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Using Super Powers to Awaken Mass Consciousness

There’s a movement of people using Super Powers to awaken mass consciousness. It started as a conversation, a tongue-in-cheek, what-if, matrix-esque, utopian-driving type of conversation. Those involved knew it was ridiculous, a momentary glimpse into a dreamt up world that could only exist in imagined realms. Or was it…

Super Humans

Once you say something often enough and get others to say it with you, it starts to sink into the psyche in creative ways. (I get it, this is dangerously close to the drinking-the-Kool-Aid conversation, but let’s table cult conversations temporarily.) Energetic natural laws require “evidence” and “proof” to appear magically in support of the completely made up concept. That’s how it works, right? Because all logic tells us that Super Powers, super human abilities, and X-Men-type mutations belong in comic books and movie theaters. They’re fun to dream about, but only in those brief moments between real life and responsible living.

But, what if that theory is its own type of programming? What if everything gets created in exactly that way and everything we perceive of as being “real” and “possible” started as a tongue-in-cheek, what-if, matrix-esque, utopian-driving type of conversation? Is it possible to truly and completely create our existence?

For eons humans have searched for answers and developed theories. These replicate and alter over time, but they circle around to the same concepts. Plato knew something was up when he penned Allegory of the Cave. (Did Plato use a pen?? Hmmm…) And yet, we’re constantly trying to discover, research, reveal, uncover, investigate, (do I need to continue thesaurus-ing?) you get the picture. The point is we exhaust ourselves desperately seeking the truth without ever questioning if, instead, we’re simply creating the truth. I don’t mean to insult the entire scientific community in one sweeping statement because there’s value in the discovery process…IF we realize we are both the seeker and the creator of that which we seek. We use discovery processes to justify our creations: “Look! There is it! We found it.” But who put it there? The very process of seeking creates the possibility to find.

Changing Consciousness

But let me come back for a minute. Let me address the topic at hand. If you’re operating at any level of spiritual or self-awareness, you know that things are different. Things, the world, society, humanity, it’s all different. Is it different for everyone or do we create it to be different as we move toward mass consciousness? Regardless, the rules get to change. We get to change them. And there’s power and magic in that. I chose a long time ago to actively pursue my evolution above all else, to the detriment of all else…often to the destruction of all else. Toward that end I progressed much faster when I disregarded anything and everything that wasn’t in alignment with the world I wanted to create. This led to the realization that as I cleared my life of everything that wasn’t, I created space for everything that was. This opened up a whole realm of possibilities.

Magic, angels, goddesses, dragons, faeries, crystals, spirits, entities, vibrations, frequencies, the red pill, the rabbit hole, aliens, constellation bodies, earth energy matrix, and, yes, Super Powers. You see, all of that exists to permit us to question reality as we once saw it. Every step along the way rips apart the previous reality to create a new one. Then that one gets ripped apart, etc., etc. And the only constant is our choice to create.

Are Super Powers Real?

Using that logic (is any of this logical?), why not create Super Powers, super human abilities, X-Men type mutations? Why not encourage people to be courageous, bold, bigger, better, stronger, powerful? Can we use the Super Powers conversation to push people beyond that which they thought possible? Can we tap into the core essence that encourages us to keep dreaming even in the midst of apparent devastation and use that tiny spark to change someone’s world? Dare we claim to be able to change the entire world? But in order for that to happen, we must answer one simple question.

Are Super Powers real?

The very process of seeking creates the possibility to find.

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