Mary ShoresMary Shores, author of Conscious Communications, joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about brain consciousness and happiness. Mary believes that you can live a life you love and it all starts with your decision to take the first step. She also shares the important role your brain plays in consciousness and happiness. Listen in as Jennifer and Mary chat about how to take the first step toward consciousness and happiness.

Hello everyone and welcome, I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language, and this is Super Powers of the Soul. Today, I’m with Mary Shores, and the topic is consciousness and happiness. Welcome, Mary.

Hey, it’s so great to be here. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

I’m so excited. So I always like to start with a first question, which is what do you consider your super power of your soul?

My super power is the ability to manifest

My super power is the ability to manifest.

I think that my super power is the ability to manifest.

I love that. There was this dot, dot, dot feeling. But then there was like, nope, that’s it. So let’s talk a little bit about what you consider your sacred purpose? I consider my sacred purpose to help people connect, myself and others, to alleviate suffering. It’s more of a being than a doing. So what do you consider your sacred purpose?

I consider my sacred purpose to be, I am lucky and blessed in this life to have an absolute understanding of a certain type of universal knowledge, that it is my job to … And it has to do with consciousness. But it’s my job to take this universal knowledge and spread that message out into the world using language that’s accessible by, sometimes I say, accessible by the humans.

Yeah, so taking those complex universal knowledge in and put it in a way that humans and people can really integrate and then embody.

Absolutely. And I consider myself a human, I’m not … But just, all humans in general, getting them to understand this universal knowledge so that we can all elevate our possibilities in life.

And then, how does that sacred purpose, how does that reflect in your work?

In lots of ways. And not always ways that were obvious to me in the beginning. So at first, it started off as a communication strategy, and really wanting to help businesses with communication strategies, that was teaching them how to validate people, how to really build strong connections in your business. Whether that meant with your employees, whether it meant with your clients, or your vendors. It’s just like, really building these really strong relationships.

And then it morphed. So after about, somewhere between 5 and 10 years of that, it really began to morph into a more broader perspective of very specific, this is how you manifest things. And this is how you create and control your reality. And then that work came out in the book Conscious Communications.

Beautiful. You know, and I think it’s really important that the listeners understand that our sacred purpose, when we keep asking questions, when we keep doing transformational work, when we keep asking for more consciousness and clearing those limiting beliefs and patterns, our work is going to morph and go deeper. When I first started, I was about success, right? Success is still in all of my business stuff, but it’s much more deeper than that, because I kept asking questions and really wanting to understand the delivery systems of my sacred purpose.

So what is a common theme that your soul has shared with you across your journey?

I’m only briefly pausing because I’m taking the questions so seriously. I want to say that universally, it is that we have no idea how powerful we are. And I am included in that. So even though I can claim that I’m a bestselling author, even though I can claim that I am a CEO, and a mother of two children, and even though I have all of these, say, successes under my belt, I still have no understanding of how powerful I really am.

I would agree with that statement, you know? I think so often, as everything goes off in my system, so often, when people go, “Oh you’ve written two books.” Yeah, I’ve written two books. And I think so, especially in times of expansion or transformation, we often forget how powerful we are. And it’s a good practice to go back and go, here’s why I’m powerful, but that doesn’t make me powerful. What makes me powerful is this consciousness, this heartbeat of soul, this one connection with the divine, however you want to put that.

So I love what you’re saying here. So how does your soul support others, Mary?

The moment that you step onto that path, that doors all around you will start to open up

The moment that you step onto that path, that doors all around you will start to open up.

I believe that I also have this gift of seeing what other people’s super power is. So I even talk about, in the book, a little bit, choosing your archetype and understanding that whoever it is that you choose … Say you choose, I don’t know, Super Woman, or somebody like that, that those are qualities that you already embody, and bringing those qualities out. But as a CEO for 20 plus years now, one of the things that I am really great at is spotting what is special and great within someone else.

As I have been getting more and more into the teachings of helping people to become who they really are, helping them understand that their purpose is not something that’s hiding from them behind a curtain. Like, it’s this elusive thing that you have to climb the mountain of Mordor to be able to discover your purpose. But that really, it’s the gifts and skills and talents that you are innately born with, that you are good at, that maybe when you were young you really enjoyed doing it. But because of our culture and our belief systems, we sort of felt like we outgrew those things.

Well no, we didn’t necessarily outgrow them, they’re still there. And we can awaken to the power of them, and we can understand that whatever that special purpose is … Or you like to use the word sacred purpose, that the moment that you step onto that path, that doors all around you will start to open up. So I think that this goes right back to your first question of taking that universal knowledge and getting it out to the world. This is just part of the ways that I know how to do this.

I’m nodding my head, you can’t see me. But yeah, I think that, so often when we’re talking to clients, I’ll hear so often, but everyone can do that. Or that’s a gift? Like it’s so easy. Those telltale signs of, yeah, that’s your soul in action, there. Pay attention to that. And I think so often we just kind of move past that because it’s so simple, because it’s so easy, because it’s not hard. And we have this preconceived notion, of this belief that it has to look or be different. So very interesting stuff.

Before we break here, can you tell people how to reach out and get to know you more, and all of that good stuff?

Yeah, well I have a website which is And the place that I hang out the most is in my Facebook group, Fearless Ambition. You are all welcome to join. You can find all of my stuff in the Facebook group, and everything is on the website.

Beautiful. Okay everyone, you have been listening to Jennifer Urezzio and this is Super Power of the Soul, and Mary Shores, and we’re talking about consciousness and happiness when we get back from the break.

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