Isabel HundtIsabel Hundt, a successful public speaker and certified transformation coach, joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas as they explore what does it mean to be intuitive and what role intuition plays for parents today. As a transformation coach who works with empaths and empath-warriors, Isabel also engages in emotions clearing. In addition, Isabel is a published author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success and has been featured on TV shows, radio and other well know podcasts. Her expertise revolves around navigating the emotional world, and the important role of empaths/empath-warriors, the power of intuition and the importance of trust and perseverance in today’s society. Tune in to this conversation and gain insight into Isabel’s experiences of being a present momma and entrepreneur.

Hello. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and I’m Laura Greco, your host. I am so excited to be with you today. I have a beautiful soul for a guest today, Isabel Hundt. I met her, actually, through a community that I belong to. If you’ve ever listened to Jennifer Urezzio’s show then you know that community. Anyway, through our conversations together, I got to know her as well as her family, her son especially. We spoke at length about that. Isabel is a person who has been on a prophetic journey. She dreamed as a young person at the age of 12, actually, that she would become more of a public figure in her work. However, the obstacles for her weren’t so much about going out and being seen, it was more about what was going on within her. Her biggest obstacle actually turned out to be her ability to fully connect her heart and soul, and to accept herself as the empathic warrior that she is, and to really share those unique gifts out into the world. Isabel has so much to share with us, so I’m not going to continue to introduce her. I’m just going to say hi, Isabel, and thank you and welcome to our show.

Hi, Laura. Thank you so much for everything. I was waiting for, “Okay, let’s see how far she goes with the intro.”

Yeah, well I like to have you share about yourself in your own words. I’m really grateful that you’re able to come on this show with us. I often see you in Facebook. You’re always doing beautiful presentations on different topics. What I’d like to do is ask you our traditional question, which is: what is your superpower as a momma?

As a momma?

Yeah, as a momma?

My real superpower is being able to read people’s minds and hearts

My real superpower is being able to read people’s minds and hearts.

Well, I would say the superpower that I have I can use wherever. But I actually do have a real superpower, and that is being able to read people’s minds and hearts, which means I read the vibration that someone else’s heart sends out, and my brain translates that into color. From there, I understand the meaning of what’s going on in more detail with someone. Obviously, I don’t do it without asking or being asked, but I can also use it as a mom very well, because it connects me to my child in a very unique and interesting way, let’s say it that way.

That’s really cool. That’s really interesting. You know, Isabel, I noticed in your bio that you talked a lot about the idea of intuitiveness. I wanted to ask you, what does it mean to be intuitive, and what role does it play for parents today? You’ve already mentioned about the color and your superpower, so can you blend that together and help us to see?




Thank you.