Jan StringerJan Stringer, the creator of the Strategic Attraction Plan, joins Jennifer Urezzio to share how being consciously raw can transform your life and your relationships. Jan’s Strategic Attraction Plan is a process that has been used with thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals in all kinds of markets to create a strong business foundation upon which to stand. Jan chats openly about experiences where she had to be vulnerable and seen. Listen in as Jennifer and Jan discuss the power of being consciously raw.

Hello, everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language. This is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today I’m with Jan Stringer, and we are talking, the topic is called Consciously Raw. Welcome, Jan.

Hi, thank you.

Hi. I’m so excited you to be here. I’ve followed you for years, so this is very exciting. I know I spoke to you several years ago for something else, but I’m so excited that you’re here. Welcome.

Thank you. It’s wonderful to be here and nice to be with you again.

Yay. The first question is, what is the superpower of your soul?

The superpower of my soul is knowing who I am

The superpower of my soul is knowing who I am.

Well, I loved when you had emailed me about, “What do you think about consciously raw as a topic?” Because I had sent out an email to my audience of wonderful people talking about how being raw is not a bad thing. For me, I just went through, as you know, a real life-altering event. My business partner and love of my life, my husband, passed away suddenly last year. It called upon me to really reach inside of my soul to see, what am I all about?

I realized that a lot of who I was was wrapped up in that relationship. I think the superpower of my soul is that I had done the work of who I am as an individual, along with who I was in the couple relationship. When the relationship changed, and it became me, on my own two feet again, I wasn’t completely knocked off my center. I was completely shocked, of course, but at the same time, I knew I had that superpower inside of me that I could draw on. That’s really what I call the superpower of my soul, is knowing who I am, and being able to call on that, especially in those kinds of situations, where you really need to just draw on that inner strength.

I think that’s important for, you know, I would recommend that that be a superpower for everyone’s soul, right? That deep sense of connection and self that allows you to go, “Okay, there’s a big challenge here,” and yet, that challenge doesn’t impact who I know I am on a core level. I think that’s hugely important and very profound.

What do you consider your sacred purpose, the reason why you’re here?

Well, my business, while it is a vehicle for doing my purpose, or living my purpose would be a better way to say it, is to really help people connect on a deep level to what I just shared, you know, what my superpower is. That is what I like to do with other people, is to help them connect with what I call what makes them tick.

Connecting it to the topic of your show today, is, that’s their, everybody’s superpower. We all have that. I like to help people to discover what that is and how their business is a reflection of that. That’s what my business is all about. Even more than that, my sacred purpose is just that, to help people, to discover what they’re all about, so that they can live more heart-centered lives and have more heart-centered businesses.


Yeah. You bring up a really good point, Janet, and I don’t think a lot of people grasp this. Our sacred purpose is always first for ourselves and then for others. The other part comes from the overflow of being that sacred purpose for ourselves, because, hey, your world begins and ends with you, right? You’re the master of your own universe.

When you really understand that that sacred purpose is really first, the way you described it was beautiful, understanding who you are within, it becomes natural that you want to share with that and support others in that journey, as well. Yay for you.

What has been this common theme, whether it’s a supportive theme, or whether it’s a non-supportive theme that … Well, your soul would never share a non-supportive theme. What has been a common theme that your soul has shared with you?

I have experienced so much through my business relationships

I have experienced so much through my business relationships.

I would have to say my common theme is relationship. I remember, years and years ago, way before I even thought of owning my own business, and I was having all these ups and downs around romantic relationships, mostly, at that time. A dear friend of mine who I used to seek advice from, she said, “Well, Jan, you’re on the path of the heart. Your soul learns these lessons through these heart relationships.”

While it’s not always an easy journey to be on the path of the heart, I do learn the most about life through relationship. I have experienced so much through my business relationships, of course, my romantic relationships, and my family relationships. All of those relationships, and now, you know, of course, I’m in the business of attracting perfect customers, which is all about relationships with customers.


That’s been the common theme for me is that this go-round on this earth plane, as my feet walk the path, seems to be that I’m going to learn most through the power of relationship with other people.

I love that. That’s so important, you know. A lot of people have that kind of same, I call that your area of discontent, right? The way that you choose to be more conscious, more soulful, is through the vehicle of relationships, where someone might do it through their health or someone else might do it through money. It’s really important to understand where you do that. Mine, too, is relationships, so we have that in common.

I know, okay, so, here’s another growth opportunity for me. Let’s allow this to polish my diamond.

Yeah, exactly.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

That just sparked something for me, I should polish my diamond. My spiritual mentor, she would remind me, and she’d say, when I would be, “Woe is me,” about a relationship to her, she would say, “Don’t forget that it makes 24 cuts to make a diamond into a gemstone.”

We’re going to break, here, but before we break, how do people get in touch with you? How do they know more about you? How do they engage with you? What’s a good way to reach out to you?

Sure. Website’s always good, perfectcustomers.com. Just go there, and you can find me there.

Beautiful. Okay, everyone, stay tuned. We’ll be talking about the topic Consciously Raw when we return.

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