JP Sears Super Power Kids

In this Super Power Kids episode, Neva Lee Recla and JP Sears talk about pets, parenting, and being weird. Neva shares her impression of Miranda Sings and does an oracle reading for JP Sears. JP Sears also provides Neva with some advice about how to take criticism and still keep going.

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP is the author of How To Be Ultra Spiritual. He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos. You can learn more about JP and his work at

Today, I’m here with a very special guest, JP Sears. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen him. He does so many cool videos. Without further ado, will you help me welcome JP Sears? Hi, JP.

Hey, Neva. Thank you for having me. I’m thrilled to be here with you. I think you are just amazing. I’m excited for you and I to have some fun together.


I have a question for you. I’m going to throw you out there and ask, what are your superpowers?

Being Weird

Being Weird

One of my superpowers is I’m really good at being weird. I think being weird is one of the most powerful things we can do because it connects us to ourselves and I think ourselves is always where our real superpower is. I’m good at being weird. I think another superpower is being funny. Another super power is caring for people. I think that is a real important force of nature, caring for people. Then also my eyes are a majestic dolphin blue. I think that’s an important superpower that I at least pretend to have.

Did you know about your superpowers when you’re a kid?

Not really. When I was a kid, the one that I knew about was being funny. I was always good at making my friends laugh, sometimes my parents would laugh. My favorite thing was I loved to make teachers laugh. I found this game I would play where I would push teachers, like if you push a teacher too far, you get in trouble. I had this game where I try to push them almost to the point of getting in trouble but not getting in trouble and then I make them laugh. Sometimes I would cross the line and I’d get in trouble. As they’d say, I was too disruptive. Other times, I would do well. I’d build the tension, push them and then I make them laugh and they can’t possibly be mad at me if I’m making them laugh. I think that was the main superpower I was aware of when I was a kid. The other ones, I think they were always inside of me but I just didn’t know about them. I wasn’t really connected to them.

Did your parents give you any tips and tricks on how to be more funny?

I think my dad did, mostly just because he’s funny. I would just learn by example, seeing how he would make jokes and how he would interact with people. I think that was the main thing. Then I also have two uncles who are really funny, so I got to learn from them. My mom, she’s not really funny, but she’s awesome. Funny isn’t one of her superpowers, she’s more about caring. I learned a lot about caring from her.

I’m wondering, what does the name JP stand for?

I’ll give you two answers. One is it stands for Just Perfect. The other is it stands for Jonathan Patrick. You can choose your own adventure, which one you think is the real answer.

Jonathan Patrick?

Yeah, that’s what my parents named me. Ever since I was little, they called me JP. I think it was because my sister, she’s a year and a half older than me. When I was born, she was so young that she couldn’t pronounce Jonathan, so my parents just started calling me JP because it was easier for my sister to say. I like JP. It feels like my real name.

It’s a cool name.

I want to know what your superpowers are.

I have a few. One of them is gecko ability.

What is that?

Basically, what I do is I can do other voices and stuff. That’s pretty much it. That’s gecko ability. I think one of them is also caring.

I would believe that. Can I tell you one of the superpowers that I see in you?


I think your smile is a superpower because I can see you right now on video and you have a very warm, loving, caring smile and I like that. I’m wondering, when you’re older, let’s just say you’re 25 years old, how many more superpowers would you imagine you’ll discover between now and then?

Maybe ten?

I bet it will be a lot.

Also, I love nature. That’s one of my favorite things. I love animals. I have two dragons in the room with me, my stuffed dragon, Puff, and my other dragon, Jena.

I have one turtle in the room with me, it’s a plastic turtle. He always reminds me not to be in my shell. The turtle gets to experience the world when he or she comes out of their shell. It’s not as safe when they’re not in their shell, but they get to see a lot more, feel a lot more and connect a lot more to other turtles. I have my turtle here to remind me to not stay in my shell.

One of my other superpower is I can talk to my toys, and hear them in the night.

Your toys talk back to you too?

Kali Lou Recla

Kali Lou Recla – Crystal grid by Super Power Expert Eric Weiland

I can hear them in my mind and stuff.

How cool is that? I like that.

I also can talk to animals, my dog, I hear talks to me.

What kind of things does your dog say to you?

She’s a little bit of a diva.

Does your dog ever tell you that she wants to be petted?

Not really. I don’t really know what it really is. Sometimes we’ll just talk. You want to know who we named her after?


The Goddess Kali.

What does the Goddess Kali do?

Goddess of destruction. Her name is Kali, but what I say is that she’s the Goddess of destructing your hands when you play with her.

Does she nibble on them?

No, she bites. Sometimes, the next morning, I still have scratches. She’s a tough little puppy.

My dog, his name is Zephyr. When he was younger, he used to bite a lot. He was very friendly, but it’s just one of the ways a dog might like to play. I would have bites and scratches on my hands and arms, sometimes I would even bleed. But it was all fun even though it was painful.

What type of dog is he?

He’s a wiener dog. He’s a Dachshund. He’s a cute little guy. He’s twelve years old. He’s my special guy. In fact, on my water bottle, that’s a sticker. I’ll just say it for all the listeners, Neva and I have a mutual friend named Joe Polish. When I was visiting Joe Polish, a friend of his took a picture of Zephyr and made these stickers for me. I get to have Zephyr’s face on my water bottle, which I just absolutely love.

Actually, my dog is a toy Schnauzer.

How old?

She is five.

I bet your dog loves you.

I love her. She actually sleeps in my room.

Zephyr sleeps in my room too. A lot of times, he’ll sleep in bed with me. I just love to cuddle with him.

I love cuddling with her. Actually, she has a favorite blanket. She’ll go into my mom’s chair and it’s a giraffe blanket.

She either likes the blanket or like giraffes or maybe both.


Neva, you said that you like nature, that’s one of your superpowers. You mentioned you like animals. Are there other parts of nature that you like?

I love swimming, it’s my favorite thing. I love the plants and just going outside sometimes and looking around.

Me too. I always feel more peaceful and happy when I’m in nature. Even if it’s just like my feet on the grass. I love to be in trees. I also really love running water and nature, like streams and creeks and rivers. I don’t know why, but it just feels very calming to me. I really like it.

Could you actually tell me a little bit about your book, How to be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority?

I’m very proud of myself for writing a book. It’s something I never thought I would do until I did it because I have never done it before. It means a lot to me that I did it. The book is my comedic perspective on new age spirituality, the health world, which all those things are very important to me. I also think it’s very important to be able to laugh at myself, to be playful, not just serious all the time because I think life is too short to be serious all the time. I think one of the purposes of life is to be playful; learn how we can be like a puppy even though we’re a person. My book is like me being a playful puppy, doing my best to make people laugh. The book took two and a half months to write and I was writing every day. It was scary to me because when I started the book, I didn’t know, “Am I going to be able to write a book? Am I going to be able to finish it? Will it be any good?” It was so important to me to do it anyway even though I was scared. I found being willing to be afraid was helpful to allow me to write the book.

Everybody on earth, once upon a time, we were all afraid of monsters in our closet. The weird thing is even though we’re afraid of the monsters in our closet, if we go towards the closet, we’re taking action even though we’re afraid, and we look in the closet, we find that the closer we get to our fear, the more our fear tends to dissipate. Once we actually open the closet, we realize, “There’s not a monster,” and our fear goes away. If we go to the other side of the house and avoid the closet because we don’t want to be any more afraid, then I think it’s actually scarier. We get more afraid. I think going towards the thing I was afraid to do, writing the book, was very important so I could actually get through the fear.

Actually, sometimes I’ll think there’s something under my bed and I’ll just look under it if there’s something there. Actually, I’m writing my own book.

Tell me about it.

I don’t have a name for it yet, but it is about being a young entrepreneur and a business event I go to called CEO Space. I’ve been going there since I was two and a half.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write in it every once in a while, every day, once a week?

Actually, I’m not writing it. The publishers are called You Speak It.

You just say it and it records it as written words?

They write it. Yeah, pretty much. I like it. I’m super excited for the book to be done.

You speak your thoughts. Do you still have to write more in the book or speak more or is all of that complete at this point?

I do. I forgot.

At least you remembered that you forgot.


How to be Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears

How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority –
Book by JP Sears

I think sometimes forgetting what we know so that we can remember what we don’t know is a good idea. At least that’s my idea. My idea is that it’s a good idea.

I want to show you one of my gecko abilities.

I’d love to see it and hear it.

I want to see if you’ve heard this voice. “Hmm.”

Is that Miranda Sings?


I think that is a very good gecko voice of Miranda. That is amazing.

Thank you. I’ll just joke around my house by doing her voice.

She is so funny.

I was actually telling my mom, you’re like her, your comedy.

Thank you. That’s a great compliment because she is just so amazing. I would definitely say I’ve looked at her as inspiration because she does her thing very well. My thing is different but it’s similar so I definitely get some good inspiration from her. Do you have any other gecko voices?

Give me an idea of what I should do.

I want to hear you do more Miranda.

“Hmm, can you hear me?”

So good. Obviously, you watched Miranda on YouTube. Have you seen her show on Netflix too?

Yeah. It really annoys my parents, though. I can’t really watch it.

Do you watch all of her videos on YouTube?

Sometimes if she pops up, I’ll watch her. She was on some of my YouTubers’ shows. Actually last night, I was watching your video on, I call it “How not to parent.” The parenting one.

Thank you for watching that. I had fun with that one.

It cracks me up.

I find a lot of kids tell me that that’s their favorite video of mine. I’m curious, the things that I did in the video, I’m curious how that comes across. Have you seen that done before in real life?

No, but I’ve heard stories of maybe parents not being so nice to their kids.

Luckily, I think most parents are nice to their kids. Of course, there are some bad apples. I think in that video, I did my best to exaggerate what usually happens; things that are usually small, I made it bigger for the video just to be able to shine a light on it a little bit better. I had fun with that. When I made that video and then released it, my parents watched it. I was afraid they’d think I’m making it about them. They called me and asked me. There is maybe some of that that I experienced as I kid, but my purpose is just to help people break old patterns that they might be in and get out of the mud and also make people laugh.

You definitely did a good job over exaggerating with the part of knocking out your kid with a soccer ball.

That was my favorite part, actually. When I was filming that video, I had to kick the ball probably 20 times before I actually hit the kid doll in the face. I kicked the ball and then I have to go run and chase the ball, come back because I missed it. Finally, I hit the child doll right in the face.

How did you even get it to stand up?

It’s made out of hard plastic so I just balanced it a little bit. It wasn’t too hard. But that doll, a lot of people have told me, and I agree, it looks creepy; this iconic doll.

You even said that in the video.

Did I?

It was really creepy.

I forgot I said that in the video. That was a creepy doll.

Actually, my mom said that you could probably help me with, I’ve gone some criticism on. I did this one show called Hot Clothes for Kids. It was like fashion reviews. I got some criticism around that it shouldn’t have the word “hot” in it. I was maybe looking for some advice on how to deal with criticism.

I’d be happy to give you some. First, I’d love to ask, how did you feel when you had the criticism?

Not that good, but I kept on going.

To me, that is actually the best advice. Feel the feelings that come up, because they’re made by our human heart. Being willing to feel them but keep going, that is the key to success. There’s no way to completely disconnect from those feelings of fear and sadness when we get criticism. Being willing to feel them and keep going anyway. I think you’re doing it. Just something else I would say, it’s really important for me to tell myself what I think of my own video before I even put it out. I want to know what do I think and I want to respect my opinion about my video. Before I even put it on YouTube, I’ll watch it and then I’ll say, “What do I think of that?” Instead of just, okay, I put it out, if people like it, then I’ll like it. Or if someone doesn’t like it, then I don’t like it. No. It’s important to understand what it means to me, I think. I would definitely invite people to consider that. Make sure you ask yourself, “What do you think?” before you pay attention to what other people think.

Creative Spirit

We need to be true to our creative spirit first and foremost.

The last thing I would say is with things that I do, it’s so important to me that I do them in a way that amuses me. I don’t sit down and say, “I’m going to do a video. Let me do a video on something that I think will make other people laugh.” I have to go for, “What do I think is funny? What amuses me?” I think paying attention to our own fuss and feelings on that is so important because I think that helps us put better creations out into the world and it means we’re already connected to ourselves and our opinion rather than just trying to do things for other people. Doing things for other people is nice when we’re doing them in a caring way. When it’s some piece of art or a video or a song, we need to be true to our creative spirit first and foremost.

Could I maybe do a card reading for you?

Yeah. I’d love that.

This is my deck.

I like that.

I just thought that this is a fun interview.

I’m with you there. I think this will be more fun and insightful.

The first one was a loyal guardian; a magical protector is there for you.

That is so funny. There’s a picture of a girl hugging a dog. As soon as you said loyal guardian, a magical protector, I pictured my dog, Zephyr. That is so cool.

He looks like it.

Yeah, they’re both brown. Thank you. That feels good.

I have two ways, one of my favorite ways is I touch the card and then I feel into it or I can just read about it. Pick any.

For the next one, I’d love to do the one where you touch the card and feel into it.

I’ll read the loyal guardian. This is always the most trouble I have. Can I maybe just do the hand process?

Yeah, that works too.

A Loyal Guardian Card 33 Oracle of the Shapeshifter

A Loyal Guardian Card 33 Oracle of the Shapeshifter

A loyal guardian is always by your side. A loyal guardian, in this case your dog, will keep you safe no matter what the circumstances.

Thank you, Neva. That feels good to hear. I appreciate the reading.

Thank you. The other one is the unending sadness of looking back. In this regret, obsessive grief, replaying the past, negative nostalgia. I don’t know what’s in her arms.

That looks weird.

It does. Maybe it’s like a snake or something?

It could be.

This card doesn’t have anything for me.

That’s cool. I appreciate you being willing to respect that if nothing is coming in, that’s cool. Thank you so much for both those readings, Neva. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this conversation with you, Neva. I think you are just wonderful. You are absolutely delightful. I feel really good talking with you.

Thank you. I have one more question. Where can people go to find out more about you?

Facebook is a good place and YouTube. Both of my user handles on those are @AwakenWithJP.

Thank you. Remember kids, we all have superpowers and we can change the world. Thank you, JP. See you next time.

Sounds great, Neva.