SPM Ann HessionIn this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Ann Hession, an energy healer, joins Laura Greco to discuss personal development ideas for healing anxiety. Ann is certified as a medical intuitive and is also a Body Code Practitioner. She has studied alternative forms of transformational healing for over 30 years. She was a director of a large alternative healthcare center and holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. As a momma of two daughters, she has personally walked the road as a parent herself and has much to share on the topic of healing anxiety and why we find ourselves there in the first place. She also shares some great tools. So be sure to listen in and learn how you can create healing from anxiety, move through life with more grace and model this for your children. I am excited to see you there.

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura Greco and you’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and today I am so excited to have our guest, Ann Hession, with us. She is an energetic healer and a certified medical intuitive and body code practitioner, and our topic is going to be personal development ideas for healing anxiety.

She has studied alternative forms of transformation, healing for over 30 years, and the director of a large, alternative healthcare center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and she holds a BA in psychology from Harvard University. She is a mother of two powerful daughters who are both energy healers as well, and who work with her in her healing practice called Body… Oh, I didn’t ask you. How do you say that? Body Suppliance?

Body Sapience.


Sapience. Yeah, Sapience. Which means wisdom. That’s what sapience means.

Wisdom, oh, beautiful.

Wisdom of your body, so body sapience.

Body sapience. Throughout her career, Ann has educated and mentored thousands of people in energy healing techniques. She has worked with individuals from across the globe with a focus on working with mothers to help them resolve the most difficult health issues for themselves and their families. In addition to individual healing sessions, she offers Calm Mom, a five-week group healing and coaching program for mothers dealing with severe anxiety. And I am so excited to have you here with us, Ann. So welcome to the show.

I’m excited to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Yeah. And I’m very excited to address this topic of personal development ideas that really create healing from anxiety. But before we dive, really, into this deeply, I would like to ask you, as we do with all our guests, what is your super power, or your super momma power, as we sometimes call it?

I think I have several, but I think the one that really comes to mind is listening.


I was blessed to have a mother who really drummed into me, at a young age, that you always, always, always need to listen and consider the other person’s point of view. Right? I got that at such a young age. And part of having that be such a part of who I am in the world, how I operate because that started probably when I was three, you know? It is really getting that everybody’s point of view is valid as a point of view. Right? And that nobody’s point of view is actually the truth. They’re all just points of view.