Gail Ferguson JonesGail Ferguson Jones, who empowers women to get their sexy back mentally and physically, joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about how building self-confidence is key to releasing codependent relationships. Gail Ferguson Jones is an award-winning journalist, motivational speaker, certified workshop facilitator, and author. She is also a survivor of three generations of alcoholics in her immediate family. She hit a personal rock bottom before finding new hope, self-love and healing from co-dependency. Listen in as Gail and Jennifer discuss this important topic of how to know you are in a co-dependent relationship and what tools you need to build your confidence again.

Hello, everyone, and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower Expert, and founder of Soul Language. This is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today we’re here with Gail Ferguson Jones and the topic is building self-confidence after co-dependence. Welcome, Gail!

Welcome. Thank you for having me. Thank you. I’m welcoming myself, but thank you so much for having me.

You are so welcome. I’m so excited that you’re here and we always start this show with the first question is what do you consider the superpower of your soul?

My sacred purpose is to be an instrument of love, light, and healing

My sacred purpose is to be an instrument of love, light, and healing.

The superpower of my soul is my daily practice. I start every day just going within. I never let the outside world in until I go within and so I start my days with meditation, with prayer, with journaling and I just get clear about my intentions for the day and then I surrender that to spirit and move on with the day.

I love that and I love the statement that you never let the outside world in before you go within. It’s a beautiful statement. So, we often talk about sacred purpose and we define sacred purpose as not about doing, but what you’re profoundly here to experience and then offer that experience to others. What do you consider your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose is to be an instrument of love, light, and healing and especially for those who, like me, suffer from co-addition and relational dysfunction, but I want to be here for them.  It’s to service their healing and to service my own healing.

I love that. So, that’s a tricky area and I know you have a new book which we’re going to talk about in a couple of minutes, but how do you be that sacred purpose and not create codependency on that?

Actually, it’s part of the recovery of codependency. There’s a part of any 12 step, no matter what it is, and just part of spiritual practice to serve others, to get out of my own way, to surrender my own ego and to serve others. And as I’ve served, I’ve received, as I give, I get back and we heal together, so it’s also a part of the spiritual support system that is very important to us all.

Yeah. I love that and that’s also … Maybe, it goes without saying, but maybe we should say it. That also includes proper boundaries, really going within, knowing when you have to take responsibility and knowing when that responsibility is not yours for them to do anything. So, I’m sure that there’s quite a bit of structure on that being of service, so it’s healthy for you. Is that accurate?

It requires that you get out of yourself

It requires that you get out of yourself.

Definitely. Definitely. Any recovery from whether it’s addiction or someone else’s or a co-addiction, it requires that you get out of yourself. You become aware within. Your awareness and mindfulness and that’s what recovery means to me and also you share that with others and you keep each other aware and mindful, so that’s how it works.

Beautiful. My next question is we can start to see you written this book, so you’ve not only are doing and being your sacred purpose, but you’re also expressing it out in the world. But with the next question I want to ask you is what is the common theme that your soul has shared with you over your journey?

That is so important to me and when I discovered that theme, that’s when I knew that I could go on. That’s when I knew that I was fully surrendering to spirit and that theme is the metaphysical prayer from a course in miracles. Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom? And I ask that of spirit every day and of course, there’s an answer every day. But that is definitely a start every day with that and also, I can either have a grievance or a miracle and every day, I choose a miracle.

Beautiful. So before we break here for our little commercial break, let everyone know, Gail, how to get in touch with you and the title of your new book.

You can find me at my website, And you can reach me at The name of the book is Diary of a Recovering Codependent: A Journey to Love, Healing and, Freedom.

Beautiful. Well, everyone stick around because we’re going to be talking with Gail Ferguson Jones about building self-confidence after codependence.

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