Jennifer BloomeJennifer Bloome, a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner, joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about the spiritual relationship of money. She teaches people how to communicate directly with their Soul, so they can co-create a flow of soul-based abundance in alignment with their gifts, talents, and true nature. During this interview, she explains how we all have a spiritual relationship with money and how it is easy to create a more powerful and profound with abundance. Listen in as Jennifer and Jennifer discuss moving from lack to a new abundance paradigm.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Urezzio, and this is … and I’m a SuperPower Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of the Soul.

And I am here today with Jennifer Bloome, and the topic is The Spiritual Relationship of Money.

Welcome, Jennifer.

Hello, thank you for having me. I’m so excited to get a chance to talk today.

I’m so excited as well, because you know, money seems to be a major challenge for some people. It seems to be what we talk about a lot in the world, and that’s just because it’s a resource of, kind of a way we operate here, and a resource that we receive other resources from. So I always love to start with my favourite question, which is, what is the superpower of your soul?

The superpower of my soul is all about creation and being able to create what we want consciously from our own inner gifts

The superpower of my soul is all about creation and being able to create what we want consciously from our own inner gifts.

Well, that’s a great question. So I think, so the superpower of my soul is all about creation, and being able to create what we want consciously from our own inner gifts.

I’m nodding my head, that’s beautiful. And you know, how does that superpower, how does that relate back to that sacred purpose, what you’re profoundly here to experience, and then offer that experience to others?

You know, I think that my work in the world comes, I have to do it first, right. So I believe that we are in our power to create when we know our enoughness. Because that’s when we really are able to see, and feel, and connect. When we know our divinity, we know our enoughness and that starts with me. I have to know that, and that has certainly been a journey for myself.

I can see the spread of that through everything I’ve done, whether it was school, or employed work, or working for myself. And then as I grow into that for myself, then when I, as I know that connection for myself, that enoughness for myself, then I get to hold that opportunity for the people that I connect with in my own community.

Yeah, and that also is reflected back in your, your superpurpose is reflected back in kind of your tangible work. As you help people kind of grow more of what they want, right. Yeah, and what you do.

Exactly, right. I mean, it’s exactly what I offer into those tangible results. So whether it’s something that’s physically coming through you, like a baby or health. Or whether it’s creating money, that you can physically, tangibly hold and spend at the store. That’s the, that knowing that enoughness is the first step. It’s that underlying, it’s that underlying piece that allows us to be able to create what we want out in the world.

I love that.

Goes back to what we do, yeah.

So, what has been a common theme that your soul, or your humanness, or even both, has shared with you across your journey?

Well, I think that we were just talking about it. That the journey to having what you want on the outside starts with knowing you have what you want on the inside, and really acknowledging that. And I, this is sort of starting to sound self-helpy, but it’s so true. It’s sort of that cliché stuff, but the times where I have expected enoughness to come from the outside first, it never works out, ever. And so that has been the, that’s been the journey.

Yeah, and how has that journey allowed you to transform and help others transform?

I’m seeing pictures flashing in front of my eyes here, so I’m just choosing which one I want to start with. Because when I’m not paying attention, when we don’t pay attention to the messages that are coming through and showing us externally what we’re not believing internally, things kind of explode. So there had been multiple times in my own personal journey where, again, sort of using that, using the external to decide on the inside whether I’m good or not, things have sort of fallen apart. Going from feeling like there’s a really great financial flow into a period that was no not enough that there was an actual bankruptcy, in my personal experience. So there’s been a lot of, there’s been a lot of help from the divine to shine the light on that feeling and showing where the enoughness isn’t enough.

Yeah, and that’s all that it is. It’s just awareness, it’s a reflection of where there isn’t light, isn’t love, isn’t wholeness, completeness. Or where your feelings, your thoughts, your beliefs are not allowing you to know that you’re whole and complete. So there tends to be so much shame around our experiences, and when we let go of that shame we can really start to kind of build on, okay so how do I want to tweak the internal so the external is more really truly what I want to experience, and more fun, and more blissful, rather than pain or suffering?

And you talk a lot about pre-suffering, setting up all those patterns beforehand so you don’t suffer. And I think one of the things that you’re really good at is helping people understand their pre-suffering patterns when it comes to creating abundance.

We use abundance to help us not suffer

We use abundance to help us not suffer.

Yeah, and I think that because we use, because we use abundance to help us not suffer. So let me take a half a step back here and say what I mean by that. I think that one of the ways that we use money, on this planet, is to ease pain or to feel safe. And when we do that, we actually end up creating deeper patterns of suffering.

I remember this conversation I had with my husband, oh it was 2001. It was the start of when I was starting to really reconnect to the divine and understand who I was. And I, that whole year before, was terrified he was going to get laid off. So I was starting a new business, I needed inflow of money from his business. At least that was my story, so that I could get started. And there were all of these signs and I worried about it constantly.

And as I look back at that, I see what I was trying to do. I was trying to stay safe. I was trying very hard to create this, to make something happen. I wanted to shake him by the shoulders and say, “Make this not happen.” But I was using his job as my way of staying safe, and that, it just never ends well.

It falls apart, yeah.

Yeah. It falls apart, and I suffered and he suffered for that entire time. So, but I was trying to use abundance and a steady flow of cash as my reason to point at and say this is going to keep me safe. This is my safety on the planet and boy that’s a lot to heap onto money.

That’s lot. I want you to talk about that spiritual relationship with money when we get back, but before we take a break, how do people get more of Jennifer Bloome?

Ah, they can get more Jennifer Bloome at my website, which is actually

Well, stay tuned because we’re going to be going into deeper about this spiritual relationship of money.

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