SPM Ann HessionIn this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Ann Hession, an energy healer, joins Laura Greco to discuss personal development ideas for healing anxiety. Ann is certified as a medical intuitive and is also a Body Code Practitioner. She has studied alternative forms of transformational healing for over 30 years. She was a director of a large alternative healthcare center and holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. As a momma of two daughters, she has personally walked the road as a parent herself and has much to share on the topic of healing anxiety and why we find ourselves there in the first place. She also shares some great tools. So be sure to listen in and learn how you can create healing from anxiety, move through life with more grace and model this for your children. I am excited to see you there.

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura Greco and you’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and today I am so excited to have our guest, Ann Hession, with us. She is an energetic healer and a certified medical intuitive and body code practitioner, and our topic is going to be personal development ideas for healing anxiety.

She has studied alternative forms of transformation, healing for over 30 years, and the director of a large, alternative healthcare center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and she holds a BA in psychology from Harvard University. She is a mother of two powerful daughters who are both energy healers as well, and who work with her in her healing practice called Body… Oh, I didn’t ask you. How do you say that? Body Suppliance?

Body Sapience.


Sapience. Yeah, Sapience. Which means wisdom. That’s what sapience means.

Wisdom, oh, beautiful.

Wisdom of your body, so body sapience.

Body sapience. Throughout her career, Ann has educated and mentored thousands of people in energy healing techniques. She has worked with individuals from across the globe with a focus on working with mothers to help them resolve the most difficult health issues for themselves and their families. In addition to individual healing sessions, she offers Calm Mom, a five-week group healing and coaching program for mothers dealing with severe anxiety. And I am so excited to have you here with us, Ann. So welcome to the show.

I’m excited to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Yeah. And I’m very excited to address this topic of personal development ideas that really create healing from anxiety. But before we dive, really, into this deeply, I would like to ask you, as we do with all our guests, what is your super power, or your super momma power, as we sometimes call it?

I think I have several, but I think the one that really comes to mind is listening.


I was blessed to have a mother who really drummed into me, at a young age, that you always, always, always need to listen and consider the other person’s point of view. Right? I got that at such a young age. And part of having that be such a part of who I am in the world, how I operate because that started probably when I was three, you know? It is really getting that everybody’s point of view is valid as a point of view. Right? And that nobody’s point of view is actually the truth. They’re all just points of view.


Yeah. That too.

There's real power in learning to listen to yourself and actually trust your gut, and trust your intuition

There’s real power in learning to listen to yourself and actually trust your gut, and trust your intuition.

And that’s such a huge thing that I think a lot of people never completely get. And then the other piece I would say that’s about why I say listening is because I am a medical intuitive, and that’s kind of about listening, too. And that’s about actually listening to your own intuition, and listening and hearing. You know, when I say medical intuitist, I think when people hear that, if they’re even familiar with the phrase, they imagine that I look at you and I see lights and bells or things, and I don’t. It’s way more subtle than that for me. It’ll literally just be a thought.

It took many years for me to realize that those thoughts had value. Those little thoughts actually are based on something. There’s real power in learning to listen to yourself and actually trust your gut, and trust your intuition. I truly don’t think I’m any more intuitive than anybody else. I think I just have learned to trust it more.

Yeah. Well, I believe that we’re all divine creations, right? And therefore we all have the ability to have an intuition or to tap into our intuition. It’s a matter of practice, right?

Yeah. Practice and learning to trust it.

Yes. And knowing how it’s heard. You’re not seeing bells and whistles and lights, right? But you have…

Yeah. That would be cool.

It would be cool. It’d be a little more affirmation, right?

Well, it is. And that’s the thing about learning to trust your intuition, why we doubt, right? It is because then, sometimes I’m working with someone and I’ll intuit something about what’s really going on underneath the surface that’s causing the issue, and sometimes what I’m intuiting, I’m like, “That doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t even want to say it.” But then I just say it, and it’s funny, it’s always the times when I’m really doubting it that the person, I mean, the client I’m working with, goes, “Oh, yeah.”

The universe has a sense of humor, right?

Yeah. Exactly. Like, “Okay, thanks for the affirmation of that, because I was doubting.”

Yes, yes. Yes. But it’s a wonderful skill to develop for all of us, as moms, as people, as people working with other people, and it’s amazing. I love that. So, I do which is a way to get to know your soul being while you’re here and so forth, and what I love is when a mom maybe isn’t connecting, necessarily, with what I’m saying, however when I ask her to describe her mission, she can do it in her own words and say exactly what is coming up intuitively.

Right. Yeah.

Yeah. That’s really cool.

That’s really cool.


And I feel affirming for them, too.


You know, that you were getting that too.

Yes. And the very neat thing is when they’re able to describe it in their own words and really feel like it’s an affirmation of them. It gives them an opportunity, then, to really live that and own it and feel comfortable within their own skin.

That’s one of my favorite things, is helping people get contacted with their… Well, I would call it their purpose, right? Why they’re really here.

Because we all get to create that. We all get to say why we’re here.

Exactly. Yes, we do.

And I think to create that space for someone where they can step into that and create it for themselves powerfully is just awesome

And I think to create that space for someone where they can step into that and create it for themselves powerfully is just awesome.

And I think to create that space for someone where they can step into that and create it for themselves powerfully is just awesome.

Yeah, it is. It is. So, your listening skill, your ability to really tune in and intuitively listen, which is what I’m sensing that you are describing there, how has this super power really assisted you with your daughters and with your work with other moms?

Well, I think it’s about being very conscious. Being aware of listening as a thing that you’re consciously doing as opposed to something that’s just happening, right? I think a lot of times we don’t really examine how we’re listening, we’re just listening, right?


And so we have all these filters that are in the way of how we listen, right? Everyone could probably think of at least one person in your life where maybe someone who kind of irritates you a little, right? You can think of somebody, right? If you stop and look, you probably could see that you have a filter for that person, and every time they speak, you’re listening through that filter, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

You’re not really hearing what they’re saying at the moment. So I think about why I… And I would say maybe listening would be the super power I would choose even if I could choose anyone, is because it’s so powerful to be conscious of how you’re listening and to actually notice, “Oh, I have a filter here, and I could actually choose to drop that filter. I could actually choose a different filter, instead of the filter that I already know what this person’s going to say,” you know?


I can stop and consciously, at the moment, go, “I’m going to choose to listen to this person. I’m going to listen to their greatness.”


“I’m going to listen to how they could contribute to me. I’m going to listen for what they’re committed to in the world.” Well, that is just a whole different experience when you do that. Right? So that’s what I do. Whether I’m working with a client in healing work or with my kids. And my kids are 20 and 22 now. 20, she’ll be 20 this month. So that’s certainly very present there now, because there’s 20 and 22 years worth of past that’s there where I’ll start to be like, you know, “She’s, oh my God,” and I can stop and choose and say that you know, that’s actually not what’s happening right now. All that past stuff. Just what’s happening right now, and I’m going to listen for what she’s…

Yes. Yes. And it’s very profound for the person who is speaking, too.


Yeah. Because of it actually, they often we’re filtering, but we’re filtering in return, and when we..

Of course… the energy in the world.

When we stop and break the pattern, suddenly everything changes, right?

It’s so powerful. I mean, when you think about it, the times when you have truly felt heard by someone. And first of all, unfortunately, it’s not that common for a lot of us to feel heard. But it’s so powerful. I saw, it was actually a meme going around Facebook not long ago, but it was one of those, I was like, “Yes.” It basically said that as soon as people feel heard they start to heal.

Yes. Yes. I did see that. Yeah.

That’s so true. So true.

Yeah. We have to take a break, Ann. So, we’re going to resume this conversation, because we want to dive really deeply into the personal development ideas that are healing anxiety. And that’s such a widespread thing. You’re going to get into that, I know, in our next portion. But for now, how can people reach you? Where do you want them to go?

I would invite people if you’d like to explore more about energy healing for anxiety and other things, I actually have some free resources for people. You can actually join… I have a Facebook group that’s just for moms who are interested in this kind of stuff and want to deal with stuff. I have a link that you can go to so you can join that group. It’s called the Healthy Vibe Momma Tribe. So that’s bodysapience.com.

Perfect. And these should be in the show notes for the listeners if you want to pop on there and pick up that link, it’ll be there. Yeah. So let’s take a break and then when we come back, you’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, I’m Laura Greco, and we’re speaking with Ann Hession on the topic of personal development ideas for healing anxiety. We’ll be right back.