Tatiana BerindeiTatiana Berindei, Super Power Experts and host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show, joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas to discuss the personal growth opportunity in parenting. Tatiana loves to work with women – especially with mothers – to help them to reclaim their feminine power, embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way and become more present in their bodies so that they can model to their children what embodiment truly looks like. Listen in as they explore deeply the challenges and blessings that go into parenting today.

Welcome, everyone. I’m so excited to be here with you. This is the SuperPower Mommas’ show and I’m your host, Laura Greco. I’m so excited to introduce a special guest, as we explore the topic, The Personal Growth Opportunity in Parenting. Tatiana Berindei is a beautiful person that I met only just a few short months ago. What really attracted me to her is her love of women in her work, especially with moms. How she helps them to reclaim their feminine power, embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way, and become more present in their bodies so that they can model it best to their children, and what this embodiment really looks like. Tatiana, I want to say welcome. Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for that really sweet introduction. Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you. Thank you for coming. Would you like to expand a little bit on this? I’d love to know what your … Well let’s start with your superpowers, as we always do. What are your superpowers, Tatiana?

I like to cut straight to the truth

I like to cut straight to the truth.

Yeah. Well I have a lot of superpowers, as we all do, and I like to say that one my greatest superpowers that I use a lot with my clients is the ability to see directly to the root of a situation, and to address it directly instead of sort of beating around the bush. I like to cut straight to the truth. In terms of parenting, how that cascades over into my parenting is definitely useful with my daughter. I only have one child right now, but, yeah, I tend to know what’s going on with her, especially like if she’s having some emotional outburst. One of the things that I really appreciate about that superpower, and how I can address my parenting with it, is that I can go right to what she’s actually frustrated about.

A lot of times kids get frustrated, and it looks like they’re frustrated about one thing, but there’s really something else emotionally going on that either they’re picking up in the environment, something that’s going on between their parents and they’re acting it out, they’re playing it out. It might look just like, “Oh the tomato fell on the floor,” but really there’s a larger thing happening. So that’s how I use that superpower specifically in my parenting, but also with clients.

I love that.


I love that, and it is so true. I raised four girls of my own, and yeah, there can be a lot of emotional things going on. My girls, anyway, had that, but usually there was something underlying, yeah, and I guess that’s really true of us mommas too, right?

Yeah, it’s really true of everybody, but kids are just louder about it with their expressions.

Yeah, and they’re sort of like our little mirrors, aren’t they?

Oh my god, I remember when my daughter was … she was just starting to like walk around and talk a little bit, and it was like she would reflect exactly what I was thinking. It’s not like I was saying something and she would parrot it back to me like the swears that the parents think the kids aren’t hearing or whatever. It’s like your kids will definitely reflect back to you the language that you’re using, but it was to the level of thought, and I was like, “Oh, man, I can’t get away with anything anymore. I have to be really on point.”

Yeah, but it really speaks to the fact that they do reflect us don’t they?

Oh yeah. Yeah.

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And in the work I do, that’s something that we look to do is to see ourselves, right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And I’m sure the work you do to really see ourselves so that we can really be present for our children?

Yeah, absolutely, and to be able to own what’s ours. Some would say that when you’re in a family unit like that, kind of all of it you have a part to play in. I think sometimes it’s helpful to be able to delineate where I end and someone else begins, and sometimes it’s really helpful to look at it all as like aspects of me. That’s where having someone else to play off with all this stuff really comes in handy because either of those can be a trap or a way of hiding out, either of those perspectives depending on what’s happening.

Yeah, and I think about the fact that you have this superpower, getting to the root. Where in your journey do you goal that that really was able to … tell us a little bit about your history and what brought you to that place where you can really perceive that in a stronger way?

That’s a really good question. The first thing that comes to mind is my brother. My brother was 12 1/2 years older than me, and he was an incredibly … he’s deceased now, but he was an incredibly sensitive, intuitive, artistic human. He grew up at a time when … he was also dyslexic and so all of … he got a lot of flak from society, and as being a sensitive male, this was sort of before we had more consciousness around that. So, things were really tough for him, but he had this uncanny ability to just sort of see people and see people really clearly, see through the bullshit, and he would sometime intentionally dress up like a homeless person to just see how people would treat him. He taught me a lot about really seeing through stuff, seeing through people, seeing through to the truth of a situation. He was definitely my first teacher in that way.

I’ve walked through a lot of really challenging times in my life. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with someone who was a spiritual medicine man person, if you will? I was blessed to have a teacher on the big island of Hawaii who really taught me a lot about going to the root, and a lot of that was done through working with the earth, working with plants. My first assignment when I arrived overland was the plant these irises around a tree, and their first watering they all uprooted because I hadn’t planted them deep enough. So, I was studying with her for four straight months in retreat there on the big island of Hawaii, and I learned a lot about the importance of planting things deeply and of being rooted. That was my early 20s. Then working in the birth world, I worked as doula for several years, and I was studying to become a home-birth midwife. So, there’s a lot of root chakra activity going on there in that realm. I think there’s sort of just all of those things combined really helped me to cultivate that superpower.

Yeah, sounds like a big journey you’ve been on?


Beautiful though. I love how you were able to take those components from your brother and the other experiences, and turn them into something that is helpful to yourself but also to others. Being a doula really requires a lot of gentleness and insight, and I’m sure that the people you worked with were really appreciative of that?

Yeah, a lot of space. You have to learn how to be quiet too.

Yeah, which is not always easy, is it?


We tend to crowd our space with lots of things to keep us from getting to the root.

I'm still on my journey

I’m still on my journey.

Yeah, and I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way, which is how I learned a lot of what I hold now, and I’m sure there’s more to make and more to learn. I’m still on my journey.

Yeah. You know, though, I love that word, mistakes, because I like to split it and call it a mistake. So, kind of like the movies, we get to do it again. Take two.


That’s a very helpful way to see things. I love that … when we come back … we’re going to take a quick break, but when we come back I’d like explore about your journey and ask some questions concerning how our topic relates to us as women and our autonomy. Before we go on this break though, Tatiana, would you like to share where people can find you? We know that they can find you, of course, in the SuperPower Up’s podcasts because you lead that.

So, I run the Sex, Love, and SuperPower’s show on the SuperPower Up! podcast. You can find that at sexloveandsuperpowers.com, it’s all one word. You can also find out more about me at tatianaberindei.com, which is also on the superpowerexperts.com website. So, tatianaberindei.com just takes you directly to my page within SuperPower Experts.

Beautiful. We’ve been talking with Tatiana Berindei, and on the topic of the personal growth opportunity in parenting. You’re with SuperPower Mommas.

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