Wendy PerrottiIn the episode of SuperPower Mommas, Wendy Perrotti, a professional certified coach, joins Laura Greco as they discuss the topic of knowing that your self worth matters. Wendy is an ICF Credentialed and professional certified coach, speaker and trainer with over 25 experience helping individuals and groups affect change. And she is a mom of 2 children and a wife. You’ll enjoy hearing about her story and her journey “within” as she navigated her parenting years. You’ll likely see yourself in some of what shares. A highlight is when she shares a special tool, one that she teaches all her clients to create an in-the-moment experience, a mindful technique that will actually rewire your brain to create a life of more peace and harmony in your everyday. So, join us, you will not want to miss out on this tool.

Hello and welcome. You’re listening to SuperPower Mommas and I’m Laura Greco. I am so excited to be with you today as we talk on the topic of knowing your self worth matters. I have Wendy Perrotti with me.

I just love Wendy. I’ve known her for, oh I guess about a year, right Wendy?


She is an ICF certified. Credential and professional certified coach. She’s a speaker and a trainer of over 25 years of experience in helping individuals and groups nationwide to effect change in themselves and others, which is really the key part of this. And I’m so excited to have you with us, Wendy. She’s also a mom of two children.

So welcome to the show and welcome everyone who is listening.

Thanks, Laura. I’m really excited to be here.

Good. Well, I’m excited to have you. So Wendy, we always start off our shows by asking what your super power is. So what’s your super power? Well, I actually ask it as a super power of my momma super power. So what is your super power?

Yeah, I would say if I had to break it down to my momma super power, it is seeing my kids as a whole in the moment and not sort of projecting or future casting what this moment might bring and it was a hard one super power. I didn’t come by it naturally.

Okay. So seeing your children as whole and complete with nothing else going on.

Yeah. It’s so easy, I think, as moms to see what your kids are doing or how they’re showing up and project what that might mean for the next month or the next year or 20 years from now. And once we go down that fear road, we’re completely disconnected from them and they feel it even when we’re not reacting on that, they feel it. So teaching myself, having taught myself to kind of dial that back and say, “This is the person who is, this little person who’s here with me right now.” And just being able to see them fully and love them where they were at helped so much in communicating, especially as I got older.

Yes. Well, that is a really great super power to home, because really is a foundational in the relationship that you share with your children. Am I my right?

Absolutely, absolutely.

Yeah. And I would love to know how you take this super power and its use for you as a parent first.


Yeah. You know, I think when I started to realize where I was doing and where I wasn’t doing it, my son was, my kids are 17 and 19. My son is 19 and my daughter