Mastering your emotion and intuition are the keys to your financial success. And if you’re in the real estate game not honing these skills can have devastating effects. Scott Carson (aka “The Note Guy”) has been an active real estate investor since 2002. He is also the host of “The Note Closers Show” and assists those in the real estate world. Scott joins host Justin Recla on the Incorporating SuperPowers podcast to discuss how emotion and intuition affect your success in life and in business.

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Welcome to Incorporating SuperPowers. I am your host Justin Recla, and today I’m super excited to introduce you to my guest. 

Scott Carson is somebody that’s been in the business world for a long time. He’s doing some great things out there. We met at Secret Knock, I don’t know, five or six years ago now. Maybe even longer than that.

I think it actually might be seven years now, actually thinking about. Yeah.

I think it was. I think it was almost right after we left the government, right when we were first stepping into business. Greg put us into his stage for the first time and I think that’s where you and I met. 

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Scott and I haven’t connected in a long time, but I went back and just looked at some of the stuff and I was like, “Boom, I got it, I know exactly what we’re talking about today, and this seems to be kind of a theme today.” Especially with us guys, is this tapping into some of these things that most people would think would be very feminine, but they’re not. They’re extremely masculine, and we’re bringing it to the forefront. 

So one of the things I want to talk to you, Scott, today about is how emotion and intuition affect your success. So Scott, thanks for joining us on the show today.

Man, first and foremost, I’m so honored to be here. Thank you for having me. You’re doing amazing things over there.

Everybody listening, go out subscribe, give a review right now. While you’re thinking about it, hit it. I’m honored to be here, and just jacked up as always. You’re doing some great stuff. We’ve gone too long without visiting man. We’ve got to do it much more often on a regular basis. Don’t we, Justin?

Yeah. We really do. It’s all about the connection. You’ve been up in your world. I’ve been up in my world. Ironically though the worlds seem to be getting smaller, and smaller, and closer, and closer together. So I’m glad that you’ve been able to join us here on the show, and I think this will just open up even more conversations as we unfold. Let’s just dive down the rabbit hole here. We were talking a little bit briefly before the show about how emotion and intuition have had an impact on your own success. What does that mean and how have you used emotion and intuition in your own journey?

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