PowerUp | Legal LoveIn this episode, Lisa Fraley talks about legal love and how she works on aligning legal steps with the chakras, caring for your business and caring for yourself. She talks about her book as well, Easy Legal Steps… That Are Also Good for Your SoulLisa helps her clients build businesses and make their dreams come true.

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is an acclaimed attorney, Legal Coach®, speaker, and #1 Best Selling Author of Easy Legal Steps…That are Also Good for Your Soul.” With her unique blend of coaching, legal expertise, and spirituality, Lisa has supported thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect themselves, their businesses and their brands through DIY legal templates, online legal courses and one-on-one services.

I’m so delighted to have with me today, Lisa Fraley. She is delightful and in such a cool space. She is a legal coach. Not only does she do the coaching, but she’s got a book, Easy Legal Steps. It’s the combination of that great intersection between the masculine and the feminine. I don’t want to say too much because I love how she explains it and the alignments and the chakras and all yummy stuff around that. Who would have thought that we would be having a conversation with somebody about the legal world and how it connects with things like superpowers and intuition and alignment and your soul? This is so needed in our world right now. To me, she really epitomizes this expansion that we’re seeing into all of these various genres and verticals. I’m really, really delighted to have her on the show with us today. Please join me in welcoming Lisa to the show. Welcome, Lisa.

Thank you so much, Tonya, for having me. I love that you bring people’s superpowers to life. I’m just happy to be here with you and talk about the legal and energetic parts of law.

I see a lot of stuff coming out of the legal world. Every industry has to change. We’ve started to attract a number of attorneys. I’m seeing that arena particularly being super ripe for evolution. I love that you exist and that you’re doing your work in the world, so thank you.

PowerUp | Legal Love

Legal Love: I believe that it is so important to bring all parts of you together into your work.

You know, Tonya, that we don’t always choose our path. It partially is chosen for us. I believe that one of the things that is so important is bringing all parts of you together into your work. For a long time, when I worked as a lawyer in a large corporate law firm, I was a healthcare attorney, as amazing as those lawyers were and as smart as they were, as much as they guided me in my legal career, there wasn’t a lot of room for intuition and soul and spirit. Part of the reason why I wrote Easy Legal Steps… That Are Also Good for Your Soul is because I wanted people to know that the law can be infused with love. It really can. It can be infused with steps that are drawing on your intuition and drawing on when is the right time for me to take this legal step. It doesn’t have to be a black and white issue. It really is colorful. It really is something that you can do as you go in your business one step at a time in a way that feels authentic, in a way that feels an integrity, rather than this nasty fear-mongering, scary, corporate, yucky approach to law.

What are your superpowers?

My superpower on the surface is actually bringing spirituality and love and soul into the law. I align seven legal steps that most entrepreneurs need with the seven chakras, and talk about the law in a way that because I believe that it’s practical where certainly legal documents and entities and things cover your buns and protect your business. It’s also energetic. When you take a legal step to create a contract or create an LLC, you’re also creating, I believe, an energetic container for your work. You’re creating a stronger energetic boundary of clarity and policy that help other people respond to you differently. The energetic part of the law is what no one talks about. My superpower is pulling both sides together, the practical and the energetic, and bringing love and spirituality into the law, which most people think of as a devoid of both.

We have been seeing a pattern of people in child custody situations, legal stuff business-wise. I kept looking at these things and I was like, “Why do these feel all the same?” They don’t look the same on the surface. Nothing about them was similar, but it felt the same. I kept hearing, “You can’t win there.” I’m like, “What is going on here?” That was the message for every single person. It dawned on me, where we typically play in those spaces is such a low frequency. I kept telling people, “You have to be willing to walk away from that.” Even to the point where the other person has to feel like they won. Can you allow that to occur? It was so bizarre. I’m like, “You can keep fighting in that, but you exist in a higher frequency at this point, and you know it.” We all exist in a higher frequency, but they were in awareness of it. I’m like, “You can’t play that game well anymore.” It was so bizarre to watch this occur and be the bringer of that news to people. I’m like “I don’t think this isn’t going to go like you think this is going to go.” The challenge is how do you do that, right?

Right. Here’s the thing. When you think of traditional law, you think of lawsuits or child custody or landlord-tenant issues, they’re adversarial. By nature, there are two sides fighting each other. One usually feels victorious and one feels like they lost. It’s unfortunate that the system is set up that way. I know, for me, I don’t work in adversarial settings at all anymore. I did a little bit when I worked in the litigation practice of the law firm. But I personally have chosen to withdraw myself from that low frequency. Even though there really is a need for the legal system to right wrongs, there is good fundamentally in the legal system. It really is designed for justice and to right wrongs and to bring balance back. Unfortunately, it’s evolved over these years just to be so ferocious, just horrible experience for people even when they win, which is so unfortunate.

I know for me, I tend to stay on the business building side and stay in the higher frequencies of helping people take steps to prevent things from going wrong, so that they can honor their business, and hold and support their business. In fact, I talk about contracts as sacred containers, because you’re really holding the client relationship and your communication in this document, in this container. Unfortunately, there is that negative back and forth in an adversarial setting, even though the underlying intention is good fundamentally. The experience can be so horrific. Hopefully, there will be some change in that. Otherwise, I just choose to associate myself over here with my beautiful clients who are really trying to build businesses and make their dreams come true and share their superpowers in the world in an uplifting, beautiful way.

Ironically, I think that may be where the solution lies. Those things occur because people weren’t proactive, because the legal world is so daunting. We see this a lot when my husband and I first started off running a due diligence firm. This is where the whole superpower concept came from, was because what I found was a lot of people who sought us out for due diligence assistance or risk mitigation assistance, they didn’t need those services. They needed coaching. They needed empowerment assistance. They needed to know why they were continuing to get themselves into these situations. I found myself coaching a lot of people, which was never my conscious intention. That’s when we finally, over time, had to split the business. These are two separate entities we’ve got going on here. That was where it grew from. What we found was if we could empower people to face this stuff head on and say, “Where are you seeping power in this situation and what can we do?” Even if we can throw a Band-Aid on this one, but can we mitigate this moving forward? It changed everything. Those clients never found themselves in those situations again.

I was laughing when you were sharing that because I feel like I took that route too. It feels like a cop-out. You can choose to take a different trajectory. I really want to let people know who are listening, it’s too easy to dismiss, “Lisa could do that and Tonya could do that.” No. You can do that. What is it that doesn’t allow for that to occur? Address it head on, and then you’ve positioned yourself to now you really do get to opt out some of those lower frequency spaces.

PowerUp | Legal Love

Legal Love: The bottom line is that most law students go into law school to serve.

That’s why I like to use the language of legal love and talking about caring for your business or caring for yourself. That’s my brand, that’s my theme, because of the juxtaposition of the two is so ironic for a lot of people. When you really are creating contracts, instead of communicating clearly with your clients or with business partners or whomever, it’s a really loving thing to do for yourself and your business. It’s almost like a mother with a child. You want to tell your child to look both ways before they go out into the street. That’s really being proactive and protective so your child doesn’t get hurt. It’s the same thing. When you create your legal document, you’re trying to help prevent something from happening before it occurs. That is taking care of something that you hold precious, I believe. This is not the language that most lawyers are speaking at all, as you know when you get to what’s underneath the surface of the negative and the adversarial and the scary, and people frightening you.

The bottom line is that most law students go into law school to serve. They go into law school to stand up for justice and speak for people who can’t speak for themselves, and to try to right wrongs and change the legislation. It’s a really noble profession. Ironically, as you go into the profession, you just come out learning how to work in a sausage factory or somewhere that’s not honoring those beliefs completely. Underlying it all, if you go back to those principles why all those lawyers went into the practice of law in the first place, I believe they were very self-centered. Some people go into it just to make money for sure. A lot of my friends went into the practice because they felt it was a way to help impact society in a positive way. Unfortunately, you come out not always feeling that way.

I have this assembly line motif going on and that’s exactly how I felt going into the counterintel arena. In the beginning, it was an international security. That’s a big deal. It sucked the moment I had to look in the mirror and go, “At the end of the day, I don’t know if I’m happy doing this. What is happening here?” This is a job that most people don’t even know exists. When you get it, it’s coveted. It was just tough. For all the reasons that you’re mentioning, I can say the same about that industry, most people go into it pretty willing to serve; service above self and all these other things. It just starts to eat you alive after a while. It’s difficult to maintain that higher road at times.

Everything that you’re talking about is so incredibly crucial. Again, for those of you out there, men or women, who feel like you operate in industries that feel soulless or feel like the heart’s been taken out of them, know that you’re listening to this for a reason. You have the opportunity to bring that into it. Sometimes, it’s hard. That’s what the whole Super Power net exists for. We provide that support and that energetic connectivity, so that those people who are really pioneering new ways of doing things in these industries have the strength and support, and guidance to really be courageous and bold. Otherwise, it is hard to do it on your own. It can feel like it’s you against the world. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are many, many, of us making those changes in the world. Even though we can’t do it for you, we can certainly do it beside you. It makes all the difference.

That’s one of the things I love about you and your work is that you really help people hone in on their superpower and then own and honor their superpower. It is courageous to do that. I was sitting on my computer one day typing the blog post or something. All of a sudden, that’s when I realized that there were these seven steps that most entrepreneurs take one step at a time as they grow their business and they align perfectly with the seven chakras. I was like, “This is a really great thing, but I’m terrified to tell anyone about this.” I did not bring it into my work for two years. It was terrifying to think, “Wait a minute, people are going to think I’m crazy.” People are going to think, “Who is this lawyer? What is she doing?” I’m also a health coach and a life coach by training. I have a coaching side which was open to this, and bringing it together. What I love about your work is that you allow people to step into those superpowers, which can feel scary and courageous to truly own and then share with other people.

As always, I love the whole conversation around puzzle pieces. It’s just knowing that you’re out there doing that work in the world and it supports what we’re doing in a general sense, and what we’re doing support, what you’re doing and we can promote that. It really does, in my opinion, bring all these magical degrees to life. There’s this real synergy and yumminess that exists in those spaces. It’s so cool. What you model is the courage to do that in arenas that you really are right for that evolution. I joked about it. My husband and I left government. That wasn’t our trajectory to be in it anymore. We can certainly plant seeds and throw them back in there and support the people whose work it is to do that. That’s what I really enjoy about everything I do because I see, as people get that courage and get that clarity about who they are and really master their own personal power, so they can use their superpowers, the changes that we see in the world because of it. You’re a walking-talking example of that.

If I can highlight for our listeners, I really feel what she said that it took two years for her to step into this space that she knew she was going to walk into, and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to allow that to unfold and trust the timing of it and trust it in that time frame. You’re gathering up the pieces and you’re doing the work internally that needs to happen to support you when you do take that out into the world. That’s not minor work that’s happening in those time frames.

PowerUp | Legal Love

Legal Love: The best support I received was from all of my coaches and spiritual mentors and healers in my life.

What I would just add to that is I could not have done it without my mentors and coaches. This is why I love the fact that you do mentor and coach and have your program to help people, because we can’t come up with this courage by ourselves, in my humble opinion. You can have a dream and you can have a nugget of a dream and you can be called, but very few people really step forward into that courage without support. The best support I received was from all of my coaches and spiritual mentors and healers in my life to say “It’s okay. It’s okay to do this. It feels scary. It feels isolating. You feel like you’re crazy. You worry that people think you’re crazy.

You know when you’re entrenched in your own authentic view of the world, it’s coming from a place of heart and truth. Like you said, it was going to come out anyway. I was going to be stepping into the work anyway. It was important for me to work through my coaches and mentors as I went along. I never thought in a million years I’d have a book in the world that talks about all the spirituality and legal steps and chakras, and helping people go from scared and stuck to being empowered using the law. That was terrifying for me. Yet, here it is.

What new projects are in the works for you? I know you have your book out. What’s the plan with that?

Interestingly, my book is actually a culmination of the work that I’ve been doing. I have a legal course that’s actually called, Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare. People get that right away because obviously, when you protect yourself with your legal documents, you feel free to show up and share it and bare in your heart to the world. A lot of people write the book and then create the course. I actually have the course to begin with and then wrote the book. It’s all tied together.

How do you work with clients with the course? Is it in group settings or do you work one-on-one?

Besides the course, I do also offer do-it-yourself legal templates. I have about 30 legal templates available. People will say, “Can I really do that myself?” The answer is, “Yes, you can. They’re designed that way”. There are things like client contracts and website disclaimers and terms of use, website terms of conditions. There’s a whole bunch of different legal documents that you’ll need for different reasons, where you can just listen to an audio guide, have the document in front of you, personalize it for your business as you go along, and at the end of the hour, you’re done. You have this legal document that you can use for life.

I really try to help empower people using their own superpowers, to get legal documents in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand, written in plain English, that don’t take forever to get together. The reason why I included that audio guide is to explain to you what the document says. I want you to walk away knowing what it says, because I think it’s hard for you to step into your power if you don’t understand how that legal document is supporting you and holding your business. The do-it-yourself legal templates are really available one-by-one. There’s the legal course that pulls them all together. I also work with people one-on-one, particularly around trademarks or creating LLCs or S corporations. I help people individually as well.

I love what you’re talking about the whole concept around transparency and being willing to just really own your space. I see that being so crucial. I know how empowering it can be for clients when they feel that empowerment. Where can we send people to find out more about you?

My website is LisaFraley.com. They can go there and actually get a free download of the book, Easy Legal Steps… That Are Also Good for Your Soul