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In this episode of SuperPowers of the Soul, Carolyn Herfuth joins Jennifer Urezzio to discuss entrepreneurship education. For over 16 years, she’s played a hand in hundreds of startups and business reinventions with her service-based clientele. Listen now to find out what the five pillars of entrepreneurship education are to help create your successful business today.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jen Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is SuperPowers of Your Soul. And I’m with Carolyn Herfurth, and we are talking about entrepreneurship education, making the most of your business. Welcome, Carolyn. 

Hey Jennifer.

Yay. So I always like to start the conversation off with understanding what you feel is the SuperPower of your Soul.

Oh, of my soul. Oh my gosh. That is such a great question. So, of my soul. Wow. You know, it’s funny because the superpower of my soul might be slightly different in application, but I think they’re the same. So I think it, this might sound really weird but is integrity a superpower?

Yes, I would say it is, totally. I think it’s really important that words and actions measure up, and I think it’s really important that you’d be in the consciousness of love and aligned. That’s what I call integrity. So I totally think that’s the super power of your soul. 

Yeah, that’s so interesting. There’s another thing, which is, I’m also futuristic and visionary, so I don’t know. That I think the… Can I have more than one super power?

You can have as many super powers as you want Carolyn, it’s your show. So you know, we talk also a lot about around here about a sacred purpose. And I think so many people think about mission and purpose about doing and about for others. And we think our purpose is really about for ourselves what we’re profoundly here to experience, and then offer that experience to others. So with that definition in mind, what do you consider your sacred purpose?

Oh my gosh. About helping. Just accepting change and reinvention, and that we’re always evolving. I think I grew up in a family where my dad was a banker and he had the same job for 33 years. 33 years of banking excellence is what the napkin said when he retired.

It’s so funny, both of my parents were in banking.

Oh really? I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. And so like, it’s so funny because my mom was always a housewife, and so we just lived this life and grew up where you do one thing. And I was the first person in my family to start a business, and everyone thought I was insane. And then when that business was going well and I decided, wow, I feel called to do something else. And I walked away from a multiple six-figure business to start another one, and they again thought I was insane and that continues to this day.

It's very human to want to evolve and grow and I think we are meant to reinvent

It’s very human to want to evolve and grow and I think we are meant to reinvent.

And so I always thought there was something wrong with me. And so I, until recently, where I’m like, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s very human to want to evolve and grow and I think we are meant to reinvent. And so I really feel like my sacred purpose is helping people accept their own glimpses or leanings towards change, and then helping them when they don’t. They’re not quite clear on what that path looks like for themselves or want someone to… they want a thought partner to help them work out the details of it.

Yeah, I would agree. And I think without knowing it, you answered the next question about how your sacred purpose shows up in actually what the work that you do in the world because you really help entrepreneurs really not just understand their structure and their process, but also help them really evolve. And I think that’s key for entrepreneurs. I think, most entrepreneurs get into it because they kind of want to run their own show, and I think they don’t realize that change is a necessary part of running your own show.

Oh Gosh. Is it ever. Is it ever.

Totally. So tell me, what’s been a common theme that your soul has shared with you over your journey?


That would be the humanness, not the soul, which I love that question. I love the answer because it’s so fundamentally, consciously transparent in integrity. I think when I answer that question some of the answers are really lofty, and I’m like, yeah, that question’s really about the common theme of misadventure and what has been your biggest learning, and I love that you were consciously transparent with that. So how have you utilized that theme to kind of support your growth and your change in your evolution?

You know, it’s interesting because I was just listening to a podcast the other day, and it was on the topic of self-doubt, which is a form of fear, right? And I love the angle that this guy came from because he said self-doubt, so many of us interpret it as I am doing something wrong, what I’m doing is not worthwhile, what if nobody pays attention? But really what self south self-doubt indicates, and I could apply that same thing to fear, is that it means what you’re doing is worthwhile and it’s worth going for and fighting for and putting it out there. So I think though that one, two punch of self-doubt and fear, and not to quote Henry like people have done forever, that’s really what it comes down to is recognizing. 

And actually I’ll never forget you saying to me, and I brought this up to you before, you say to me seven, eight years ago, how long are you going to let fear drive your decisions? And I didn’t understand what you meant by that until much later, but it’s one of those things that often pops up for me. 

I love that answer. And every time you tell me, I’m like, oh yeah, I did say that. It’s that, when you’re kind of in the zone, what you say and what you remember saying. And, my last question before the break here is, how has this theme of evolution, not just in your business and your several businesses that you’ve created, but how has that theme, that super power, how has it supported others throughout your lifetime?

Just be kind to yourself because things are going to change and things are going to get start to feel stale and stagnant just as you've hit the peak

Just be kind to yourself because things are going to change and things are going to get start to feel stale and stagnant just as you’ve hit the peak.

I think a lot of it is accepting and knowing that it as people, not just as business owners, but as humans, and yes, you could say we’re all spiritual beings, but we do have that human aspect of us, is really having, like I always, I often will repeat, “Just be kind to yourself because things are going to change and things are going to get start to feel stale and stagnant just as you’ve hit the peak.” then you’re gonna be like, damn it, now how come this isn’t working anymore? Or why am I bored with this? And I’m talking not just in business but in relationships. One of my college friends just reminded me a couple of months ago about dating. He goes, “Carolyn, you know that that advice you give everybody about business. Well, it applies to date too.”

And when I also think is when people kind of focus on attaining that goal, whether in business or personal, and that goal is attained, they always think, “Okay, now everything’s going to click into phase and everything’s going to be great.” And I always laugh, because I’m like, yeah, that’s when you’re ready to expand again, because you always want to experience more, and I think people then take that experiencing more or that boredom as failure or something’s wrong, but it’s just, like you said, an evolution. So before we break, tell everyone how to get in touch with you.

The best way is on my website, and all of my social media handles. If you can spell my name, you can find me And I’m on Instagram and Linkedin and Facebook and everything is under Carolyn Herfurth.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone. Stay tuned. We’re going to be talking about entrepreneurship education, making the most of your business when we get back. 

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