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A Momma’s Best Superpower

Laura Greco explores what a momma’s best superpower is. This article not only reveals this best superpower of a momma, but also dives into the momma’s movement taking hold throughout the world. You are not going to want to miss this if you are a momma who wants to know and step into her best superpower and be a part of impacting the world!

When looking up the definition of superpowers, I discovered a strong reference to a ‘powerful nation.’

Are you looking to be a part of something powerful?

Right now, mommas all over the world are joining together to develop their best superpower. This community is a ‘powerful nation’ of mommas unified in their mission to raise children who are self aware, considerate of others and present in life. These mommas experience peace in their hearts. Through practicing their best superpower, they are changing lives and ultimately the world.

What is this best superpower?

Have you ever wondered what that magical, best superpower is? What is the one superpower that eases your struggles and brings you into more peace and harmony? As a mom, what could possibly be your best superpower?

Conscious Connection

Yup! There it is! Conscious connection. By focusing on just this one superpower, you can discover that it actually enhances the rest of your superpowers, both as a woman and a mom.

But what does Conscious Connection mean?

Being consciously connected means that you are present, alert, engaged. When you are present, you can develop and learn to trust your connection with yourself and your Universal Divine. From this space, you read situations as an observer. This allows you to act from a place of divine connection, rather than judgement and emotional reactivity.

We all know how to read body signals like pain and stress (even if we don’t always heed what they are telling us). When coming from a place of conscious connection, these signals are actually your gauge to develop discernment and strengthen trust in your Divine guidance system. They are the feedback letting you know how present or connected you are in any moment. From this observer seat you are then able to discern patterns that are developing in yourself and your family. And all of this leads you to answers. Yes, answers that you may not have seen when caught up in the rat race of life.

When moms are not hearing themselves, their parenting skills drop. (I can attest to this myself.)
The vital step in building confidence is to know who you are and what you want as a woman firstThe vital step in building confidence is to know who you are and what you want as a woman first

The vital step in building confidence is to know who you are and what you want as a woman first.

One powerful example

You are coming to the end of the day. Your kids are feeling wound up. You are feeling tired and it is definitely time for the kids to be in bed. You really want some time to read and unwind by yourself and bedtime is dragging out with no end in sight. This is when the struggle begins. With all the whining and not cooperating, you finally lose it…now everyone is upset, including you, and the struggle continues till the night finally ends. Sound familiar? Many moms I speak to reveal that this is when guilt steps in.

Is there a better way to approach something like this? Knowing what you want bedtime to look like can be a helpful place to start. When you slow down enough to listen to your body’s signals and alerts –  conscious connection – this allows you to create a plan for bedtime that is in harmony with your love, and honors both you and your children while getting the job done with ease and joy.

The big picture

When we all start practicing our best superpower is when we will start to see the change in the world that we want to see. I believe that it is within the hands of mommas to effect change in the world in a foundational way.

As we who are women and mommas take on this challenge, as we sharpen our best superpower and teach our children to know and accept themselves and live in honest integrity, as we own and take responsibility in our own lives, we set that example for the children. As we build this foundation we will experience the lightness of living as judgement and shame drop away.

A momma’s best superpower is her practice of conscious connection, with herself, with her Divine and with her children.

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