybody says “No, that’s Zento.” And I’m like “No. I asked them do I spell it with a U” and they said “No, it’s T O” So I made sure I spelt that right.

And they said you know “This is what you do.” And I said “OK.” Because for me when I do it it’s actual channeled energy so I kind of step aside and sit on my own shoulder so I’m aware of my own surroundings when I’m doing this work but I allow that energy to flow through me. When I do this work I check the chakras and I go through and I do energy balancing of the chakras. Then I go in and do medical intuitive work where I check each of the cells the way the blood flows through the body, checking organ muscles bones, and all those types of things. I will also check for chemical imbalances or anything that might be going on in people and I share that information as it comes through to me as I’m sitting kind of watching them do their thing.

So, that’s been going on in more detail as the years have gone on through my life. But I started doing energy healing not knowing that’s what it was when I was about three or four years old just naturally when somebody got hurt in the family. My mom said I would just go put my hands on somebody and make them feel better. My mom would get a headache and I remember my process as a little kid. So, I would put my hands on her head and I would envision outer space and it was always out by Orion’s Belt for me because I’m very attached to Orion’s Belt. Then I would see the headache go out into space where couldn’t bother anybody else because I would have it come through my hands into my body I would feel it then I would send it away. I did that all through the years growing up. That just kind of moved on.

My brother was born dead when I was three and it was very traumatic when my mom when she lost him and I was very attached to his energy. So he started talking to me as a child. Well, from the time I was 3 to when I was 12 I had communication with him very clearly. I made my mom make cakes and we celebrated his birthday every year because it was that real for me. One day he came to me and said it was time for him to move on and I needed to go on with what I was doing. You know he had grown up to be a young man and he looked very much like my father and he moved on and. I changed growing and connecting with the past loved ones and hearing intuitively things but I never really had what I call the voices in my head where I hear guides and angels speaking to me like words.

Until my grandmother died, my mom’s mom who died on 5/15/2005 and I remember standing in my kitchen and going “Grandma are you dead?” and as clear as I can hear you now she said, “Yes, I am and I’m just fine.” And I went “Well, ok then”. And of course five minutes later my mom was knocking on the door saying Grandma is dead. I was like yes I know she just told me! Her doing that made me accept that I had my abilities and gifts.

That feels so perfect.

It was, it truly was perfect. It helped me really launch and leap bounds into my future of being who I am today because it was the security of my grandmother’s voice and that knowingness when she told me things about other people when I was giving messages it made it safe.

So, that’s kind of how my whole career and my whole life has been. It goes back many generations, my dad’s grandma and my great grandmother was a pure blood Native American channel who only channeled in French but only spoke Spanish and Native American when she wasn’t channeling. So, that was very different. My grandmother on my mom’s side we called her the White Witch because she was just so incredibly intuitive and well-connected and just amazing. She used to always try to teach me things and I would say, “No, grandma I don’t do that stuff.” and I used to tell her it was Woo-Woo. To that she said, “No, Karen, you don’t do Woo-Woo, you are Woo-Woo.”

I love it.

So, when she died she goes “Now you don’t have a chance. We’re going to do this.” and I was like “OK fine I give up let’s do it.”

I love it. Resistance is futile at that point.

Yeah, now I’m in your head, you can’t get rid of me.

Yeah, it’s so funny when I heard very clearly “You have to do a gathering.” I was like “I don’t want to do a gathering!” you know like I said I wasn’t real keen on playing with others or even really being out there. like I really enjoyed the architect portion of what I do, and even the oracle portion of what I do delivering information is pretty cool, but never in groups you know, never on stage, never any of that stuff.

So, when I started hearing this I was like, oh goodness, and so I do I did I called it Woo Woo Wednesday. Just to jazz me up a little bit so I could be like “Ok, I can do this. I can do this.” it was kind of tongue and cheek. It was like hey, look I get it folks like I was a spy, I was the soldier, and here I am. Understood. You know let’s just call it what it is and move on with our lives. And really giving people a forum to ask certain questions. Again, so many people, you know like the mutants of the world that are waking up. They are like “Am I crazy?” like I’m hearing voices, you’re talking to your dead grandma, aliens are visiting me, angels just appeared, like what is going on. Is all of this and I remember that. I mean it was the birth of our daughter that really catapulted that for me and it wasn’t that long ago she’s only seven. So, many of your stories are so near and dear to my heart because I was so naive when I first started this stuff.

You know I didn’t study any of this, so when the information just came through and it’s like “Oh, put my hand through the wall? Sure, of course I’ll do that.” and the next thing you know my hands disappearing into the wall and I am thinking to myself, is this wise? Hahaha, maybe I should of thought of this ahead of time.

There was a time when I was lying next to my husband and I hear very clearly go into his body and I’m like “OK, sure” and so energetically I’d go to his body I’m hunting around and I’m like oh this is kind of cool feeling the density of his energy versus mine. Then immediately I go wait a second how do I get back? What am I doing – who does this?

Well, yeah being able to connect and do those things has been just such an incredible transformation for me. You know even my mom and my sister obviously who I’ve been with my whole life have watched me. When it comes to my sister and I find it to be my personal greatest compliment from her is because she’s seen a lot of healers and channel and mediums and what not. So, when she allowed me to work on her after she had had a heart attack and I gave her messages and worked on her heart for her she said “I don’t know who that was but that wasn’t my sister. That was amazing.” And she goes and you saw things that nobody sees. You saw things as my sister you don’t even know. Then she went to my mom and was telling her that wasn’t Karen that was so amazing everything she knew.

So cool. So, I want to talk about this because this came through when you were talking about the Zento stuff. Why? Why Japanese? You have this really colorful heritage and eclectic, so the Japanese piece feels very significant. Have you ever asked about that?

I’m not sure. So, there is a Native American that is out there but his name sounds very Japanese to me. So I haven’t researched that or meditated more questions about him. But his name was Asha Motee and it was my first trip to Arizona doing a healing for somebody. My friend actually saw me change and she said that I looked completely different. Also, I can’t stand shuffling feet, I always say don’t be lazy pick your feet up, and I could not lift my feet for the life of me when I walked around the table to work on him. I could only shuffle. When I finished I remember saying I feel like I’m a hundred and two years old and I was all leaned over on the table and I couldn’t even take two steps back to sit in a chair because I was so weak because I just didn’t feel like my body. About five or so minutes later I popped right up and I was fine because it wasn’t me. Whoever this gentleman is and like I said I’m not hundred percent sure if he’s Native American or Japanese but his name sounds Japanese and Zanto is very clearly Japanese. And I don’t know where that connection is for me at this point. I haven’t you know delved further into that.

Even in hypnosis I have asked questions because I have a friend who does that for me but I have not come into more information. So, it cracks me up that it’s you know Japanese while I’m Native American but it’s okay

Well and I think it’s actually very perfect because you know I caution people all the time when you start playing in those abstract frequencies like it’s called abstract for a reason. We like our boxes, we like putting this person here and this person here, we like to draw lines to be very clear, and none of that exists in the abstract. So, it kind of makes sense to me that it all fuzzy and that you don’t know and that’s OK too because it’s easy to have convictio