Isabel HundtIsabel Hundt, a successful public speaker and certified transformation coach, joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas as they explore what does it mean to be intuitive and what role intuition plays for parents today. As a transformation coach who works with empaths and empath-warriors, Isabel also engages in emotions clearing. In addition, Isabel is a published author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success and has been featured on TV shows, radio and other well know podcasts. Her expertise revolves around navigating the emotional world, and the important role of empaths/empath-warriors, the power of intuition and the importance of trust and perseverance in today’s society. Tune in to this conversation and gain insight into Isabel’s experiences of being a present momma and entrepreneur.

Hello. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas, and I’m Laura Greco, your host. I am so excited to be with you today. I have a beautiful soul for a guest today, Isabel Hundt. I met her, actually, through a community that I belong to. If you’ve ever listened to Jennifer Urezzio’s show then you know that community. Anyway, through our conversations together, I got to know her as well as her family, her son especially. We spoke at length about that. Isabel is a person who has been on a prophetic journey. She dreamed as a young person at the age of 12, actually, that she would become more of a public figure in her work. However, the obstacles for her weren’t so much about going out and being seen, it was more about what was going on within her. Her biggest obstacle actually turned out to be her ability to fully connect her heart and soul, and to accept herself as the empathic warrior that she is, and to really share those unique gifts out into the world. Isabel has so much to share with us, so I’m not going to continue to introduce her. I’m just going to say hi, Isabel, and thank you and welcome to our show.

Hi, Laura. Thank you so much for everything. I was waiting for, “Okay, let’s see how far she goes with the intro.”

Yeah, well I like to have you share about yourself in your own words. I’m really grateful that you’re able to come on this show with us. I often see you in Facebook. You’re always doing beautiful presentations on different topics. What I’d like to do is ask you our traditional question, which is: what is your superpower as a momma?

As a momma?

Yeah, as a momma?

My real superpower is being able to read people’s minds and hearts

My real superpower is being able to read people’s minds and hearts.

Well, I would say the superpower that I have I can use wherever. But I actually do have a real superpower, and that is being able to read people’s minds and hearts, which means I read the vibration that someone else’s heart sends out, and my brain translates that into color. From there, I understand the meaning of what’s going on in more detail with someone. Obviously, I don’t do it without asking or being asked, but I can also use it as a mom very well, because it connects me to my child in a very unique and interesting way, let’s say it that way.

That’s really cool. That’s really interesting. You know, Isabel, I noticed in your bio that you talked a lot about the idea of intuitiveness. I wanted to ask you, what does it mean to be intuitive, and what role does it play for parents today? You’ve already mentioned about the color and your superpower, so can you blend that together and help us to see?




Thank you.

Yes. So, what does it mean to be intuitive, especially in today’s world where everything is fast paced and needs to happen right now right here. I think what I had to learn is especially to slow down and to listen to not just my heart, but also to my son. For those who have very young children, they are not very vocal about what they need. They don’t quite understand yet, even though their soul understands. It is, for me, especially being a highly sensitive person, it’s even more important to listen to what the needs are that my son has. For example, when he was little and I had to drop him off somewhere, I would not leave him if he started to totally freak out and just cry. Some people say, “He’s just starting to manipulate you, he just has separation anxiety,” and all those fun things. But I knew as a mom, there is something going on this room, if it’s the caregivers or not or something else, that he has not the ability to deal with yet. It could pretty much hurt him on an emotional and mental level. I never would leave him there, even if that would mean that I had to leave as well, or that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.

I think that being intuitiveness is listening to your child as a parent and not just as an authority figure

I think that being intuitiveness is listening to your child as a parent and not just as an authority figure.

I always trusted him, and it helped me for him to understand that he can trust me. We have this really high trust level between me and my son, and my husband is similar. I think that being intuitiveness, really listening to your child as a parent and not just as an authority figure, as an individual, not just seeing your child as, “Oh, that’s a child, and we need to tell them what to do,” but actually acknowledging them as an individual, tuning in with them and yourself, acknowledging your own needs as well as your child needs so that they can mature on an emotional level as well as spiritual and mental level.

Wow, that’s powerful. Very powerful. I love that you shared that, and I believe that a question might rise up, especially for moms who are looking for … you know, we’re raised in a way, right, when we start out. We’re just doing out play and whatever as a child, however when we began school and when we began to learn boundaries, we often are looking outside for approval.


And we’re looking for guidance in that way. We really almost stop using our ability to know our own way, if you will, or sense or trust that intuition. So, as a mom, when she’s observing something, like you said with your son, how does she know that it’s intuition versus giving in?


Giving in, yeah.

Helicopter mom.

Yeah. How does she know the difference?

Well, you know, the difference if you do the work on yourself. If you can trust yourself … for example, okay, maybe that helps if I just explain a little bit more. I am totally not a helicopter mom, but in some areas, I am more. Who is he with? Who is he surrounded by? How do they talk to him? What does he eat? Example that does into his body can overstimulate his nervous system, which makes it really hard for development. I’m very protective in that sense, but I know in other ways I let him explore. I don’t scream when he goes up the tree. I just let him do and say, “Well, figure it out.” I just let him explore. I don’t always hold him next to me. When he goes grocery shopping, he sometimes runs off, but I know he comes right back. He also knows to stay with me if it’s too crowded. He would not leave me.

He is very independent, but at the same time, he knows that he’s safe with me. When you see that, and your child is not just clinging at you and you don’t always hover over them when they’re at the playground, that’s when you know you’re actually trusting your intuition, when you can see the difference. “Okay, here I really feel something is different, something doesn’t feel right, and I can’t leave my child in this environment,” to, “Oh my gosh, hopefully he’s not going to hurt himself. Hopefully he’s not going to run away,” or, “Hopefully he’s not going to do that.” You know? All those fears. But if you really know, “Okay, something doesn’t feel right. I can’t leave my child here,” versus, “Oh my gosh.” That’s when you know you’re actually trusting your intuition.

Oh, that’s really neat. We’re going to explore more on this after the break, but right now we have to take a break. Thank you for explaining that, Isabel. I want to ask you to let everyone know how they can reach you.

Yes. The easiest way, I make it very simple for people, is my website, where you can find everything, from how to connect with me on social media to all the offers that I have, everything in one place.

Beautiful, beautiful. Well, thank you. We’ll be right back. We’re speaking with Isabel Hundt on what does it mean to be intuitive, and what role does this play in parenting today? Hang with us, we’ll be right back.

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