Why is the Holy Grail important today? This is the topic of discussion in today’s Wisdom of the Ages episode with host Ayn Cates Sullivan and guest Rory Duff. Rory is one of the leading pioneers in the world in the understanding of Ley Lines and Earth Energies. He is also the first person to rediscover the most powerful lines in the world – The Emperor Dragons. Rory believes that group prayers and meditation on these harmony lines are linked to the divine feminine and the coming rebalancing, given that the Earth is changing. Listen in now as Ayn and Rory talk about changing the world for good and how you can make a higher choice today, by changing humanity for the better.

Warm welcome and blessings. This is The Wisdom of the Ages Podcast Show where we invite the sacred into modern day reality. And today we continue to quest for the Holy Grail.

So let me tell you why you’re going to be excited about this episode. Rory Duff is not only an author, but also a respected dowser, an expert on the Grail and how Grail wisdom can help usher in the promised Golden Age. But before I introduce him, I’d like to read a quote that he wrote in his book, A Grail Found. So this might be fun for you Rory.

Deep in the mountains, it is said that King Loren of the Dwarves lived in paradise, in an enchanted garden filled with beautiful roses. It is said too, that all a person needs to unlock the gates to this wonderland is a skeleton key and to partake in the rose magic. This key is said to be the knowledge that love is the spirit. And the key is to have the spirit within you. If you can do this, you can then unlock the door to this paradise by partaking in this rose magic.

So this sounded really enticing. So with that, I’d like to introduce Rory officially. Rory Duff began his working life on the gold mines in Africa. After a moment of synchronicity and learning about the Austrian mystic Rudolph Steiner, he moved back to the UK where he began researching geo biology, the study of how the earth affects life on this planet. We’re going to really get into this and lay lines and what they are and how they affect us.

He’s mapped out lay lines all over the world. We’re going to talk about the ones that also run across the US, the emperor dragons that are less familiar. But coming across Templar chapels in Europe he began his Grail work. And this is what we’re going to be talking about on this episode. What I really love too about Rory Duff, is that he leads groups to sacred places to raise awareness and is welcoming people into the golden age. So this is fantastic.

Hello Rory.

Hi, nice to be with you. Thank you.

It’s really great to have you on the show. I kind of like to start at the beginning. You said after a moment of synchronicity and learning about Austrian mystic Rudolph Steiner, which probably a lot of people know about because of the Waldorf schools and so forth, but you moved back to the United Kingdom. What prompted you to start this Grail research?

Well, the Grail research didn’t start immediately. The research started with the earth energy lines and I was just wondering what on earth this Chi or Ki energy was. I started to dowse for water for farmers in Africa and when I came back I was introduced to dowsing the earth energies through a wonderful man called Hamish Miller.

I was basically mapping the energy lines that he’d mapped and I was learning how to do these energies and with the scientific background, I was just saying, Well what are they? And for years I was just making observations and when I was living in Wiltshire I would measure the movements of these lines every day to try and learn more and more about them. One of the things that was made aware at the time is a lot of these energy lines would pass through ancient Templar sites.

So I knew there was a connection with earth energies and Templars from long ago but through my research and mapping these energies, I began to realize that the intersections of lines were connected to ancient and modern places of prayer. And that was what interested me and what types of lines pass through these places and why do we get certain types and why not others?

So investigating that and the way the lines moved in a three dimensional way, I began to realize that there are things called asymmetrical nodes and symmetrical nodes. And symmetrical nodes, when you get all pairs of lines crossing over in one place and when you have that, you have an energy shape that forms, which becomes a Double Torus with a vortex in it.

One of the things that I’ll get to is that the energy lines teach us. It’s like the old Gnostic gospel, where the snake actually is considered the instructor In the Garden of Eden, the teacher. I was being led to understand the importance of making sure these sacred sites are fully functional. I knew that Hamish Miller when he was in New Zealand, had actually moved to an energy line back to one place called the Navigator in the Abel Tasman National Park there.

So I was led to actually realizing that these lines can be moved back together again to be repaired. This led to seven or eight years of learning about moving lines and repairing nodes, and once the nodes were repaired, you then get this energy shake, which happens four times a year.

But what then happened in about 2011 was I had what’s called a snake dream and various things that made me realize I had to start opening up a bit of my research. And at that point I’d learned about the three biggest energy lines that were found in the world. This was actually through a connection of synchronicities leading me to a book by Jane Roberts called Seth Speaks. Seth was channeled through Jane and he talked about four absolute coordinate points in the book, and made coordinate points as places of great power.

And for me, it took a while, but I eventually realized that three lines, three big lines crossing around the world, had six intersections. Two are on the oceans and four are on land. I knew the most powerful energy lines at the time in the UK were the St. Michael, Mary lines.