Nancy ByrneNancy Byrne, the author of Choices, joins AngelaMaria on the High Frequency Healing Show to share the experience of being spiritual through choices. She is a Spiritual/Psychic Reader and Channeler for the prestigious American Association of Psychics. Nancy believes that everyone possesses innate psychic abilities (messages from their souls) which can improve the quality of life by providing guidance, keeping them safe and helping to make the right decisions. Listen in as Nancy and AngelaMaria, discuss her experience listening to her inner guidance, as a way to walk this spiritual path by healing, to connect to a higher level to the spirit.

Hello. This is AngelaMarίa, one of the SuperPower Up! hosts and you are listening to High Frequency Healing Show. The only difference between where you are to where you want to be is the actions you take here and now to heal your life. I want you to welcome, Nancy Byrne, to my show. We will be talking about being spiritual through choices. Nancy is the author of Choices. She is a Spiritual Psychic Reader and Channeler for the prestigious American Association of Psychics. She is certified in Psychic Development, Spirit Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Reiki Master/Teacher, and is an Astrologer. Nancy believes that everyone possess innate psychic abilities, messages from their soul, which can improve the quality of life by providing guidance, keeping them safe, and helping to make the right decisions or choices. Please join me to welcome, Nancy Byrne. Nancy, thank you for being here.

Thank you, Angela for having me.

Nancy, let’s start this conversation with this question, what is your healing superpower?

My healing superpower all comes from listening to my inner guidance

My healing superpower all comes from listening to my inner guidance.

I think my healing superpower all comes from listening to my inner guidance. I think so many of us listen to the mindless chatter of everyone else around us, and we don’t pay attention to what our souls are trying tell us, what Spirit’s trying to tell us. We really have all the answers in us, Angela. We just have to stop and pay attention and listen and know that, you know that magic pill that everybody’s already looking for, it’s already within us. We just have to accept it, and allow it to happen. So, I think it’s really important to make time to listen to your own inner guidance. And if you’re hearing a bunch of stuff from outside of yourself, and you’re hearing something different inside, always go with what’s inside of you because it will never lead you astray.

Nancy, I love your superpower because it is very similar to my superpower. And before we start this interview you were telling me this beautiful story about how do you end up living in the place you are living, and I would love that you share that story with us, please.

Okay. Well, I wrote the book Choices and I was seeing a massage therapist in Colorado. She said, “Nancy,” she said, “Why don’t you and your husband come and visit me on Whidbey Island? I have a vacation home there, and I will have a book signing for you.” So, I got so excited about somebody was gonna have a book signing for me. I didn’t even hear the word island. My whole life, Angela I have been terrified of water. As a child my dad tried to drown me, and I could still remember trying to breathe and getting water in your lungs instead of air. And so, I don’t like to be in water. I don’t want to be above water, and I certainly don’t want to be on water even in a boat. So, I went home and told Phil that she’d invited us. He was really happy about it because he had never been to Whidbey Island. He’s really well traveled, but he said he’d heard it was beautiful, so we got the airline tickets and we’re ready to come.

Three days before Michelle called me and said, “Nancy, I’m really sorry, but I can’t have a book signing party for you.” She said, “My husband, Matt, is getting transferred. We’re gonna be moving to Whidbey Island permanently, and I’ve got to get our house in Parker ready to sell. But I just love your energy and I just love your energy and I want it in my house, so come and get the key and I’ll give you the combination code.” I didn’t want to come if I wasn’t gonna have a book signing. That’s the only reason I wanted to come, so I wanted to cancel, but my husband said, “Nancy, the tickets are non-refundable. We spend a small fortune for these tickets, and we’ve got to go.” So, we came. When we came up to the ferry, Angela I almost had a full blown panic attack. I was so scared.

I can tell.

I was, “Please Phil, no, no Honey, no. I don’t want to get on a boat.” He said, “Nancy, this is the only way onto the island.” He said, “It’s only a 20 minute ride. You can do it.” But, my fingernail marks are still in the upholstery of that car. So, we got here and I was just miserable. I was really disappointed with Spirit. I felt betrayed and let down. I didn’t enjoy the whole week. All I could think of was getting back on that ship. And so when we got back home I wrote a letter, an automatic writing to Spirit and I said, “Your almighty God. You know everything. You knew Michelle wasn’t gonna have a book signing party for me, so why did you have her invite me to go to Whidbey Island?” And Spirit said, “I had Michelle invite you to Whidbey Island Nancy because you’re gonna be moving there.” And I laughed and I said, “Oh, there’s no way. There’s no way I’m going to go live on an island and I end up drowning, or something.” I showed it to Phil, and he laughed.

I started having dreams about the island like how beautiful it was

I started having dreams about the island like how beautiful it was.

But then I started having dreams about the island like how beautiful it was. In one dream I had I was swimming on the bottom of the ocean floor, and I could see all the fish and all the plant life, and it was just beautiful. I was swimming with a little blowfish on my left and a great white shark on my right. I could breathe underwater. It was such a wonderful dream, so I wrote another letter to Spirit and I said, “I’m always spot on. I don’t know how I could have been so wrong. Maybe I was traumatized by going to the island, but I thought you said you wanted me to move to Whidbey Island?” And Spirit said, “Nancy, you heard me correctly. Nancy, you still need to learn to let go and to trust. And you will flourish on the island and our book will flourish on the island. I want you to be there by the end of this summer.”

So, I told Phil and he said, “Nancy, there’s no way I’m moving. We’re not moving from here. We have everything here.” We had a huge house and we have four and a half acres of land. We had a small ranch. He said, “I’m not moving.” I can’t believe I said this Angela because my entire life I had been so fear based and scared of everything, and I just said, “Well Phil, I’m learning to trust in God, in Spirit, and not in man, and I’m moving.” “Honest, you’d go without me?” And I said, “Yep, I would.” And so he said, “Okay, I won’t stand in your way.” So, we’re here. Now every morning when we wake up my husband loves it here. I think he loves it more than me. We just are so grateful that we live in paradise because it is paradise.

Nancy, I love that story because that’s the perfect proof that you can heal your life through choices when you listen to your inner guidance. Nancy, where can people go to find out more about you?

Well, they can go to my website, which is, or they can look me up on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter. But the best place would be my webpage because it has all the information about me. Angela, I want to say too that I did not write the book Choices. Actually it was totally written by Spirit. I put that in the back cover of my book. I just got author credits because I typed it all up and delivered it to the publisher to print. It’s a very good book. It has lessons about every aspect of life. It talks a little bit about my childhood.

And we’re gonna have time to talk more about that. Do not go farther because I want to go deeper into that experience. We’ve been talking with Nancy Byrne about being spiritual through choices. When we come back from this short break we’re going to talk more about her healing superpowers, and the book that she was the person that typed it, but it was written by the Spirit. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

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