Mark GreenMark Green, global mindfulness coach, joins Kristin Maxwell to share how to develop resilience to take charge of your life. Mark has an impressive string of credentials. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and worked his way up to Lieutenant Colonel and Inspector General, while also becoming an award-winning taekwando black belt and earning a law degree. However, he experienced significant physical and mental trauma along with way. After being confronted with permanent disability, Mark learned to reconnect with himself and reset his mind instead of giving up. He now teaches other veterans and civilians the power of choosing different responses to life’s stressors. Listen in as Mark shares the habits he adopted — and that you can use too — to develop focus, rewire your subconscious mind, and become a true champion.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I’m your host, Kristen Maxwell, and in this show, we explore the process of transformation and give you tools and strategies you can use to transform your own life. Today we’re exploring a topic that has gotten a lot recognition as an important personality trait in terms of happiness, and that’s resilience. Our guest today is Mark Green and we’re going to be talking about how to develop resilience to take charge of your life. Mark has an incredible background, he is a retired lieutenant colonel and inspector general from the US Army and an author, global mindfulness coach, and speaker. Despite starting his life out in poverty with numerous other challenges, he worked his way up from enlisted soldier to some of the highest positions in the military. He also along the way became