Debra Reble

In this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Dr. Debra Reble, author of the book, Soul-Hearted Living, describes what it means to have a spiritual heart. She shares her tips for how and why it is so important to open up to your soul and heart. Listen now so you can begin to connect with your spiritual and soulful heart. 

Hello everyone and welcome. This is Jennifer Urezzio, super power expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I’m with Debra Reble. Reble, do I have that right?

Reble, yes.

Reble. Which is always my biggest fear, everyone, just so you know, pronouncing someone’s name wrong. So I’m consciously transparent. And what we’re talking about today, which I’m really excited about, is what does it mean to have a spiritual heart? So welcome, Debra.

Thank you. It’s my joy to be here with you, Jennifer. And I love that you mispronounce my name because we’re already in the soul language.

I love it.

I’m  divinely downloading that new energy and new words come in and I like rebel, Reble.

I’m all about, you know, renegades and rebels. So you’re right in a good community. So, you know, we talk a lot about superpowers on this program and my first question is, what do you consider the superpower of your soul? And I want to ask this in two ways because when I ask this question, usually people talk about the superpower of their soul for other people.

Communication, whether it’s through writing or speaking or my own presence in my practice or when I’m doing an interview, I believe is my soul power.


It annoys me because you know, we’re so master of service, we’re so into giving and we forget so often to receive. So I’m going to split this question into two parts. What do you consider the superpower of your soul for yourself and what do you consider the superpower of your soul for others?

Well, that’s interesting that you said that because my first inclination, my first experience was to share my superpowers of the soul with others. And so I’m going to put that second. But my divine download for me, my personal superpower, is my ability to intuit from my own experience through my heart and communicate. Communication, whether it’s through writing or speaking or my own presence in my practice or when I’m doing an interview, I believe is my soul power. And it’s that ability that I have to open up my heart center, tap into that divine source and truly listen to the whispers of my soul and express that into my human experience.

Beautiful. And I think when we do that, what we’re really doing is putting ourselves in the consciousness of love for ourselves and we’re opening up or receiving so we can just not only receive guidance, but we can receive all of the goodness of the universe. Would you agree?

Oh, absolutely. Because we all have that ability to open our hearts and to receive that divine guidance, every single human being on this planet. It’s just how receptive and how open we are to receiving. And so that’s why it’s so important that this giving and receiving of energy, I like to see almost like a figure eight of energy that comes in and out of us, that we really honor that and open to that energy. That’s how we tap into the soul as far as I’m concerned.

Beautiful. And so what do you consider your super power of your soul for others?

Well, I get to be that beautiful reflection to show others the truth of who they are, to really allow their, I would say, their authentic self, which comes from our soul blueprint to lead. To trust the wisdom of their hearts. And again, the wisdom of their hearts comes from their soul. And then to shine that light into the world, to be that beacon for others.


That’s been my authentic path since I’ve started on this journey in my mid twenties on my own personal journey of healing and tapping into that essence.

Love it.

So what do you consider your sacred purpose? And when I mean sacred purpose, I mean what you are profoundly here to experience and then offer that experience to others.

My sacred purpose I have felt, and it’s changed over time, it’s evolved and I think that’s important that our purpose, for me, there’s not just one like sole purpose. There’s a soul and that encompasses multiple purposes that come together to really guide our soul’s path. And these different purposes coming together with, I would say more of a true sacred purpose. And for me that would be to through my own experience of trauma and setbacks and impoverished childhood for all of these experiences that I’ve gone through. That have made me stronger in my life and more clear about who I am outside of that. That I can share that with others and say, “No matter what has happened in your life, I can guide you to really tap into your soul’s journey. And to make that your primary, that purpose in your own life.”

No matter what has happened in your life, I can guide you to really tap into your soul’s journey. And to make that your primary, that purpose in your own life.

So it’s really taking the experiences that I’ve had, which many people would say, “Wow, what a journey,” but to use them, or to transcend, to use them for my evolution and for the evolution of others.

Beautiful. Yeah, I also believe that that sacred mission, that sacred purpose, I think it deepens over time. I think the understanding of it becomes more expanded and we evolve with it. And I think we hear different levels of that sacred purpose depending on where our consciousness is. So I love what you’re saying. My last question before the break is what is the common theme that your soul has shared with you?

My common theme, and I think this came through really clearly a couple of years ago when I wrote my book Being Love. Because that came out of what I would consider nowhere, but that is the space of the soul. So it did come from a whisper of soul and a download that I had to write about love and self-love being the foundation for all love. Universal love, love of a partner, love of friendship, everything. And that came from a place that I had deep healing in my life to do, which was my own lovelessness. And so the theme that seems to permeate everything in my work has been about that love, self love, that deep soul love of really channeling that love into our human experience through our soul’s path. And so I feel like that continues to be a strong theme in my own life and in the work that I do.

Beautiful. Okay everyone you stay put. We will be back after this short break and we’re talking with Debra about what does it mean to have a spiritual heart. But Debra, before we break, how do people get back in touch with you? How do they get more of your goodness?

Well, I have a website, And on that website I have podcasts myself and blogs and articles. I am also an expert columnist for Aspire Magazine. So you’ll see my articles every issue. And I have three books out that are, my latest one is Soul-Hearted Living and you can get that one or Being Love on

Beautiful. Okay everyone, stay tuned.

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