Olivia StefaninoOlivia Stefanino, author and creator of The Money Types, joins Jennifer Urezzio to explore the connection between soul and money archetypes. Olivia combines her extensive work in the financial sector with her ongoing studies in emotional intelligence and behavioural economics. And she devoted her life and work to integrating apparent opposites. Her book, Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!, has been translated into three languages. Listen in as she and Jennifer discuss the benefits of understanding money archetypes.  

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today, I’m with Olivia Stefanino and we’re going to be talking about the money archetypes. How fun is that? Hi Olivia.

Hi, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get going.

Me too. So I always like to start with my favorite question, which is of course, what is the super power of your soul?

The super power of my soul, now there’s a good question. My super power, I think, is about being able to get to the truth to hear what’s truth and what’s not, and to know when people are telling me the truth and when they’re not, and to kind of really recognize when something resonates, that it’s the truth that comes from a place that is beyond human.

I love that. What is your secret purpose? We define secret purpose here is something that you’re here to profoundly experience and then offer that experience to others. What do you consider your secret purpose?

What I love about you, Jen, is that you always ask the small questions.

I know.

I'm doing it now through the medium of money

I’m doing it now through the medium of money.

I think my secret purpose has actually been about exploring power or lack of so. I’m doing it now through the medium of money. But I’ve certainly done it before in my life through the medium of relationships, through emotions, often by not having that power and finally, I’m getting to understand what it is to step into our power and it’s not about being the tyrant or the narcissists. I’ve discovered certainly in myself, it’s not a lot of other people too that we can often shut ourselves down because we know what it’s like to be with somebody who is that narcissist or is that tyrant and we think, “I don’t want to be like that.” Then we shut down everything else that we are as well. It’s been a journey, an adventure of exploration.

I guess my sole purpose is learning that and then finding a way to shut up too.

Yeah, and what I love about this topic of power is nobody really has any more power than anyone else on this planet, it’s how we use that power and how we use that energy, right? When we’re not using it or we’re using it inappropriately, it can feel crumbling or as though we’re suffering. I love that topic.

Yeah, well, thanks for opening it up and of course it fits in so wonderfully with your own soul languages as well to sort of refresh myself on mine, which of course I use a lot anyway. One of them is about the politician and you taught me all of this so I thank you for that.


Well, I love that and what I love about that politician energy, which is a mission language for everyone, is that they give the form for themselves and others to speak the truth so how does this kind of speaking the truth and power, you talked about it as a purpose. But how does it reflect in your work that you’re doing out in the world?

I think it reflects in allowing people, sometimes, just the space to be able to hit the pause button and to speak what their truth is

I think it reflects in allowing people, sometimes, just the space to be able to hit the pause button and to speak what their truth is.

I think it reflects in allowing people, sometimes, just the space to be able to hit the pause button and to speak what their truth is. That’s going on within them. Whereas often, we can speak in the language of shouldn’t stop me, I should be this, people will want to see that, people won’t be interested in what’s going on with me so it’s not putting on a front. I think I’ve come to the place to see that we’re not the mask, but actually you become almost one with the mask because there is no mask when you’re able to speak authentically. In my work, I’m a coach, I’m a speaker, I’m a writer, I’ve written a book, but it is about just being able to be there to listen, to hold the space for, to allow a truth I think to be able to hopefully come through me but to come through that other person as well or those other people so that it feels like a meeting of a soul gathering if you like. As opposed to just more mundane discussion about what happened on yesterday’s soap opera.

If that answers your question, it’s all sounding a bit, isn’t it? It’s just about being about to speak about what’s real, about what’s authentic and not about covering things up. I was a journalist, it used to be about uncovering stuff anyway.

What is a common theme that your soul or your humanness has shared with you throughout your journey?

How long have you got? I guess it’s probably about moving into a place of trust and trusting in myself, trusting in my own self, being able to listen. It’s no good is it, being able to speak a truth if you can’t actually hear or listen to it yourself. I think I used to give my power away a lot and assumed that everybody else knew better than I did, you call that low self-esteem, low self-worth, but I think I spent a lot of my life trying to fit in and I didn’t fit in terribly well, whether that was as a child, to growing up. Always seemed to be slightly on the outside looking in. Now I’m really comfortable with that position that I wasn’t before. I think that whole speaking is something I found very difficult.

I know, again this is of a child, there were truths that I could see that I would articulate but not everybody would necessarily want to hear them or perhaps it wasn’t polite, or maybe it’d be best to sweep that under the carpet. I actually ended up developing tonsillitis so many times as a child so and that of course, you have the throat chakra being completely blocked from speaking its truth so I think the soul obviously, speaks to us through our bodies as well as our minds, our intellect, our emotions. I think I didn’t know how to pick up those emotions and I now know also, that I am actually very empathic. I wouldn’t quite know what that meant before but I didn’t realize what was my stuff and what was other people’s so I just thought it was all mine.

If I had people around who were unhappy, and trust me, I did, I thought it was something wrong with me as opposed to that was somebody else’s, I think that’s also been a big lesson about boundaries.

Yeah, and if you’re empathic, everyone, the simple way to know what’s yours and what’s someone else’s is just to simply ask your soul, “Is this mine?” Right, and if it is, it will stay with you, and if it’s not, it will just float away.

If only I’d known that a lot.

Before we break, let people know how to get more of you, how to reach out to you. What’s your website address?

My website address is my name, there’s originality. It’s OliviaStefanino.com.

Beautiful. Well, stay with us. I and Olivia are going to be talking about the money archetypes.

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