Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson, celebrity and event designer, joins Neva Lee Recla to talk about how to be yourself, shine brightly, and change your world by design. Josh, also known as Sparkle Josh, is a design expert and television host on HGTV. Listen in as Josh shares his experience being a bright light in the world and learn how to change your world by design.

Hi, everyone. This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla, and today is an amazing interview. Today our guest is Josh Johnson, and Josh is also known as Sparkle Josh. He’s a design expert and a television host on HGTV, and today we’ll be talking with Josh, Change Your World by Design. So, without further adieu, will you help me welcome our amazing guest, Josh Johnson. Hi, Josh.

Hi, Neva. Thanks so much for that great introduction. It’s so wonderful to finally get to meet you.

It’s so amazing to have you on the show, and I’m so excited for this interview.

Thank you for having me.

Thanks for being on. So, what are your superpowers?

Wow, that’s a big question. I think that my superpower is basically, making things, situations, circumstances beautiful. That can be a physical space, or it could be a spiritual space that those things, I think, are very important, and your surroundings also affect your mood. So when I walk into a room, or a space, or something I need to create, it’s a challenge, and I really think that my superpower is to make those things, not only just palatable, but also very memorable, and tasteful and beautiful.

Awesome. That’s a good superpower to have. So, how do you design your life?

I design my life around the people in my life, which are the most important thing

I design my life around the people in my life, which are the most important thing.

How do I design my life. Well, you know what, I think it’s ever changing, Neva, because we learn something new every day. Design is always changing, design is like a trend. It’s like fashion, so I translate that into my life. I design my life around the people in my life, which are the most important thing. Family and friends are the most important thing, people are the most important thing, and then everything else falls underneath that.

So, I design my life around how I can serve others, and help others. As far as what I do for my job and those kinds of things, making things beautiful, that’s a little bit more down the list, but if I take care of those first things, take care of people, and how they are being treated, and how they are doing in their lives, that’s how I design my life.

That’s awesome. Yeah, I definitely design my life, kind of how you do it, is make sure the places I’m at are good, high vibrations. I make sure that people I’m around really support me, so I think what you’re saying is spot on.

Yes. Support is key.

Exactly. So, what’s your favorite event that you’ve designed so far?

My favorite event, I would have to say, I do a lot of awards shows here in Los Angeles, and so, the biggest one I do every year is the Emmy’s, and it’s a big show with television and movie stars, and so, what I do there, Neva, is I come backstage, and I create this space, it’s in a big theater, but backstage. The spaces are kind of cold, and concrete, so I could create a beautiful space for the award winners, and the other A-list celebrities, and the presenters and the performers get to come and lounge.

The can have pictures done there, they can have interviews there, but it’s just really making a pretty space that reflects the event, and is a good space for people to just do those things.

That’s awesome. So, how can kids design their life, and make it even more awesome and amazing?

Well, you know what? I’m quite a bit older than you, Neva. So when I was your age, we didn’t have the access to information, anywhere from social media, to the internet, we didn’t have those kinds of things, so we were pretty much outside all day long, getting to play with our friends in the neighborhood, going to things after school, or doing things with our church, things like that.

So, I think all that is wonderful, and I think there needs to be a healthy balance. So kids today, I think it’s so great to have this access, like what you’ve got right now. We’re talking on this medium, we’re doing the exchange in two different cities, two different locations, and getting to share information, and go over those things, and have this benefit of technology and social media, and those kinds of things.

But, I think it’s very important in the design, especially if you’re young, like you, to have those things, but be able to put them away and then be a kid. Go outside and play, and have fun, and not worry so much about what’s happening on the media, on whatever you’re on, Instagram, Facebook just to be … And it’s pretty important for adults too, but kids really need to know that there’re other things that exist rather than just social media platforms, and video games, and computers. It’s important, you know, being with your friends and making friends, and knowing how to interact with people.

Exactly. That’s a really good advice. So, who are some of the cool people you have met?

The cool people I have met, as far as people … I’ve met all kinds of cool people, whatever status they may be, as far as a celebrity or anything else. Some of the coolest people I’ve met as far as, and you may not even know some of these people, but maybe you do, LL Cool J was pretty cool, I got to meet him. He was a great guy, very nice, very down to earth. Angela Bassett was another major actress I got to meet that was wonderful. Viola Davis, Queen Latifah, some people here in Los Angeles that I actually got to met behind the scenes and got to talk to them, and we talked about just meeting, first of all, and then what design was like, if they had anything I could help them with, that kind of thing.

But, there are some pretty amazing people, not only in that realm, but also people behind the scenes that make productions happen, that’s really, really hard work, and really, really … Has to have a really dedicated team for production and creating everything that you see on television and beyond. And then I have to say, probably the most amazing people are my, what I would call my chosen family that I have here in Los Angeles, because I’m originally from Nashville, so all of my real family is over there, my kinfolk are over there. But, I’ve had to create a family here in Los Angeles, and those are what I call my people, or what I would call my chosen family, and those are with my church.

So, I hang out a lot with those people. We do, not only church on Sundays, but we do a lot of social things outside. We have fun together. So again, kind of designing my life around people, and those people are probably the most amazing people because, like you said, support, those are the people that support me and love me, and the people that I can really count on. So those are the most amazing people.

That’s awesome. Well, I don’t know all those people. I haven’t heard their names before, but they sound really awesome.

You don’t know them yet, right?

It’s such a blessing to have that support and having great parents that support you in what you’re doing and your dreams

It’s such a blessing to have that support and having great parents that support you in what you’re doing and your dreams.

I don’t know them yet, exactly.


I definitely support myself around my parents, or my really good friends, who I know for sure … Like, people who are doing what I’m doing. But, yeah, I love what you’re saying.

Yeah, and it’s such a blessing. I saw your dad earlier. It’s such a blessing to have that support and having great parents like you have, that support you in what you’re doing, and your dreams. It’s really, really encouraging to other kids.

Yeah. So, we actually have to take a quick break. But really fast, where can people go to find more about you?

I have a couple of places that people can visit. There’s, that’s my official website. I’m on Facebook at, and all of my other handles for Instagram and Twitter are @sparklejosh.

Awesome. Well, go check him out, because he’s amazing. So, we’ve been talking with Josh Johnson about, Change Your World by Design. We’ll be right back.


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