Gaia MorissetteIn this interview, SLSP Host Tatiana Berindei and the founder of Succulent Living Gaia Morissette discuss the super power of Gaia’s sexual wellness protocol. Want more pleasure in your life? Better orgasms? More play and exploration? Tune into this interview for some juicy tips you can start using NOW!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPower podcast show, I’m your host Tatiana Berindei and today I am delighted to have with me Gaia Morrissette and we will be talking about the superpower of sexual wellness. Let me tell you a little bit about Gaia. She has dedicated her life to making the world a happier, sexier and safer place for us all. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

She is a world renowned holistic sexual wellness specialist, BDSM wellness specialist, instructor, published author, international speaker, and founder of succulent living.

Through her sexual wellness coaching private practice she makes sex safe, makes sex better and helps you take it the next level. Her philosophy is that for true sexual wellness to happen, you must look at these five aspects: play, sensuality, sexuality, exploration and the sacred. Her published book, ‘Stop, Drop and Wiggle‘ explores the first aspect, which is our foundation of happiness, play.

She’s also the founder and department head of the Sexual Wellness Coaching certification program at the Succulent Living Institute. Co-founder of Divine Alchemy School of Magics and she is also a high-priestess of divine sexual magics and guarding of elemental magics.

Fun Stuff. So thank you so much for joining us today, Gaia.

Oh, thank you. I’m so excited to be on the show and for us to have a very juicy conversation.

I know, me too. I think this is going to be a fun one, folks. So, before we dive into this topic of sexual wellness, can you tell our audience what your superpowers are?

I love that question. My superpowers are I would say the first superpower is the ability to inspire others. If I’m excited about something, everybody in my radius around me becomes excited, even if they didn’t really want to be excited. It just happens. So that’s one of my superpowers and I always choose to use that superpower for good and never for evil. My other superpower is pleasure and seeking pleasure and experiencing pleasure and gifting pleasure and being the pleasure fairy, basicall