Debbi DachingerDebbi Dachinger, a brilliant and impactful spiritual leader, joins Tonya Dawn Recla as they share techniques and secrets for guiding people into being a spiritual leader. Debbi is the epitome of someone who walks her talk and demonstrates the power of connection and relationships in today’s marketspace. She and Tonya model how to stay ahead of competition by opting out of competition. If you’re seeking ways to connect more fully to your potential clients, audiences and tribe, listen now to these two powerhouse women who continue to forge that path and beyond.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I just have a big old grin on my face. I’m sure you can feel it and hear it. I don’t even know how this is going to go because we just absolutely enjoy loving on each other. So you just get to hear us gush with each other for a little bit here today, but this woman is so incredibly delightful. I’m excited to share her with you. But despite all of that, or in spite of all of that, or in addition to all of that, she really, truly walks her talk. She eats, breathes and sleeps this stuff. She tests out theories and processes before bringing them to her clients.

As you know, that’s a big, big, big soapbox of mine, right? We’re all about the due diligence and making sure people can do what they say they can do. And when we’re stepping into these spaces as thought leaders, spiritual leaders, coaches, practitioners, whatever you want to call it, the change agents of the world, we’re seeing big, big, big damage happening because people are hiring people who can’t do what they claim. They might really, really, really, really want to, and they may be great, but if they don’t have the aptitude, if they don’t have the demonstrable results that you’re looking for, you got to start being a little bit strict, folks. You got to be a little selfish with your brilliance, and be cautious about who you’re getting into bed with.

So what I love about her is, again, she’s delightful and yummy, and goodness, all of that fun stuff we love, and she’s got that real grounded foundation of doing it. So today we’re talking about how to step into being a spiritual leader, really truly embodying, and it’s not enough to know it, folks. It’s not even enough to understand and believe it. You have to be willing to actually do it. And that’s where the rubber meets the road. So we’re going to get you some good tips today, because we have the delightful, amazing, wonderful, yummy Debbi Dachinger with us today, who I just imagine you’ll be hearing more from her on my show because I can’t help but gravitate to her time and time again. So please, please help me welcome Debbi to the show. Debbi, I love you.

Oh, Tonya. Thank you, thank you. I’m receiving over here during that whole thing. It was so delicious.

Oh, beautiful, beautiful. Yeah. It’s rare, right? I tell people all the time, it’s great, we get accolades for what we’ve created over here at Super Power Experts, but it was very selfish on our part because we just want to play in a particular way with people. So it’s really fun when it’s easy and it’s in synergy. So thank you for helping it be that way.

I really think love is the biggest thing about who I am

I really think love is the biggest thing about who I am.

My pleasure. It’s the only way to be.

I think so. So let’s jump right in and ask our pivotal question. What are your super powers?

Oh boy. Oh, that’s such a good question. Okay, so I just want to reflect for a minute because there are some things. I really think love is the biggest thing about who I am. I have a really huge heart. And I do really love people who serve me very well. It serves me well in being a mentor to people in my programs and teaching because I see the greatness in them. Of course, part of my super power is also seeing their weaknesses and lovingly pointing them out, supporting them to get where they want.

Also, so super power for me, it actually is in mass visibility. Yeah. I was built for this. That’s where my resonance has been since I’m a little girl and I’ve experimented in so many ways out in my life to have a voice, to have a voice that lives out loud. And I’ve played around a lot of different areas with that, and ultimately that’s always where I play, is mass visibility.

Oh, yeah. The listeners are just going to have to give us a moment. Get a room, folks, you know?

We’re as they say in Yiddish.

I love it.

We have big love on each other, and it’s really easy between you and I. I feel like we’re so in sync and I appreciate I don’t have to say a lot, you’re already there.

Well, it’s so much more powerful than ever, I think, we realize. Because so few people come by that naturally. I remember I interviewed somebody who talked about how we’re all in two businesses, whatever it is that we’re doing, but also the business of promoting that, and like it or not, want it or not, especially now with the internet and social media and everything else, there is this visibility component that paralyzes a lot of people. So when you come by that naturally it’s such a beautiful gift.

And it’s exactly correct what you just said. And that’s the question I like to ask people, is if you’ve written a book, for example, then how could you not want visibility? So that people know about your book and you as an author and want to buy it? If you’re an entrepreneur, a healer, a spiritual person, a businessperson, whatever you’re doing, you do out into the world. If you don’t want visibility, why are you in business? Because that’s a big part of it, right? Part of it is your gift and what you’ve created into the structure of your business, and the other part is you stepping into being the spokesperson for what it is you’re putting out into the world.

For all of us, we are all broadcasting 24/7. We’re are all broadcasters, so we have to be fully aligned with our message. We have to be fully aligned with the willingness to be visible out in the world. And here’s what’s great, Tonya. I think it’s really great. You get to heal. So whatever there is that frees discomfort, “I don’t want to be there,” “I’d rather not,” you get to heal. It’s just part of your journey because stepping into it is going to bring that stuff up, and it’s so good. It’s so good when you get to walk through it and get some support, spiritually and emotionally. So you can get to the other side and just really thrive there.

But let’s be real about this because it’s easy to talk about all this sort of stuff, but ultimately it is so much easier to sit behind a computer screen. It’s so much easier to be working on creating your program, like the prepare to prepare kind of component. I sat for a while and watched my husband, Justin, really master how to do this in a very heart-centric, loving, connected, contributing way in the world, and we actually turned around and brought him back into our company because he’s the only one I’ve seen doing it in a very methodical, system process way, which, you know, that’s my bread and butter. But also adding in this component of really connecting with people. He is a master at connecting in the virtual space, which, you know, that’s the name of the game, right?

So, he’s my secret weapon and I just keep watching him and watching him, and it’s like, “Okay, I get this.” Because I’m the type of person, and I know there’s a lot of folks out there like me, I’m not going to do it if I don’t know why I’m doing it. And if I don’t have a decent belief that it’s going to work. I don’t need to spin my wheels and waste my time. I’m just not there anymore in my life. So, to see a process that I know has worked. But even with that, it’s like you still have to, no matter how out there you are, there’s always another level of out there. Right? We think, “But I already came out about the fact that I’m psychic,” or, “I already came out about this. How much more out there do I need to be?” Do you know?

But I love that you tied it back into, dude, this is a personal journey, folks. We tell people, “Use the playground for everything that it has to offer you because ultimately, no one else exists but you anyway, you might as well take advantage of the lessons.” Right? But it’s so easy to make it about this, oh, my gosh, what are people going to think? What are people going to say? Am I doing this the right way? And ultimately, folks, those little pieces inside of you aren’t doing you any favors, right? They’re just not. They’re set up to help you fail because they’re comfortable where you’re at. They don’t want to move. They may not love it but they don’t want to move. So, I love what Debbi’s talking about because it’s an internal game that you just happen to be playing externally in the world, right? That’s kind of what it breaks down into.

We have a whole labyrinth to choose from

We have a whole labyrinth to choose from.

For all of us right now, there’s a million bells and whistles and gadgets and ways to do things. It’s like when you go to one of those restaurants, you go for Chinese food and it says, “Here’s the live special. Pick one thing from Section A, one thing from Section B and one thing…” have lunch. And this is like that. We have a whole labyrinth to choose from.


People do not have to do everything. And this is to teach. You don’t have to do the funnel, the webinar, the marketing, the social media. You know, it’s not a formula. I think the most important thing about being a spiritual leader is to fully embrace how frickin’ awesome and different you are. Different is sellable, by the way. It’s the most sellable. Instead of being homogenous, because who needs that or wants that, stand out, really own yourself, fly your flag and do your thing, and from that space, you know, it resonates.

So, I was just sharing with Tonya before the show started that recently… I have a radio show. I’ve been on the air for 11 and a half years. My radio station burned down in the recent fires. And it’s shocking at the time, and at the same time, I felt extremely expanding about waiting. The universe always delivers. It always and I’ve aligned fully for whatever this next journey is going to be. I don’t know if they’ll be able to rebuild, so I’m shuffling off to Buffalo, here. I’m going to move on.

So it’s just playing around with space. And what that created, actually, in a week, which is a very short time, is I started doing everything on camera. And the lesson for me is, oh, that’s my jam. I get it. So I’ve done great on radio, I’ve loved radio because of the master conversations, but I recognize this is even healing for me to step in this way, to be fully visible, and visual to everybody. And I mean, I did the first one on camera, I am telling you, my hair wasn’t done, I looked like crazy I don’t care. I’m throwing this thing down on a video. Let’s go, people.

And it’s fantastic. Do you know? The energy really reads, and that’s part of the journey too is trying things, figuring out what works, what doesn’t work. You never have to be perfect. Dare to suck and you get so much feedback from what you do. So I just want to say the resonance with what we’re talking about is being different and then picking the pieces that support your journey.

Sometimes if you’re a little confused, look at your human design. Do you know? It will tell you a ton. Or look at your astrology, your numerology, or combo platter, and it will really let you know what you’re here energetically to be and do. And the other piece of that that you talked about with your amazing husband, Justin, is about the relationship. So I know it has built my entire career, and I know for other people it has. I just had an interview.. I do anthology sometimes. I produce them out in the world, and I’ve got a new one coming out. I was vetting this guy, really amazing guy who works at NASA and he was saying, when he got out of the military, you’d think the young, good-looking guy, really fit, great accolades, a great resume, he could not get a phone call. And he sent out 300 resumes. And then there was somebody that he had done some private work for that opened the door, and now he’s at NASA which is a dream job. So, relationship, not 300 resumes, is what got him the job of his dreams.

Oh, I love that you said that. I think we always downplay that. I want to dive into that a little bit more. We have to take a quick break, so stay with us, because I want to dive into that point and really talk about how do you do that? How do you do that naturally, not come across smarmy, and all these other things? I think that Debbi’s authenticity is so incredibly obvious, but it doesn’t come by. You know, not all of us come by it naturally. So, we’ll talk more about that too. So stay with us, folks. We’re talking to Debbi Dachinger about how to step into being a spiritual leader, and we will be right back. Don’t go anywhere.

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