Michael NeeleyMichael Neeley, a former professional actor and a medieval knight turned writer, joins Neva Lee Recla to explore how to inspire heart-centered child entrepreneurs.  From being a member of Screen Actors Guild, together with Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner, Michael is now a renowned motivational speaker with a heart of helping others. His passion lies in waking people up by coaching heart-centered entrepreneurs in finding their gift, growing their voice, and stepping into the spotlight in a big way. As a student of Buddhism and a certified Dharma teacher and meditation guide, he is committed to living a conscious lifestyle and helping guide others to do the same. Listen in as he shares his gift of expertise to get you out of your own shell.

Hi everyone, this is your Super Power Kid Neva Lee Recla. And today is going to be an amazing interview. But before I introduce you to this guest, I want to introduce you to … Chirpy. She wanted to say hi, and she actually told me that this is going to be amazing, fun, and exciting interview. So she just wanted to say hi. And I think she’s hungry now, so she’s going to go and eat. So now let’s jump right into the interview and introduce our amazing guest, Michael Neeley.

Today we’ll be talking with him about heart centered child entrepreneurs. We met at New Media Summit last year, and we met again at this year. And we are both icons of influence. He’s a former professional actor, and he acted with Mel Gibson and Kevin Cosner. Now he’s a personal development coach, and he’s the host of Consciously Speaking Podcast. So without further ado, will you help me welcome our amazing guest, Michael Neeley.


Hi, Michael.

Greetings fair Neva, how art thou today?

I don’t know how to speak like that, but I’m good.

It’s good to hear.

So I see you’re already in costume.

I am.

Awesome. I have my butterfly ears on, because I knew that you were going to be dressed up. So I decided I needed to dress up, too.

I love it. You look like a fair butterfly maiden.

Thank you. My spirit animal’s a butterfly.


So what are your super powers?

My super powers are that I can change my character at will

My super powers are that I can change my character at will.

My super powers are that I can change my character at will. And you see how that can be powerful in day-to-day when at some point in our lives we might need to be a certain way. And then at other times, we might need to be a little bit different. Depending on who it is that we’re talking to, or what type of a crowd we’re in front of. So it’s important to be flexible.

Exactly, that’s a good super power to have. So what was your favorite thing about acting?

My favorite thing about acting was that I didn’t have to limit myself. In other words, if someone grows up to say, “Oh well I’m going to be a police officer.” Well, that’s their career, they’re a police officer forever. But as an actor, I can grow up to be anything.

You could be a freaking dragon if you wanted.

Exactly. And I got to play a Medieval knight, like I’m dressed as right now. And I got to be a gladiator, and a cowboy, and all types of stuff. And so that’s what’s great about being an actor.

Yeah, I want to … you know what I say? I say this a lot to my parents. I say, “I’m going to join a movie just so I can beat people up.”

You mean fake beat them up I hope, right?

Yeah, exactly.

Yes, exactly.

Because I see movies, and I see them doing these amazing stunts. And it looks like, wow they’re risking their lives. But then in real life, they have everything to protect themselves. So I thought that was really cool, because I can do back flips and look like I’m back flipping off of a speeding train. Without actually back flipping off a speeding train.

Right, which would probably get you killed.


Exactly. How old are you Neva, now you’re eight?

Eight, yep I turned eight last year at that New Media Summit, remember?

Yeah, that’s right. So you’re getting close to be nine. I remember when I was 10-years-old, that was when I decided to be an actor. Because I was in a play in our fourth-grade class, and I got to play the Pauper in the Prince and the Pauper.


And then I got bit by the bug and I’m like, “I’m going to grow up to be an actor.”

I like that. I think it’s really cool because if you set your heart to something, you can do it.


Like me, I’m setting my heart to getting a pig.

A pig?


Like a Vietnamese pot-belly pig, like the little ones?

No, a teacup pig.

What’s a teacup pig?

They can basically fit inside a teacup. Or I’ve been looking on sites, and they sell itty bitty baby pigs.

Wow. I don’t know of one that small, that’s pretty small in a teacup.

Like maybe that.

Oh, so it’s more like a Disneyland teacup that you ride in. That’s a big teacup.

Funny story, I felt so bad and I was looking on sites. And I was scrolling, there were pictures of pigs and stuff. And then I showed mom and she’s like, “Honey, I think that’s for eating pigs.” Because it said, “Grain-free.” And then I read a little bit more, and it said, “We are looking forward to helping you with your pork needs.” And my mom started cracking up. And I’m like, we are looking forward to helping you with your pork needs. Okay, this isn’t the site for me.

No, don’t want to grow a pig to eat it.

No. So another question about acting.


Did you do any stunts, anything dangerous?

I did. As a matter of fact, you see in my hand here, I have a sword. This is a very real medieval sword. I used to joust and sword fights for a living. And I actually took a hit with a sword right to the top of my head. Cut my head wide open, and blood pouring down my face.

That sounds painful.

It was, and I had to get 24 stitches.



Yeah, the worst I’ve been hurt is fell on my face.

Like bump your nose?

Walking a blind dog, it went one way, I went another. I tripped on a brick, and I fell on my face.


I was the one that wanted to walk the blind dog. So where did you get the idea to become a conscious leader? Because that’s pretty woo woo, and that’s right up my lane, so I was curious.

It is. So for me, what was weird was growing up as an actor, like I said ever since fourth grade that’s what I wanted to be. I really had to study people. And I had to study how do we be different people. I had to play somebody else. So as a matter of fact, to describe the rest of it, how about I bring on one of my other guests to join you today?


Are you game for that?

I am game for that.

I’m going to change my costume.

All right, I’ll be right back.

Well howdy there young lady. Give me one second here while I get on these highfalutin things you stick in your ears. I thought originally they were to get the ear wax out, but I found out they’re like little speakers in your head. Kind of cool. I’m sorry, so my buddy there Sir Lancelot just said I needed to jump up here and talk to you about few things. And he mentioned that one of those you wanted to know was how did that happen, was going from being an actor into this woo woo stuff.


Yep, by the way, you grew some wings.

I did, and I have a friend. This is Chowatha.

Who is it?




That’s a cute little bear.

He’s seven-years-old.

Wow, almost as old as you.


Awesome. Well, I’m quite a bit older than that. But I can tell you that in the process of learning all these different types of people in the world, I had to learn what’s a cowboy like? What makes a cowboy tick, what makes an astronaut tick the way he does? So I was studying all these ways about humans being. I started to learn a lot about myself, and about the world, and people, and psychology. And I started coaching other people on how to really get past their own, are we allowed to say BS on here?


BS, how to get past their own BS. I guess I should have asked because I said it right when I asked, did I?


So that’s how I kind of got into this coaching stuff.

Yep, exactly. I agree, it’s important to know who you are in the world or else it’s going to be miserable.

Well, that’s right. Now I’m curious because you said woo woo’s right up your alley. Tell me about your woo woo side.

Well, I talk a lot about super powers. I have quite a few spirit guides, like Vanessa, I have Offpuck, I have things called. At first I have visions, that’s one of my super powers is I get visions of people. I had a vision, and they look scary, but they’re actually really nice. So I call upon them. And then I have these other guides, and they’re called the white people. And I actually knew them when I was really little.

My mom, this was when my dad was in Afghanistan, my mom wanted me to go put up my shoes. So she said, “Honey go put up your shoe.” And I said, “Mom, I don’t want to put up my shoe.” And she said, “Go put up your shoe.” I said, “Mom, I’m not going to go put up my shoe.” And then she saw me go, “Uh-huh yeah, okay. Mommy I’m sorry, I’ll go pick up my shoe now.” And she’s like, “Who were you talking to?” I’m like, “Oh, the white people.”

So I actually saw them in my room at our old house. And there were there four people. One looked a scientist with a giant afro. And others looked; they all were in scientist outfits. Someone looked like an explorer. And they were talking. I didn’t know what they were saying. They were either sitting criss-cross, floating, they were standing. And they were talking … And I sit up and I look, and they all start staring at me. And I was so freaked out, I went under my covers. So I talk to them a lot.

And then I talk to my grandpa, so he’s still with me like that. So yeah, I have this fairy house. It’s right there. So as you can tell, I’m also very big into fairies.

I see that. Well I got to say, I’m a little bit jealous. Because the only visions I ever had was around Christmas time when I had visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. That’s about it.

Yep. If you really truly, to me if you’re really truly set on going down a woo woo path, you’re going to experience some things.


And that helps me because if there’s a storm or something, or I feel like there’s sometimes where I hear something. And it’s wind or something, and it sounds like someone’s in the house. The dog has been sleeping in my parents’ room because we have a bird and she might want to eat her. So normally, if I’m up reading or something. I get the dog, I hold her because she’ll bark if anyone’s in the house. And I get a flashlight. And I walk throughout the house, I shine the light. And I don’t want to wake up mom and dad, but I look. And I’m prepared to put the dog down and beat someone up.

Wow, you go girl. And you’ve got all your friends there to support you too, don’t you?


Cheering you on, the white people, and what other people are there with you.


Fairy power.

Yeah. So if you could tell people anything about being woo woo, or being an actor, what would it be?

Well those are two very different things. So I suppose you could even be a woo woo actor.

You could.

As a good actor you can convince people of anything but that does not mean that you go off lying

As a good actor, you can convince people of anything but that does not mean that you go off lying.

Which I’ve known a few. And I think the biggest thing to tell people maybe about acting as a super power, is that it’s one of those kinds of things that you only want to use for good. Okay? And what I mean by that is, as a good actor you can convince people of anything. But that doesn’t mean that you go off lying.


You got to still tell the truth unless it’s on stage and you’re supposed to be pretending to be something different. But in real life, when you’re not acting, be real. Be who you are, that is the most important thing.

Exactly. Like an actor, if you’re an actor or actress, you could be a totally nice person in real life. But you could be a jerk in the movie.

That’s right.

And you want to play that role, and you want to do it well. But you don’t want to forget who you actually are.


Yep. And that’s coming from someone who’s never acted.

There you go. And I got someone else who will demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about if you want to just give me one little second here.




My name is Cletus, what’s your name?

I’m Neva.


Neva the monkey.

Neva the monkey, well golly it’s sure a pleasure to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

I heard so much about you and I thought, “I got to get on there and meet that Neva girl.” And one of the things that my friend that person you were just talking to, he called himself a cowboy, name’s Whip. Anyway, Whip said that you were wondering about like acting when you don’t want to be who you not really are. And sometimes in acting, you might play someone bad, or you might play someone totally stupid. You know what I mean? But that don’t mean you’re totally stupid. It just means you’re playing.


Like you’re not really a monkey.

I’m not really a monkey.

Are you sure?

Well I mean I might be.

You might be a monkey.

That’s for you to figure out.

You sure look like a monkey, I’ll tell you that.

I have a monkey personality.

You do. Can you make money sounds?


Well that’s pretty good.

Is that close enough?

That’s good. I like to do gorilla sounds like …

That’s pretty good.

How is that for a gorilla? So Neva, you also had another part of that question which was I think the woo woo part. So like I covered the acting part, but now the woo woo part. What I would say to anybody who wants to get in real touch with their woo woo, it’s kind of the same thing. You just got to be who you are.


You got to go inside in order to discover everything that’s outside. That makes sense?


I guess I ain’t as dumb as I look. Or maybe I am, I don’t know.

Well, I agree that was some really good advice. Like I was saying earlier, if you’re a jerk in the movie, you could be a completely nice person in real life. But you never want to lose that.

That’s right. And you know as a matter of fact, I was talking to someone the other day and I said, “One of the things that I like the most about acting was to play the bad guy.” I like playing the bad guy, you know why?


Because when you’re the good guy, you almost always got to be the good guy. You got to be good, you got to be nice. Because the good guys don’t usually do bad stuff, at least not in the movies. But when you’re playing the bad guy, sometimes the bad guy can act like he’s nice, or he can act charming. So you get to play a little more. It’s just as fun to be the bad guy.

You can be a nice person, but you might be a secret spy who pretends to be the “good guy,” but you’re actually the “bad guy.”

That’s right, that happens a lot in the movies, doesn’t it?

It does.

What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie.

Wait, I know. Planet of the Apes. Oh no, sorry. I was talking to your monkey self.

Well my favorite movie is probably Twilight.

Oh, I like Twilight too.

I like the vampires, and the werewolves. And funny fact about me, my favorite scene is when they rip each other’s heads off. I don’t know why but it’s funny and sick.

That’s unusual for a little monkey like you to like someone getting their head ripped off. You should stick to Curious George, that’s what you should be watching.

Well I’m not a normal monkey.

That’s right, you’re not a normal monkey. You’ve got a higher IQ, which is good.


So I like Twilight too, which is really funny. Did you read the books? I read all the books, too.

No, I’m not reading the books. But I’m actually reading Harry Potter, and I really like Harry Potter. So I love the movies, and I even have Dobby. He’s not here with me right now, but I have him.

I tried to read Harry Potter, but some of those words were too big for me.


Yeah, my vocabulary is limited.

My mom reads them with me at night.

Well that’s real nice.

Yeah. So I think we actually have to take a quick break.


But we’ll be right back. So we’ll sit quietly. So we’ve been talking with Michael Neeley, and a bunch of his friends, about heart centered child entrepreneurs. So we’ll be right back.

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