Jacquelyn GioertzJacquelyn Gioertz, intuitive and transformation coach, author, speaker and artist, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to identify spiritual awakening signs and address awakening through divine frequency. Jacquelyn is the founder and CEO of Awakening Women, LLC and the author of The Unthinkable Has Happened – A Guide for the Young Widow. She strives to inspire and empower all people to embrace their uniqueness. Listen in as she and Tonya talk about how to awaken to your spirits and discover your strengths to create the life you love and deserve.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your SuperPower expert. I have a very special treat for you today. I’m speaking with Jacquelyn Gioertz, and you’ll be listening I guess too. She’s the founder and CEO of Awakening Women. She’s also the author of The Unthinkable Has Happened, a guide for the young widow. I love bringing that into because she has such a depth and a richness to the experience and what she speaks on.

I think it’s important to know that she really truly has walked this walk and this path in addition to 22 plus years living in Europe and traveling the world, so when I talk about journeying in the path, she’s done that here in the physical reality as well as in the more energetic fields. But she’s a transformational thought coach, energy healer, all kinds of looks phenomenal on paper-type of person, but what you’re going to hear in a second is just the beautiful and lovely way that she ushers in this information and this kind of movement with this solid foundation. I think we can all learn a lot from her in that regard to make sure that those pieces are there. That we’re rounding it out.

Justin, and Eva and I just went the other day and tried our hand at the pottery room. As I’m describing Jacquelyn, as I’m seeing like the initial steps of preparing the clay and making sure that it’s got that real, solid foundation to it. I feel like that’s a beautiful gift that she brings to the world and is going to bring into this conversation. Listen in, settle in, get a nice cup of coffee, or drink, whatever you want to imbibe with.

We’re going to be talking about spiritual awakening through your divine frequency. Please join me in welcoming to the show Jacquelyn Gioertz. Welcome Jacquelyn.

Oh, thank you so much Tonya. It is such a pleasure to be here. I’m so excited to have this conversation and see what evolves.

It’s beautiful to have you. These images that are coming through it’s like this real fullness to you, and I appreciate you embodying that for the collective, so thank you.

Thank you.

Let’s do our question, of course, that we love to ask. What are your superpowers?

Help others tap into their divine frequency

Help others tap into their divine frequency.

Right, everybody’s got them. My superpower is really helping others tap into their divine frequency, so they can actually engage the magic of the universe that is available to all of us.

That is a mouthful, and what a beautiful, beautiful way to describe it. Say more about that.

There’s so many universal laws. Everything is just energy, the frequencies. We talk about all of this, and we talk about the Law of Attraction and the different frequencies. What I really do is I teach others how to actually use that, how to deliberately create circumstances, experiences, even things that they want to have in their life. I do that by really breaking down how to use the energies, how you can tap into that frequency and align yourself with what it is you want to create, so you can be a deliberate creator, so you could actually intentionally create things and circumstances. Does that make more sense?

Oh, I think it made perfect sense the first time. I just loved it. I was like, “Woo, let’s talk more about this.” It’s so in alignment with one of the things that I describe. The work that I do is really holding people accountable to their highest frequency. I mean, that’s what superpower experts exist to do. Our belief is that you don’t really use your superpowers or hone them on in any reliable, efficient, effective manner until you’re truly embodying those upper frequencies, or sometimes we say until you’ve committed to using them for good.

To me, it’s the same conversation. Whether we’re talking about surrendering into the divine, whether we’re talking about embodying the abstract frequency, or really just consciously choosing to use your powers for good, to me, that’s all the same process. It is kind of saying I choose to be part of something bigger.

Yes, absolutely. I’m getting flooded with goosebumps the whole time you’re talking.



I mean, that’s always true. She’s talking truth here, so it’s really, really good.

Yeah, perfect. You’re eloquent and you’re confident in your ability to say this stuff. I don’t know about your journey, but certainly, for me, that wasn’t the case earlier on. I really had to step into a space where I was like, “Am I saying this stuff out loud?” What was your journey with that?

I was one of those people that came in as a natural healer, and I knew this stuff. I was always fascinated by palm reading, or hand analysis, and angels, those Magic 8-Balls, and superpowers and things like that. I came in knowing that. I used to talk to people about it, but I was always the kind of strange one. It wasn’t until I had a really dramatic event happen. I was widowed at a very young age with two small children when I was living in Germany.

That whole thing is really what put me on the path to develop my superpowers and to really be able to tap into my divine frequency that got us energy, that intuition and really kind of surrendered to the path that was laid out before me. That’s where it all kind of developed. I really developed with the language, and I began to read, and I realized, “Oh my goodness, there are books on this subject. I had no idea.” It’s like, “Other people have words for this. Let me learn that.” That’s really where it started, where I finally get the language around it.

I think sometimes we tend to over-romanticize our origin stories. I mean, have you looked back? I’m sure you’ve looked back. That’s kind of a silly question. Do you feel like that circumstance was an agreement? Do you feel like you facing that with your children and the loss of a spouse, like what did that feel like? Maybe it’s evolved. Maybe it felt like something at one point and then it felt like something different. What was your journey with reconciling that?

There was a piece of me missing but I didnt know what it was

There was a piece of me missing but I didnt know what it was.

I was 34 when I was widowed, so that’s fairly young. It’s interesting because shortly before that … And just to kind of give you a background, we traveled the world. We had a shipping company, and so we did a lot of international traveling and everything. I remember there was this time I was in an elevator in Hong Kong, and I thought, “Huh, who am I other than Mrs Gioertz? Who am I other than Karina and Dustin’s mommy? Who am I?”

I was really happily playing corporate wife and partner in the business. However, there was a piece of me that was missing, and I didn’t know what it was. Yes, I believe this was a contract. Shortly thereafter my bubble was burst, and my world was shattered, and all of a sudden I’m sitting there like, “Oh my goodness, now I really get to find out who I am.” That’s where it really did kind of evolve. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not gone through that. That’s true for everybody, but it really was a very traumatic event and yet it was so profound in the growth that came from that.

You speak of it in the same way that I speak of a couple of situations that I have in this lifetime, and people are always like, “Oh my gosh, you’re so matter-of-fact.” I’m like, “It wasn’t always.” It was a process, but it’s in choosing to say, “What is my part in this? What did I agree to?” It’s really taking that elevated stance with it and going, “Okay.” I can choose to look at it from all of these various perspectives. Those perspectives are real, or we can sink into each one of them if we want to.

It’s like I tell people like, “If you’re waiting for your demons to go away, you’re going to be waiting for a long time.” Any single one of us in any given moment has the ability to sink into those frequencies. They exist. That’s how people connect with us. It’s all these things, but you don’t have to stay there. You get to choose that. And so I think there are clues in that to me, and there are ways for us to navigate those spaces that aren’t real popular.

Someone reached out to me the other day following some tragedy or something. There were groups of healers that wanted to cohere to provide support and everything else. They called me and said, “Okay, how would you guide us in this?” And I said, “Well, I’d probably guide you not to do it,” because the challenge is that very, very, very few people can look into tragic situations and not do it from a place of wanting to alleviate their own suffering with it even if they weren’t involved.

Especially from an outside perspective, you have to be able to kind of hold that container in such a way that you can sit in it, wallow around. I tell people like, “Get in the darkness. Lather yourself with it, like swim in it.” You’re not going to escape it. That’s not the key. I’m fascinated listening to you talk. I’m like, “Oh, this must be what people are talking about.”

Yeah, and you’re right. It is a process. I couldn’t always talk about it like that. Here’s the thing though. The thing that got me through all of it … My kids were really young. They were 7 and 10. I was living in Germany and no family. The only thing that got me through was there has to be a reason. There’s always a reason, right?


Albert EinsteinThat was, for me, what the stepping back was. It’s like, “Okay, I can’t see it yet, but I know it’s there. It’s got to be there.”

Dear God, please tell me it’s there.

Exactly. Do you know it took me 11 years to actually grieve because living in Germany I was like, “Okay, if I could just get to the mountains in California, if I could just get there and scream out the injustice of all of this, and my pain and have it all absorbed by the mountains and everything, I would be fine.” The interesting thing is I’m actually a beach person. I’m not a mountain person.


Yeah. It took me 11 years. At that time I moved out to California. I lived just outside the Sequoia National Forest in a teeny-tiny little town, and I spent 10 months up there meditating, and being in the mountains, and grieving and doing my vision quest and all of that. It was definitely a process. Not everybody has that opportunity to do that. Everybody has the opportunity to know and step back on some level like, “There’s got to be a reason. There is a reason. It will show up.” You have to surrender to that.

It feels like that was so purposeful because it gave you direction and inspiration to keep going. Perhaps had you let that out earlier, the messages and the beauty of it wouldn’t have been there. It’s so amazing.

We’ve been talking with Jacquelyn Gioertz. We’re going to take a quick break, but before we do, Jacquelyn, where can people go to find out more about you?

Oh yes, you can go to my website. It’s simple jacquelyngioertz.com and there’s always a free gift there as well, so definitely check out the website. There’s more information and a free gift.

Beautiful. Perfect. We’ll be right back. We’ve been talking with Jacquelyn today about spiritual awakening through your divine frequency. Stick with us because we’re going to tell you how to do that when we come back. Stay tuned.

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