Jeff RasleyMany have wondered if they have the power to change the world, but few explore how they would do it. In this episode of SuperPower Up!, we chat with Jeff Rasley who embodies the notion that absolutely one man can change the world. Jeff discusses how his work with the Boss Village Foundation helped the people of Nepal, India. He helped raise monies to create foundational systems that supported education, health and wellness. His ideology on becoming a better person for yourself, starts in the commitment to be of service to the world.

Photo by Jeff Rasley

Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am really touched today to have with me a remarkable man. You know he’s one of those people that we say he looks really good on paper I couldn’t even pretend to jump into the highlights of his very impressive resume in history.  But that’s not really where I want to focus today. I’m sure some of that will come up as we talk about his story. 

Well, what I find so absolutely remarkable and honest I’m very humbled by his approach to what he does in the world. And today’s episode is all about. Can one man change the world and I think that Jeff Rasley will absolutely embodies the notion that absolutely one man can and he’s such an inspiration and what he’s doing in the world in Nepal and you know my heart has just opened a little bit further in the short time that I’ve connected with him. I’m excited to share that energy and inspiration with you all today. And I’m going to warn you I think his story is going to trigger some of you because he is doing something and he is changing the world and so prepare yourself and if there’s anywhere where you’ve been feeding excuses or fears or anything else about why you’re not you know but listen and draw from him the inspiration that you need to move beyond that point because each one of us can take steps in that direction. Jeff without further ado I really want to welcome you to the show and I’m honored to have you here.

Thank you very much Tonya I am a little bit embarrassed by your introduction.

Well it’s very deserved, I appreciate your humility. And you know I’m not going to get into it.  I am absolutely blown away by the little bit of your story that you share with me so far so I am really honored that you’re sharing it with our guests today. But before we jump in we