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Silke Glaab, a Psychologist and Executive Coach based in Dubai, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about global entrepreneurship. She has worked with innumerable accomplished and successful executives and professionals who are struggling with four particular areas of their lives — performance, relationship, self-confidence and life purpose. Silke Glaab holds a master’s degree in psychology and is an NLP Master Practitioner, Systemic Coach, Theta Healer and Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, elevating her sessions to that of a professional expert. Listen in as she shares her deep wisdom about global entrepreneurship, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and neuroscience.

Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I have a delightful woman with us today, all the way out in Dubai, out in UAE area. She is just a fascinating mix of just everything that we stand for here at Super Power Experts. She has so many gifts that she brings to the world, and she packages them in really unique fashions.

What we’re gonna talk about today is global entrepreneurship because I think it’s important that we all think about the fact that we have our filters, we have our experiences, we have our environments, and all of us chose these different arenas to play in, and we’re all doing very similar work in the world. But the obstacles and the benefits and the packages and what we have to go through in order to do that work is very, very different for each one of us. And I think the conversation between us is gonna illuminate that.

She has a fascinating mix of things like neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience coaching. She’s a psychologist. Just a really fascinating woman, so I’m really excited to share her with you all today. Her name is Silke Glaab. I’m hoping I got that right. We practiced. She’s just delightful. Anyway, we’re gonna talk today about global entrepreneurship, so please join me in welcoming her to the show. Welcome, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you very much, Tonya, for inviting me.

Oh, absolutely. That is our pleasure. So, we’re gonna start with our telltale question up front and ask you what are your superpowers?

These are designed to make rapid changes in the brain

I really tailor these to make rapid changes in your brain.

Yeah, I would describe my superpowers as super learning powers. So, what I mean with that is I use a higher grade of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, systemic work, and neuroscience. And all of this I really tailor to make rapid changes in your brain because of super learning … Learning is everything when you create associations in your brain and with this super learnings you can create very fast, new associations and you can weaken the ones which are not really serving you anymore.

That’s so … Oh, go ahead.

Yeah and all of this and because the healing itself is quite fast, it can be done in five to ten minutes and because it’s also like energetically breaking something and giving new suggestions to your brain and the hybrid … Or this technique comes from Marissa Peel. So, she developed what she calls Rapid Transformational Therapy and that’s already a hybrid and I bring in then the other modalities I use like theta healings, systemic work, and neuroscience. So, it’s a quite powerful tool.

Well, and it feels really powerful. So, how did you get into all of this?

Yeah, I’m a psychologist by profession. I’m an organizational psychologist. I worked first in training and coaching then I’m also a school counselor so I’m also working in a school. But there came a time, I also stayed in Kenya so all my colleagues, they went for evening classes and they went for other courses and I’m the only European doing nothing. So, I said okay, I have to do additional things and then I started to do neuro-linguistic programming, brief work, systemic work, theta healing. So, when I came here to the UAE I added hypnotherapy, I added now this neuroscience coaching because I really want to help my clients the best and there are some things, which don’t fit someone. And then the more tools you have, the more flexible you can be with your clients.

Well, and that’s what we were talking about before the show. It’s so fascinating to me because on top of everything else, not only are people, kind of, all around the world are waking up at different kinda phases and at different times and the things that we accept about change. We were sharing a story early on about using things like tarot cards or even some people use pendulums and just anything that awakens us or opens us up to communicate with our own intuition. But when you work with different groups of people, whether it be cultural groups or sub cultural groups or socio-economic groups or religious groups, it doesn’t matter but with the over-layer or the filter we all see the world through creates within itself its own set of resistance or its own set of openness depending on how we’re raised and our level of belief within it and working in a global entrepreneurship fashion really requires a super huge bag of tricks, like a very diverse set of tools so that you can connect with people where they’re at. Has that been your experience?

Yes. Yes and in this case, it comes also that sometimes beliefs are coming up or when I of the hypnotherapy work, you end up in certain scenes. So, these scenes are quite destructing for the person or the person gets really through deep emotions and if I don’t really understand the cultural background of the person, it seems for me maybe nothing at that moment and I start maybe to wonder with my own thoughts, why is he including all of this out of this scene? So, it’s also an advantage to know certain cultures and why certain situations cause a kind of trauma or negative conclusions out of this. This I found for me quite important or when there are some relationship issues. So, I had a couple from India. So, divorce is not so fast in an Indian community.


Yeah? And there was an affair in between, yeah, and then I ask him, “So, this lady is she even from your community?” And then I did know that even him now marrying this other lady will not be so easily possible. Yeah? So, if he had been like a Western person, voila! So, I leave, yeah, if I don’t want anymore and I immediately maybe to the other person then it’s already a very deep connection. So, in all this I find the knowledge of cultures to understand where these beliefs were formed. I found it also important. Some people would not allow it to go into like a very relaxed state where they close their eyes. At this moment, that’s the hypnotherapy, in those cases I use EMDR. So, where you only have to shift your eyes or you just tap yourself. Yeah? So, it’s always important to know from where the person comes from or in an energetic work, I also ask what the spiritual connection is. Are you believing in God? Are you believing in Allah? Are you believing in a certain goddess? Are you believing in the universe? Yeah?

So, that’s also important to know that the person can really trust you and goes through the process.

That’s so amazing and I’d imagine that a lot of what you’re relying on is that intuitive kind of connectedness that supersedes even our human existence, did you find that in honing that or were you consciously aware honing your own intuition or an ability to communicate at different levels with people so that you can access that kind of information?

Hypnotherapy requires a lot of intuition

Hypnotherapy requires a lot of intuition.

Yeah, it depends a little bit what technique I use so whatever the modality is my mindset. Yeah, with the hypnotherapy, okay, there comes also a lot of intuition into it plus you guide the person if he or she has a certain issue. For example, I’m lost in life. So, in this hypnotherapy, you guide back in time what is the root cause of you feeling lost? Then the client finds himself or herself in three scenes. Now you have to relate the scenes to your feeling now lost and first I ask the clients, so, what is the linkage? What is this that you’re dreaming? Yeah? And sometimes they don’t find the connection and then I let myself or I allow myself to go into my intuition to offer the client something and then he can say yes or no. So, that’s also how I use intuition. Then, when I do theta healings or in theta healing, the modality is you’re really connected to what you say is the creator, is the life force, yeah?


Healing comes from this modality and even the question you ask in this kind of meditative states, yeah, very useful.

Very cool. Yeah, I can see how that would be really, really important given the work that you’re doing. Well, we’re gonna take a quick break. This is super fascinating. I’m excited to come back and talk with you more about global entrepreneurship. You all are listening to the Super Power Podcast. Stay with us, we’re gonna expand a little bit on the amazing work Silka does in the world and we’ll be right back.

Find out more about Silke Glaab at silkcelia.com

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