Tatiana Berindei with Super Power Experts

Authentic Rocks: We Can See You So Stop Hiding!

Being Authentic is a Super Power.

The hole has officially been punched in the matrix. The veil has been ripped off and it ain’t coming back on. And yet everyone is still so disconnected. Why? I was sitting in a coffee shop with a friend today and everyone but us was buried in a laptop. I’m not kidding – everyone. He and I were remarking on this fact and I was pointing out this simple truth: we are so able to see one another now and it makes us uncomfortable. Why does it make us so uncomfortable? Because the people that we are seeing so clearly are trying so hard not to be seen. It’s like staring at someone who is naked while they’re trying to cover up their private parts. It’s uncomfortable.

So how do we move forward? I’ve got an idea – how about we stop trying to hide? How about we stop trying to be something someone along the way told us we were supposed to be instead of our authentic selves. You guys, we are actually really bad at the pretending, so why don’t we just cut the charade already? How about we allow ourselves to be fully naked without shame. How about we look at each other and acknowledge that we can see one another, and that what we see is beautiful. Not the clean-cut beauty that we are sold in the magazine, but the beauty of true, raw human experience. It’s actually a lot easier then it might seem at first.

After we get over and name the initial discomfort, it’s quite liberating. There is no longer anything to hide. There is no longer an illusion that we are trying to chase and become that is impossible to achieve because it’s an illusion and never existed in the first place. There’s just us: the raw, naked truth. It’s really freeing. And it is also the essential foundation for conscious creation and collaboration. You actually can’t have the life that you want without this step – not if you want others along for the ride with you, that is. I know, I know, there are billion dollar industries that are heavily invested in this NOT happening, in you continuing to keep up the charade, to chase the illusion, to try to become something that has never and will never exist. But I don’t care about that – I care about you and I care about this world we are in.

Try it. Try looking someone in the eye and letting yourself be actually seen. Try posting your truth on Facebook instead of some glamour shot of a snapshot of a moment of your life that is not actually an accurate representation of what the majority of your day looks like. Try naming “you know what, today was really hard but I’m looking forward to tomorrow because it’s a clean slate, and the hard parts of today made me really clear on what I want tomorrow to look like and why.” I think you’ll like it. So will everyone else. Because it will be less uncomfortable to look at you. Because they’ll be able to see you and you’ll know they can see you and they’ll feel it and so will you. What kind of world will we have then? I think it’s going to be pretty awesome.