Christine LangIn this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Christine Lang, medical intuitive and author of the book The Body Whisperer: Your Symptoms Tell Me Your Truth, joins Jennifer Urezzio to discuss the intuition meaning of the body. Hear from Christine how she learned that our spirits use symptoms as a type of messaging system, alerting us to issues that are ready to be healed. Tune in now to hear how you can start listening to the messages of your body.

Hello everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio and this is SuperPowers of the Soul and I’m a Super Power Expert and I’m also the founder of Soul Language. I am so lucky today to talk to Christine Lang and the topic is the intuition meaning of the body.

Welcome, Christine.

Hi. Thank you for having me.

I’m so excited you’re here. Thank you so much for accommodating us. I always like to start with this question, because it’s so on target with what our viewers love, our listeners love, and what we talk about a lot which is super powers.

What do you consider the super power of your soul is?

I think my super power of the soul is that I can hear my spirit and I can also hear another person's spirit and I can see the energy in their body

I think my super power of the soul is that I can hear my spirit and I can also hear another person’s spirit and I can see the energy in their body.

I think my super power of the soul is that I can hear my spirit and I can also hear another person’s spirit and I can see the energy in their body. So I can get access to information about everything from physical symptoms to relationships to whatever just by connecting with that person.

Beautiful. So we also talk a lot about sacred purposes, and I think so often people think that their sacred purpose is to be an author, to be a healer, but it’s really not. It’s what you’re profoundly here to experience and then offer that experience to others. What do you consider your sacred purpose?

I would say my sacred purpose is to help people understand that because the universe is perfect, things are happening for them, not to them, and that because of that, if I can get people to understand that, then it empowers them to help them understand how their body and their life got to where it is right now and how that’s a good thing.

I love that. Yeah, you know I would say that and I always say it’s happening also through us and about really co-creating instead of I think so often people put themselves in this position that it’s the universe and me and we’re kind of in conflict rather than co-creation and that the universe has our back. We’re right on the same page here.

What has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you personally?

I would say the theme is that when we don’t understand that things are happening for us, not to us, then we, including me, react defensively and we spend a lot of time in resistance. So what you just said, instead of co-creating we’re just resisting what is and what we think we don’t want. So it throws us into either reacting as a victim or being aggressive and frustrated and all of those things are about resistance and about contracting, so I would say that theme is just in every moment you get to choose again. Are we moving in flow with something and trying to understand how it’s helping us or are we busy resisting it?

Yeah. I love that kind of new definition of resistance like resistance is, some questioning you can ask yourself, do you believe that this is happening to you or for you? When you ask that question, you can see yourself kind of relaxing, oh, okay. I don’t have to be always a battle, especially us that have warrior energy. You can really settle down and go, okay, what’s my next conscious move?


You talked a little bit about how you support others. How does your soul in what you also already talked about, but what additional ways does your soul support others?

Anything that doesn't feel good, pick up your sword

Anything that doesn’t feel good, pick up your sword.

I think it’s a lot through teaching others how to sit in that new space of seeking to understand versus reacting to suppress or argue or destroy, especially if you have that warrior energy, your first reaction is pick up your sword. Anything that doesn’t feel good, pick up your sword. But if you could instead kind of picture a satellite dish in front of your body, like, let me take in information, let me sit and get quiet and pull in the information so I can let my intuition start helping me gleam what is this really about, what’s the bigger picture, what’s going on here instead of reacting to that instant moment.

I think that’s a really good point, because I think when something happens, especially in the body, people tend to immediately go into fear.

Sure. Well, in our culture we’re taught to do that because the whole marketing machine for big pharma and everybody else is we’ve got to get you dissatisfied with what your body is doing and how you look so you’ll buy products, so everything is seen as going to battle with your body. I’m in my mid-50s and in our generation, we were raised to see the body as like this bio-machine where your parts are going to wear out and break down and you’ve got to suppress what the body is trying to do or cover it up, and that’s where meds come in.

So to relate to your body in a totally different way takes some practice and I try to look at the body like a giant answering machine and your spirit is leaving you messages there all the time and if you’re busy just erasing your message and getting annoyed that somebody keeps calling and leaving a message, your spirit is going to have to keep leaving you that message.

Yeah. So we’re going to continue this conversation after the break, so everyone stays tuned. Before we break, Christine, let everyone know how to get in touch with you.

My website is You can reach me if you want to email me its or you can just go straight to my website.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone. Stay tuned.

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