Evolution redefined to unlock your superpowers

Redesign. Your. Reality.

Evolution redefined to unlock your superpowers

Redesign. Your. Reality.

Super Power Programs

Super Power Programs offer unique journeys through the wonderment and expansion of our internal and external worlds. The programs guide individuals and couples through the Redesign Your Reality™ training series and provide support as they implement mind-bending concepts into their existence. The programs use a proprietary training system that combines teaching, coaching, self-guidance and introspection in a unique multi-support environment.

The sessions are personalized and private, between you and our Coaching Team. The team consists of coaches who work collaboratively to guide and support you as you step into versions of yourself you’ve only dreamt of and worlds you can’t yet fathom.

Based on over 25 years of diving into and through the human psyche, Super Power Programs incorporate concepts from top-level counterintelligence training, Jungian psychology, graduate-level developmental and critical theory, neuro-linguistic programming, advanced social engineering, U.S. Department of Defense master training, and a multiverse of infinite wisdom. On the physical plane, the techniques have been taught to thousands of seekers in academia, government, entrepreneurship, military, corporate and around the globe.

Are You Ready?

Ultimately, the power to integrate and embody these concepts and techniques is yours and yours alone. We can’t do it for you, nobody can. And if any coach, guide, trainer, guru tries to sell you on that, refer to What Questions You Should Ask Before Participating in Any Coaching Program below. But while we can’t wave our wands and apparate you into the new world (yet), we can provide you techniques, tools, knowledge, support and guidance as you step forward into this space.     

One of our Super Power Programs is a good fit for you if you’re wondering, “What now?” If you’ve read the books, watched the movies, attended retreats, prayed, meditated, yoga-ed, or otherwise sought a clear understanding and relationship with YOU, then you’re in the right place.

Note: The material trained in the Super Power Programs is designed for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically stable before attempting to integrate it. If you have concerns, please use our Readiness Assessment tool below to gauge your readiness. If you still have concerns, seek guidance from a psychologist or licensed professional before engaging in a program.   

Readiness Assessment Tool

Reality as you knew it. 

The Super Power Programs are not a magic pill. You already took the red pill or you wouldn’t be pursuing something called “Super Power” Programs. Taking the pill is the easy part, now comes the work. (Didn’t you watch the movies??) You willingly stepped up and said you’re ready to see reality, as you’ve known it, reshape itself in front of your eyes. Surely you didn’t think that happened easily or overnight?

Do you remember the conversation between the Ancient One and Dr. Strange when he demanded to know “how”?

Dr. Strange: How do I get from here to there?
Ancient One: How did you get to reattach severed nerves and put a human spine back together bone by bone?
Dr. Strange: Study and practice. Years of it.