Holistic nutrition focuses on a natural approach to a healthy diet and the use of everyday nutrition to improve a person’s health. It may sound simple, but a lot of people have misconceptions regarding it, as it involves spiritual and environmental aspects of life and wellbeing. In this episode of Wisdom of the Ages, host Ayn Cates Sullivan is joined by Marcela Benson. She is a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor and Essene Priestess for the body, mind, and spirit, who wrote a new book called Love, Peace and Vegetables. Listen in as Ayn and Marcela talk about the importance of blessing your meals and what cleansing programs work for the betterment of your health and body.

Hello everyone and welcome to Wisdom of the Ages podcast show where we invite the sacred into modern day reality. So, let me tell you why you’re going to be excited about this episode. Have you ever wanted to meet a true priestess? I know I have. So, my guest today is a Holistic Nutrition Counselor and true medicine woman for the body, mind, and spirit. So, I would like to introduce Marcela Benson. This amazing woman has studied holistic nutrition with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Vedic science, Chinese tonic herbalism, Amazonian herbalism, healing with gems and vegan and raw food nutrition with some of the top institutes in the world. She’s also an Essene Priestess. She’s written a new book called Love, Peace and Vegetables, which will be published by Infinite Light Publishing and I’m super excited about this book. So welcome, Marcela.