Patty EducatePatty Educate joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about how meditation and the body. Patty has a love for meditation and journaling and talks about how important these tools are to creating a deep connection with yourself and can change your life for the better. Listen in as she talks about drawing awareness deeper inwards, and feel supported, guided, and at peace.

Hello everyone. This is Jennifer Urezzio. I am the founder of Soul Language and I’m a Super Power Expert and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. I’m here with Patty Educate today, and we’re talking about the meditation and body. Hi, Patty.

Hi. How are you today?

I’m very good, thank you for asking. You know, I always love to start these conversations off with a couple of standard questions. The first one is, what do you consider the super power of your soul?

That’s a great question. My superpower of my soul. I guess I was given the gift, if you will, of a knowing. People came to me at a very young age. When I was a young age, not them as a young age, looking, just asking questions and seeking advice, and it’s something that just kind of transpired over time, which actually led me to coach. But yeah, there’s just a knowing, a wisdom that I’ve always had. I think that’s my super power of the soul.

Love that. We often talk about sacred practice or sacred purpose rather. The sacred purpose is what you’re fundamentally here to experience and then offer that experience to others. So often when we talk about sacred practice, people will bring up their delivery systems. But my next question for you is really about that sacred purpose. What are you profoundly here to experience, and then offer that experience to others?

Well, that’s another great question. I will say this: It’s been a transition to really hone in on that, but when you’re someone that has been gifted wisdom at a young age like I just said, I think for me, I have the purpose of sharing that and helping others. The helping others category is the one that has transpired over time, like where that is and who am I speaking to.

Letting people know that they have it deep down inside their souls to pick up the pieces and move on

Letting people know that they have it deep down inside their souls to pick up the pieces and move on.

Love that. So then how does that kind of show itself in your work with other people?

Well, you know, I’m 55 now. When I first started my path, oh gosh I could back up here, of personal development, I’ve always had this incredible appetite to learn and read, and just so curious about the brain and how things work, just kind of followed that path that led me into coaching. I think that when I first started, and I went through a very rough time of a divorce and I lost my mom tragically in a car accident the same time, that my voice was just helping women get on their feet. Helping divorced women get on their feet. Letting people know that they have it deep down inside their souls to pick up the pieces and move on. That’s originally where I really wanted to scream things from the rooftop, but as you go through life, now, and you have life’s ups and downs, I’m hoping more in on integrating the healthy mind and body with that same message if that makes sense.

Yeah, it totally does. Our soul shares usually with us this big theme, this theme that runs common throughout our life. What has been one of the big themes that your soul has shared with you over your journey?

I think a deep connection to women and women that have had adversity in their lives and really not knowing where to turn. It always felt that connection of that. And people gravitate to me, just in the town that I raised my kids in, just asking for advice. But I just think there was this automatic connection where the universe puts people in front of me to help, I mean it’s happened over time.

I love that. We’re going to start this conversation about meditation and the body. You have a practice of meditation. Why do you think that’s so important, not just for your body but for your soul and your journey?

Well, I might just say that lately I’ve been super consistent with meditation, and I mean every day, and even when I can at night before I go to bed. I’ve been practicing that. I want to give a shout-out to a book and an author that you may have heard of, Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He’s someone I started following a few years ago and he’s just fascinating. He takes science and he combines it with, metaphysics, quantum physics. He’s brilliant. He’s just a brilliant man. He healed himself from a spinal injury just through thought alone and he now is taking his workshops and his platform to a bigger level of really helping people heal themselves.

It really has to do with connecting and I’m just going to use the word universe or your god or whatever anybody wants to call it. I call it, you know, connecting with God. So that’s what meditation does. It’s a place where I can go now and I can get really quiet, and I can separate myself. What’s the word I want to use? The observer, if you will. The observer. So I can observe myself and I can observe my actions and I can observe my thoughts, from almost like that second person. When you can do that, and you can tap into your own behavior, I think you have a better opportunity of changing, making bigger changes in your life.

I trust in the process because I'm connected to it

I trust in the process because I’m connected to it.

I love that. What impact have you noticed on your body and on your journey? Is it much more flow, do you feel less stressed? We hear all about it, but I think it’s also important that people understand. Of course the reaction is personal to everyone, but some of the really kind of tangible results of being in this connection, and being present, and doing it through meditation.

Yeah. I think that most people all day long, suffer from their own self-chatter and their talk, and their heads get busy and they get noisy, and we have all these outside stimulants coming at us every single day. Then combine that with, I think it’s like 90% of our thoughts every day are repetitive, and so if you can meditate, and you can get quite, it’s not the easiest thing for everybody, but if you can do it, I think it can slow down the aging process. For me, it has decreased stress levels hugely. I’m calmer. I don’t worry as much. I trust the universe. I trust in the process because I’m connected to it. And when you connect to it in meditation, then you realize it is real. When you have all that chatter going on all day long in your head, you just think that you’re this meat soup walking around, and the fact is I don’t believe that we are. I believe we’re much more than.

Wow. This is a very engaging conversation, and I want you all to stick around. But Patty, before we pop off for a break here, let people know how to get in touch with you.

My website is, you can find me at So really it’s my full name. Patty and Educate is my last name, pronounced Educate.

Beautiful. Okay everyone, stay tuned for me and Patty about meditation and the body.

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