Asha D RamakrishnaAre you comfortable with your inner divine goddess? Ever wonder what a world where the divine feminine is honored and respected could look like? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and #1 bestselling author of the “The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman,” Asha D Ramakrishna, join forces to paint a picture of a world where the feminine aspect of humanity is highly prized and valued. Tune in as Asha shares with us some of the principles in her book and how you can use them to embody your own divine goddess.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers podcast show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei and today, I have with me a very special woman, Asha D. Ramakrishna and we are going to be discussing the divine goddess in everyday women. So I am really excited for this conversation. I can feel this divine mother energy present. This is an important one so you are in for a treat today.

Let me tell you a little bit about Asha before we get started. She is a number one bestselling author of the book The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman where feminine principles are revealed for a more organic and harmonious approach to life. With a background in molecular biology and business development, she breaks all esoteric teachings into practical, logical approaches to living. Asha is a minister of spiritual peacemaking and incorporates philosophies such as Feng Shui, karma healing, human design, to name a few.

She is originally from Venezuela and is part Indian. She currently lives in Harvard, Massachusetts with her soul mate, two human daughters, and a 50 pound Portuguese Water Dog.

Welcome to the show, Asha.

I would definitely say that compassion has been my teacher and the thing that I've embodied the most in life

I would definitely say that compassion has been my teacher and the thing that I’ve embodied the most in life.

Hi. I love that the bio ends with my dog.

They count. Those little creatures are important too.


So, I’m gonna start us off the way I always love to start us off. I’m gonna ask you to share with our listeners your super powers.

I would definitely say that compassion has been my teacher and the thing that I’ve embodied the most in life. Combined with being that kind of person that is succinct in what I say, kind of like cutting through the bullshit and kind of getting to the heart of things. So it’s kind of good that it’s mixed compassion, right?

Right, yes. That’s a good combo.

I don’t do it perfectly but, you know, it is definitely a gift.


And then I really feel like the other piece is that I devote myself to growing spiritually and in everything I do, really in everything I do, is an invitation to go deeper in that for myself and for the people around me who are curious, interested or devoted to that.
Everything in life is an opportunity for growth and expansion and learning

Everything in life is an opportunity for growth and expansion and learning.

Beautiful. I’m with you on that one. Everything in life is an opportunity for growth and expansion and learning. So, we were talking briefly before we jumped on the recording here and Asha was sharing something with me and I was like, “Okay, this is what we’re talking about today because this is serious, y’all. This is a serious thing.” Will you please share with me just the brief little story or share with our audience because you already shared it with me?

So, it’s really like opened up this whole floodgate of work and synthesis of what it means to be woman and what it means to be what you’re saying, goddess in everyday women.


And it was that I was working with a coach and we were kind of dialing in some of the languaging on something that I’m gonna be offering and just kind of explaining a little bit more about who I am and she’d known me for a while so she kind of knows my vibe. And she was like, “Yeah, you’re all about being compassionate mother but that doesn’t sell.” And I was like, “Wait a second. Let’s stop that right there.” Okay, it’s like so many things, right? I know she was just trying to help me and being that business person, she was just really looking at what are the things that really make people invest?


Buy, yeah. And then when she said that, it was like, of course I know this but something about that just landed so rattling for me.

Yeah. Oh, when you said it to me I was like, “Oh hell, no. We gotta talk about this.” Because folks, if you’re listening to this, this is why I started this show, right?


It was almost two years ago now when Tonya asked me if I wanted a show and we’ve exploded now. It’s amazing to see what has come from it but I had been in prayer before this show started, I had been in prayer saying, “Creator, give me a way that I can lift up the voices of all these incredible women that I know who are doing this powerful work in the world so that they can have a platform to speak.” That’s what birthed this show into being. And yes, we talk about sex but we also talk about what it means to be a divine goddess as an everyday woman. I mean, that is such a huge, important part of why this platform exists. So, I feel like this is close to my heart. It feels like a real issue and it feels like actual a real core wound for me anyways in terms of how I understand it. It’s a core wound, it’s at the core of our culture.


That the core of all of, I won’t say all, but a vast majority of the issues that we have in our society at large today, I feel like stem from this core wound. So, we are gonna dive into this. We do have to go to a quick break and before we do, will you please tell everyone where they can go to find out more about you, the book, your work, moving forward?

Of course. Yeah, so I have a series of videos that go through each of the principles and the priestess code and the link for that is And the other way, which is really fun for people who love podcasts, is that I do have a podcast called Women On Purpose.

Yes, I got to be a guest on that show.

Yeah, that’s right.

All right, so check here out, Asha D. Ramakrishna. We’re talking about the divine goddess in everyday women. Stay tuned. More when we get back.

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