Healer Karen Dominguez-Cavin harnesses zento energy as a medical intuitive. And she learned to manage her premonitions of death from a very young age.

Hello everybody this is Tonya Dawn Recla your Super Power Expert and I’m excited to have with me Karen Dominguez – Cavin, she is a fourth generation healer. This woman is pretty miraculous and like a lot of our guests you know she’s living this truly integrated lifestyle. So, it’s not like this has been the work that she’s always done.

We’re excited to have her share her story with you. I’m really super excited to have her talk about…I’m really excited, I’ve said that word like four times. I’m really ecstatic to have her talk to us about Zento energy. This was the first time I’ve heard of this concept and it feels really powerful and it feels pivotal moving forward. So please join me in welcoming Karen to the show. Welcome, Karen!

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Oh absolutely, I’m just glad you chose to spend a little bit of time and space with us today. Well, I’m going to jump right in here and ask you the pivotal question, what are your superpowers?

Well my superpowers are healing, medical intuitive, and pretty much all of the Clairs. Clairsentience, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant.

You know we had one of our guests called the “Clair Alls”

Haha I like that! I have the “Clair All’s”

I thought that I was creative to call them the “Clair’s” and then it was like he one upped me with the “Clair All’s” so I thought that was pretty cool.

Hahah… That’s pretty cool…

So talk to our listeners a little bit about, what does that look like? Can you have all the Claire’s and what does that feel like and how does that work?

Well for me, very rarely do I get them real strong all at once, one will usually stand out more in a situation than another. You know, I will just physically just know something and I get the you know the angel bumps that tell me for sure that “Yep” that’s a confirmation of what I’m seeing, feeling, hearing and I can sense things around myself energetically.

I’ll go into places my friends, they like to take me into places where there are energies that you know they all sense and they ask me if I do and so I actually have to pay attention to try to you know keep myself open to experience that because I keep myself very protected. Protection for me is really important and not letting too much in that wouldn’t benefit me. That’s negative energy.

Very cool. So it’s like fun party tricks for your friends.

Well, yeah it can entertain them quite a bit. It’s just how I lived so to me it’s normal. Haha

Hahaha…So funny “Let’s see what Karen feels? Come on, Karen what’s this?”

Haha… Yes, something like that.

Oh my gosh it brings back so many memories there was a point of my journey where I didn’t realize like that I was feeling other people’s issues in my body, you know, and I would walk into a place “Oh, my gosh my heart hurts.” You know and it was so cool because I’d be with my husband and our young daughter and we became kind of like the Power Rangers or whatever, the Wonder Twins; because it was like I would sense it in my body, and I would say something to my husband he would figure out who was in the room, and then my daughter was able to help heal them.

It’s so cool. Like when you and I were talking before the show about being able to relax into the pieces of this journey that we really want to hone for ourselves and that’s really the first step in harnessing your superpowers is recognizing that you can be like we talked about mediocre at a bunch of different things or you can align yourself with people who have other desires you know other superpowers that they’re harnessing band together kind of like the Avengers and play