Jody JelasLady Balls extraordinaire, Jody Jelas joins Tonya Dawn Recla as they dissect the power and allure of business confidence. Jody is no stranger to busting through limitations and challenging the bounds of reality as a powerful female entrepreneur. In addition to embodying disruptive brand concepts, Jody works with clients to combine the power of mindset, online presence, branding, offer creation, social media, and marketing in their businesses. Listen in as these reality-crashing women share stories from the trenches of business disruption.

Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and you have a treat today. I’m very excited, I’ve got this big smile on my face. I love this woman, and I wish we were standing together and I could give her a big hug, but I’m doing that virtually. So Jody Jelas joins us today to talk about Business Confidence Equals Business Success.

This woman needs literally no introduction from me, but I am going to brag about her just in case you’ve been living under a rock or something or you don’t know all the stuff that she’s up to. But Jody Jelas is best known for, at least in my circles, for LadyBalls, right? There’s this LadyBalls Movement that she created, and I can’t wait for her to share with you kind of how that came about and the purpose of it. Because it just encapsulates this idea of being confident, in yourself and in what you’re doing in the world.

She also has the Profit Vortex, a digital agency where she helps people with kind of those bold statements, but in marketing and the business side of the house. So she’s a very, very, very well rounded business expert in those areas. I’m super excited to have her share with you all how important confidence is in business success. But also, like that’s great if we all think that way, but how do we do it right? How do we get that? We want it. How do we get it?

So without further ado, please, please, please join me in welcoming to the show Jody Jelas. Welcome, Jody.

Thank you so much for having me.

I think my super power would be tricking people into believing themselves when they've spent most of their life not believing in themselves

I think my super power would be tricking people into believing themselves when they’ve spent most of their life not believing in themselves.

I’m so excited. You’re such a delight, and I’m really excited to dive into this topic with you because I think that it’s popular, right? It’s not that anybody would say, “No, you don’t have to be confident in business.” But how, right? The why, the how. So I’m really, really excited to kind of dig in there, but before we do we’re going to ask our question which is what are your super powers?

My superpowers? I think my super power would be tricking people into believing themselves when they’ve spent most of their life not believing in themselves.

Yes, she did say tricking.

Oh, and it’s interesting that you talk about the topic of confidence. It’s the one thing that we need the most, and it’s the one thing that most people lack no matter what level they’re at. And so, you know, a lot of it runs deep and sometimes we have to… They’ll form, you know people will form beliefs… Or we, self-included, form beliefs throughout their lives that they’ve used to not achieve what they want. And sometimes you have to trick them, get them to see things from a completely different perspective to see that they’ve been lying to themselves all that time. And sometimes it takes a little bit of mind trickery to get them to see that.

I would say it takes a lot of mind trickery. Like, that’s one of the biggest things. You know we came out, what was it three or four years ago now, talking about things like energetic manipulation. And the messages that I got, and what I was witnessing was it’s like NLP on crack, right? And what we mean by energetic manipulation is based on the idea that we are always either being manipulated by an environment, or we’re manipulating it. And that makes us super uncomfortable, right?

Most people have no idea just how much they’re manipulating themselves internally or even how to use that to their advantage. So you and I can kind of joke about, “Oh, trickery.” And this and that. But it’s happening, and either you’re aware of it, you’re aware of what you’re doing, or you’re aware of what other people are doing. And you’re opting to kind of stare it in the face. Or you’re trying to pretend it’s not going on, and it’s creating your world. Like, you’re imprisoned to it then. And so, you know I think that that’s a huge conversation that we could probably dive into for weeks.

But isn’t that at the basis of whether or not somebody is going to be successful in business?

Yeah. A hundred percent. But here’s the other thing. Like, I’ve been doing… Like, I’m 41, I went to my first personal development course when I was 14, so my whole life’s been just full of personal development seminars, and books, and learning. But, you get to a point where there’s only so much learning, and my dad has always said to me, “To know when to not do, is to not know.” So until you’re in situations where you can put into practice those things that you’ve learned in the books, at the seminars, all of those kinds of things. Until you can put that into practice it doesn’t… It’s textbook stuff.

So I think like, when I finally went, “All right, I’m done learning all the time and not executing.” When I can work with a couple of big coaches that I’ve followed for years, and looked up to, and now they’re friends. Once I did that, once I started working with them, working on doing the doing, then that’s when I was able to put into practice this stuff that I had learned all of those years in personal development. And they weren’t teaching any personal development, it was purely business strategy. It was sales funnels, it was delivering your most epic offers, that kind of thing. They weren’t teaching mindset, but I learned the most about mindset by taking the stuff I had learned and applying it in a scary situation.

Well, because what that forces you to do is it forces you to look at where you weren’t holding that mindset, right? Because as you’re watching it in practice, and it’s like, “Okay, this person is saying this, this, this, this, and this. And this works, and you get these results.” And you’re not getting those results, I think the natural thing for any of us who do any kind of development or transformative work, is to look at, “Okay, well, why am I not doing that then?” Like, “If I know this, why am I not doing it?” And that’s an uncomfortable place for a lot of people.

It's like training for a marathon your whole life and never running one

It’s like training for a marathon your whole life and never running one.

It’s like training for a marathon your whole life and never running one.

Well, you know it’s funny you say that because it’s like, I think everybody is kind of waiting for this like, you know, hallelujah moment or something, or someone to show up and say, “Hominus, dominus, you can do this now. You’re there.” And because we never feel ready, right? There’s no like, diploma, there’s no, “Aha! You are now personally developed.” Right? There’s no end point.

So it’s like we’re waiting for like this endpoint that’s never going to come, but we’re waiting. And so we’re in the energy of not really being that because we’re waiting for the moment for it to happen. So it is a really interesting kind of interplay when you dig through it. I call it, you know, playing a hundred percent all in and being a hundred percent detached simultaneously, right? It’s this really weird kind of fuzzy space of, “Well, if I haven’t arrived, if I’m not fully developed and I’m not fully enlightened.” Or whatever it is that you’re seeking. “Then who am I to embark on this work, or to do this in the world, or to bring my big-ness into the world.” But the irony is that you’ll never be there, you’ll never get there unless you do bring it into the world. So it’s like, it’s kind of a chicken, egg thing.

And it’s constant growth, too. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, there’s not probably a person on this planet who doesn’t have stuff come up that they’ve still got to deal with.

Every time.

They’ve just got to talk to themselves in a different way, and they get better at using those tools.

So it’s kind of like, “You might as well get started now.” Kind of thing, you know? It’s like, okay you know for a lot of clients I’m like, “Okay, hominus, dominus. Go. Now you can go to do your work.”


Like, who am I to say that? But we don’t… And in all fairness to people, like a lot of it is our built-in kind of humility. It’s like, “I don’t want to be fake. I don’t want to pretend to have it all together if I don’t.” So there is a genuine kind of aspect to it that I think is fairer than just saying that people just constantly sit in their fear. Definitely, fear related, but you know we’re kind of trained to earn it, and to… You know, so I think it’s a complicated conversation but at the end of the day let’s face it, that confidence is really where you’re going to build business success.

We need to take a break real quick. Before we do, Jody, where can people go to find out more about you?

If they go watch my videos at, they’ll find a lot of my LadyBalls focused videos there. For starters.

Very cool. That’s a great place to start with this woman. So we’re talking with Jody Jelas today about Business Confidence Equals Business Success, and I’m telling you you’re going to want to stay with us. Because when we come back from this break we’re going to talk about LadyBalls. Stay with us, we’ll be right back.