Are you afraid of making the big move like moving houses, switching teams at work or changing careers? For a lot of people, a career change or job loss is a life changer. In the first episode of A Glimpse Inside’s Reinvention After 40 series, author Jennifer Degenhardt talks with host Wendy Perrotti about how an unanticipated job loss led to some of her lowest and highest moments. Join in to hear about how Jen worked through her own fears and overcame scores of naysayers to completely transform her career and her life.

Welcome to A Glimpse Inside. I’m Wendy Perrotti and I’m excited to be with you here on the SuperPower Up! Network. This show is about affirming for people that there is more to life and it is possible for every single one of us to be inspired, successful, joyous, and free.

Today we’ll be talking about Unanticipated Career Change. It’s part one of our four part series on reinvention after 40. I’m here with author extraordinaire Jennifer Degenhardt. As of this recording, Jen’s written 20 books which have been printed in three, soon to be four, languages and are sold worldwide.