Lucia PavoneHave you ever experienced the spiritual alchemy of a full-body orgasm? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and modern day sensual priestess Lucia Pavone discuss how extended female orgasm has the power to heal and transform. What is the difference between regular climax and extended, full-body orgasm? What is the orgasmic equivalent of turning lead into gold? This and more explored and revealed in this episode you do NOT want to miss. Tune in now!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love & SuperPowers podcast show. I am your loving host, Tatiana Berindei. And today, I’m really excited to have with us, Ms. Lucia Pavone. We are going to be discussing orgasms as spiritual alchemy. I can already tell this is going to be a very fun and juicy conversation. Let me tell you a little bit about Lucia before we get started.

Lucia Pavone is a rule breaker, international speaker, and holistic sex and sexuality mentor. As a modern day sensual priestess, I love that, she is passionate about supporting people to embody their sexuality, love their juicy bodies, free themselves from shame and have a sex life worth bragging about. 

Yes. Lucia teaches courses, offers private sex and sensuality coaching, leads international pleasure retreats, and is an instructor on, a pleasure-based sex education website as seen in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour, NowThis, and on VICE’s TV show, Slutever.

Additionally, she’s appeared on dozens of podcasts, been featured on and and recently co-produced Too Much Woman San Francisco. And she believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication, and a woman’s orgasm, life has infinite possibilities. Amen. Welcome to the show.

I definitely am in that category of just living through my pleasure and my joy.

Thank you so much, Tatiana. I’m grateful to be here and I’m really appreciative of the levels of work that you’re doing and bringing really unique messages to the table. Thank you.

Thank you very much. It’s been fun. It’s fun work.


And they say when you know when you’re doing your life’s work because it doesn’t feel like work. Right?

Right. I definitely am in that category of just living through my pleasure and my joy. And that so happens that that magnetizes the financial freedom too. So, yeah.

So before we dive into these juicy Emmy topics, will you please tell our listeners what your superpowers are?

Well, I think my greatest superpower of course is being a mother to an amazing 18-year-old daughter. But my other superpower is having experienced over 6,000 hours of full body extended orgasm. And-

How did you track that?

That’s a great question. People ask me all the time. So it’s somewhat if you think, “How do they do it?” I’ll tell you how I did because I thought it was really fun. So you take 16 years times 365 days, that’s 5,840 hours and now it’s been 17, and you average that some days I may have been in extended orgasm between an hour and two hours a day.

Not all at once, but smaller pockets of 15 minutes to half an hour and it’s about 6,000 plus hours. And that’s just extended orgasms. That’s not like the orgasm we think of … When we think of orgasm as climax, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Through most of our culture.

Let’s give us a distinction here when you’re talking about extended orgasm versus your regular old.

Yeah. So, first of all, I love the work that Masters and Johnson did and the in the 60s to really get the concept of human sexuality on the map. So the definition of orgasm is 10 to 12 contractions in 15 seconds for people with penises and something like 15 to 20 contractions in the 10 seconds for people with clitorises, and it’s based in a climactic end goal.

Now since the 60s, now here we are years later, why are we still having orgasm like it was the 1960s, we have evolved and so should our definition of orgasm. Climax is amazing. And I love to climax, I call it, yummy crotch sneeze because it feels so good and you know when you sneeze, it just feels good everywhere?

Did you just say, “Yummy crotch sneeze?”



You can have full body orgasm because that’s possible when you’re completely relaxed

And so you can have this wonderful climax and extended full body, extended orgasm or deliberate orgasm or a massive orgasm.

The two primary researchers that really kind of coined this idea of extended orgasm or Steve and Vera Bodansky and they talk about when you hear about the person in the one hour orgasm, what does that look like, or feel like? It’s like heightened sensation that you might feel during climax but it kind of waves through all the points of your body.

So orgasm, you feel it in your nervous system, right? So when you start to train your body, it really is learned. You just don’t suddenly have full body orgasms. You can have full body orgasm because that’s possible when you’re completely relaxed. When you have a climax, your whole body feels it generally. If you are willing to listen to feel it.

Extended orgasm is, your body is still contracting, so when I’m in an extended orgasm, the definition of orgasm still applies. My clitoris is contracting, except it’s contracting as long as I keep feeling the sensation in my body, and it’s sending those pleasurable waves of sensation, not only generated in my genitals but throughout my entire body. So I’m able to connect, let’s say my shoulders to my clitoris, my toes to my clitoris.

And I’m very still, I’m not really like trying to find the orgasm, but I’m actually feeling and I’m being the orgasm fully. And the experience has different range of intensity depending on … Orgasm is subjective, so there are ways to, as you and I were talking Tatiana, I have had actually acute EEG readings done in extended orgasm. I did several sessions 20 minutes long and I’m seeing my brain waves changed at peak experiences is pretty fascinating and it leads me to believe … Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

I totally want to talk about this. We do have to go to a quick break. Let’s not open up this can of worms when I have to cut you off. So, we’re going to return to it as soon as we get back. Before we go to break, will you tell our listeners where they can go to find out more about you and your work.

Sure. You can always find me on Facebook @lusciousluciapavone, You can find me on Instagram @lusciousluciapavone and also, let’s see, you can find me-

Do you have a free gift that you want to talk about?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I would like to offer anybody. I’ll have what she’s having! Discovery Session. We’ll post that link in the comments. It’s kind of a long link, but it’s basically a free consultation with a short intake to see what’s possible for you and your own pleasure-based sex life.

Awesome. So we are talking with Lucia Pavone about orgasms as spiritual alchemy. More when we get back. This is going to be so good. You don’t want to miss it. So stay tuned!

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