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Nat CouropmitreeNat Couropmitree guides visionary leaders to live their lives through the energetic frequency of their truest selves and to discover individual consciousness. He joins Jennifer Urezzio of SuperPowers of the Soul as they explore about the topic of how get to achieve the individual consciousness of love. Nat hosts the Bold Magnificence Podcast, where his guests share stories about having the courage to live in alignment with what lights them up. Listen in as he and Jennifer talk about the ways to achieve individual consciousness of love as well as where to find the different powerful sources to create a space to experience ease, joy, and adventure at the present moment.

Hello everyone and welcome, I’m Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower Expert and founder of Soul Language and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I’m, today, so excited to be with one of my favorite people on the planet. I call him Man Fur and you all understand what that means because you just want to wrap your energy around him. It’s Nat Couropmitree and we’re talking about the consciousness of love today. Nat, welcome to the show.

Oh, always a joy, Jennifer. Thank you for having me.

I am so excited that you’re here and I’m so excited to hear about the answer to this first question because I have a sense of what I think your superpower is but what do you consider the superpower of your soul?

I would say that it’s love, this very, you call it, Man Fur. I don’t.

That would be weird.

But yeah, it’s this type of love that embraces you and gives you permission to put down your guard and be you.

Yeah and I think that’s really important and I would also say it allows people to really feel safe to find the road, to express their love and being loved more deeply. And love’s such a huge topic, right?


And we’re talking about the consciousness of love today and we’re gonna get back more into that later. I think that we kind of throw around this word love so often in some many ways and it’s such a huge really intense and amazing subject so I’m really excited that you’re here. So, how would you describe your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose is to remind people that they are more than they're doing

My sacred purpose is to remind people that they are more than they’re doing.

My sacred purpose, wow. I would say that my sacred purpose is to remind people that they are more than they’re doing. They are more than their accomplishments and that really their presence, that their joyful presence, the ease of being is their contribution to the world. It’s a vital contribution.

Yeah and I know your work intimately but the listeners might not know you as well as I do so does your work reflect that sacred purpose because our sacred purpose and I repeat this every show and I’ll repeat it again, our sacred purpose is first for us and then for others, right?


It’s what we’re profoundly here to experience and then offer that experience to others. So, how does your work reflect what you just described as your sacred purpose?

Excuse me. So, recently I came up with these, I don’t know, I’ll call them archetypes, personalities that we’ve taken on that, I call them the conditional receivers, and they’re personalities that we’ve taken on that help us see. Well, I’m a step back. The personalities themselves are roles that we’ve taken on to feel safe, to feel loved and valued because we’re often taught or conditioned to believe at a young age that our value and love and security come from other people. So, we naturally do what we can to survive as kids, to feel that love, to feel taken care of and we mold ourselves to meet these conditions and then throughout life they become conditions that we believe that we must meet in order to feel loved, valued and safe and they also become like a buffer of security, of protection to prevent ourselves from getting hurt again.

This is just recent work that has been coming through me and so through these five conditional receivers we can really see how we live in the world, right, how we have learned to make our value, love and security conditional and by seeing that so clearly we can start to make new choices.

Yeah. It sounds like a deeper level or the next level of consciousness around that work that Gary Chapman started, Love Line, which sounds like this is that huge next wave of universal information about how we receive love, how we want to receive love, how that got derailed as a kid, how that’s become conditional and how do you kind of reset your receiving and so, knowing what I know about you, I know that work is extremely profound and that sacred purpose, that ability to allow, give permission of someone to feel safe, experiencing love, looking at the way they’ve been doing that is hugely impactful and it won’t just impact that person who’s going through that process with you, that will impact everyone else in their life, for the good. So, congratulations.

Thank you.

Because that’s huge.

Yeah, yeah, it is huge and it’s been making an impact in my own life. I should say, sacred purpose is for myself first and it’s just really amazing that since I’ve been aware of these archetypes how much more aware I am of their influence in my life and making the changes to become more in tune with my core self.

Beautiful. So, before we break, we have one more last question here. What is the common them that your soul has shared with you over your journey?

Even though I engage in these habits to feel safe and love and valued and that things don't always go as I expect them to go or want them to go that I am still supported and loved

Even though I engage in these habits to feel safe and love and valued and that things don’t always go as I expect them to go or want them to go that I am still supported and loved.

The common theme is that even though I engage in these habits to feel safe and love and valued and that things don’t always go as I expect them to go or want them to go that I am still supported and loved. Even things don’t go out as planned they still work out in my favor, for me, and that’s …


Huge, yeah.

So, before we break, tell everyone how to reach out to you, how to get to know you more, where can they find and experience more of Matt?

Sure. They can go to my website, which is my name, natcouropmitree.com.



Okay, so don’t go away. Join us in a couple of minutes here and we’re gonna be talking about the consciousness of love.

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Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth.
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