Christopher CumbyChristopher Cumby, the Kick Ass Sales Guy, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss tricks for developing self money mastery. Chris is a sales coach and business development consultant and wrote The Success Playbook. He’s been featured on The Brian Tracy TV Show on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox networks in early 2015, and highlighted on numerous podcast shows on iTunes. Listen in as Chris and Tonya talk about developing self and becoming a money master. 

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I’m so excited to have with us today Christopher Cumby. We met at the New Media Summit. I was there supporting Neva as an Icon of Influence, and Christopher was one of the icons there. What I love about his approach to things in his, if you look at his bio and stuff, I love the fact that he considers himself the kick-ass sales guy, right? The reason why I’m chuckling about this is because, before the show, and this is a common conversation in the entrepreneurs circles is, “How do you work the sales and money conversation in when you’re driven by passion or when you have been gifted with this mission in the world?” and nobody really wants to add in that piece of it. But without that piece, obviously, business is ineffective. So, I think it’s a super crucial dialogue. 

We’re going to talk today about developing self-money mastery because it’s very challenging to truly do your work in the world if you’re tied into some sort of victimization or abdication because of survival fears, and survival fears typically get connected into the money dialog. So, becomes a complex thing to look at, but it’s also the most simple thing because, as you continue to go about this journey and expand out and connect more deeply into who you are, those fears come forward to be looked at. Then, we have an option about whether or not to continue them.

So, I’m really excited about some of the work that Chris does and how he works with people to make sure that that dialogue is in place so that the business can be successful so that the mission can actually happen and you can do your work in the world. So, without further ado … Oh, Chris is also one of the hosts of Think Bold, Be Bold and runs around in the podcasting circles and helps people get their message out in that way and promote what they’re doing to the world. So, we’re kind of all cut from the same cloth over here. So, I’m super excited to have Chris join us today. Welcome, Chris. 

I think it's the ability to ask really good questions is my super power

I think it’s the ability to ask really good questions is my super power.

Well, thank you, Tonya. It’s nice to connect with you again, absolutely.

Always, always. So, we jump right in on these shows and ask, “What are your super powers? 

I’m a great question. I think it really comes down to questions. I have been in sales a lot of years, and I teach that aspect of business and coaching and so forth, but I think it’s the ability to ask really good questions is my super power.

I’m laughing. I love it. You’re absolutely right. Coming out of the counterintelligence arena and the due diligence and vetting stuff, what we found was our willingness to follow questions was really our secret sauce, you know? It’s not the answer. Oftentimes, when we teach people, we tell them, “We don’t necessarily ask questions just for the answers. We’re asking questions for a response.” I think that that’s an amazing technique to utilize, but how did you start to come to use that in business?

Definitely. Probably the first question is, “What problem can I solve?” If I follow my entrepreneurial career, because it started really, really early. I was seven years old and because my parents weren’t, necessarily, well-off, but we weren’t poor either. We were somewhere in the middle. But we always had stuff. My dad was always adamant that if I want something, I have to earn it. It allowed me to think of ways that I could utilize a skill at seven years old to go do something, you know? Often, it was chores, and those led to allowances.