Holistic nutrition focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet and the use of everyday nutrition to improve a person’s health. It may sound simple, but a lot of people have misconceptions regarding it, as it involves spiritual and environmental aspects of life and wellbeing. In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Marcela Benson. She is a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor and Essene Priestess for the body, mind, and spirit, who wrote a new book called Love, Peace and Vegetables. Listen in as Ayn and Marcela talk about the importance of blessing your meals and what cleansing programs work for the betterment of your health and body.

Hello everyone and welcome to Wisdom of the Ages podcast show where we invite the sacred into modern day reality. So, let me tell you why you’re going to be excited about this episode. Have you ever wanted to meet a true priestess? I know I have. So, my guest today is a Holistic Nutrition Counselor and true medicine woman for the body, mind, and spirit. So, I would like to introduce Marcela Benson. This amazing woman has studied holistic nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Vedic science, Chinese tonic herbalism, Amazonian herbalism, healing with gems and vegan and raw food nutrition with some of the top institutes in the world. She’s also an Essene Priestess. She’s written a new book called Love, Peace and Vegetables, which will be published by Infinite Light Publishing and I’m super excited about this book. So welcome, Marcela.

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Hi. Thank you for having me.

I’m so glad you’re here to share your wisdom with us. So, let’s just jump in. I’m going to throw a question to you that I think is really important right now. In your book, which I was able to read and I absolutely love it, it’s just stunning, the images, the poetry, it’s a work of art, it’s an incredible gift to humanity, but you connect Mother Earth with environmental consciousness. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I think it is time that we all start considering our personal lives, also the impact of our personal life, the impact of our collective life and the environment. So definitely in the book I talk about the environmental consciousness because everything you do for yourself, you’re doing for the environment. So for example, if you are not using chemicals in your house, basically you’re saving the environment from harmful chemicals. As we look at our lives this way, everything that we do for ourselves, when we feel healthy, when we feel vibrant, we do meet these and we do project this into the world and the world gets to be a better world for others. So that’s-

That’s beautiful. That’s absolutely beautiful. But I do have a question for you because lots of people are interested in nutrition. There are all kinds of nutritionists. I know you’re a nutrition counselor, but you’re a holistic spiritual nutrition counselor. So how is that different from the standard diet in the West?

Yes. I know that spiritual nutrition counselor, it’s a very, very, very, something almost not heard. Because I was trained with Dr. Gabriel Cousens as a Spiritual Nutritional Counselor, definitely as a stand in the world for understanding that peace is our birthright. And just the diet alone for me never caught it. I just never understood why, okay, if I’m thin, if I’m beautiful and if I eat whatever diet they tell you that should be best for the human being, everything should be happy and dandy. And for me, it just felt so fake always. So I went my whole life in a quest on the understanding is where has this fracture as from who we really are? So, in my practice, spiritual nutrition, as a spiritual nutrition counselor, I teach people how to come back into oneness and how the food we eat in our daily lives is not separate.

So, would you say this is more of a vegan, vegetarian lifestyle?

Yes. Yes.

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