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Trust: Just Jump!

Trust. I was walking on a log from one shore to another. I moved with certainty, one foot in front of the other. I moved calmly and with rhythm. Suddenly, for some reason I cannot explain, I looked at the steep cliff. I could hardly see the water running down there. I did not want to think what would be me, if I fell. I woke up overemotional. Never before had I felt so much fear, it was like I was mocking death! Me, who had never risked doing anything that would put myself in danger. But, there it was…awakening from that dream was easy, but getting rid of that feeling of death, emptiness and danger was not so easy. This feeling accompanied me for days. I could not find the meaning of that dream. Was it a warning or an invitation to take risks? Now I know, and I am glad that at that moment I could not decipher it, because I was not ready to TRUST.

On this path of re-connection with your Divinity there is no other option than to trust. To reconnect means to recognize that unknown part, that Divinity that you are, but that you do not know. Recognize that unknown dimension where everything is possible, and the only limitation is yourself, your fears, your reasons, your excuses, your questions and rationalizations. This process is where I learned the real meaning and value of the word, TRUST.

Trust and Faith

faithI was raised in the Catholic religion, where I constantly listened to the importance of the dogmas of faith and how believing in these rules and doctrines spoke of our devotion and the Christian commitment to our faith. Many times, I asked why I should believe and why that belief spoke of my commitment to the religion I professed. I do not know if it was because of my personality, or that as a girl, I could see beyond, without realizing that I had this ability, but not getting an answer, that gave me peace made me feel manipulated. Thus, I grew up feeling that trust and faith were manipulated, so that they could be awarded subjectively. Now I understand, because in my vocabulary there was no expression that highlights that trust in me, or belief in myself, or a faith in who I was. These expressions were framed in a halo of manipulation that did not generate peace and tranquility. That was a crucial sign for me, and I had to be careful.

A New Stage of Trust

In this new stage of my life, that trust took a different turn. After having worked very much on my self-esteem; honoring my emotions and feelings, expressing my ideas and thoughts, being my truth, thanks to that wonderful journey to my inner self, and the exploration of my super powers, trust took a new Magical trust

Trusting, in this process of evolution and reconnection, takes on a powerful sense that unleashes the magic of creating that which you dream, deserve and desire. That meaning of trust, I summarize it in 5 steps. Although, it is important to take into account two things. First, the meaning of TRUST, according to dictionary is:

To entrust or to take care of somebody, some business or another thing. To wait with firmness and security.

Second, to begin to trust, in terms of this process of connecting that Divinity that you are experiencing in this human realm, you must have already established that communication with your higher self, with your spiritual guides, or with your master angels and beings of light. Otherwise this path of trust will be tortuous, painful and surely will lead you to give up. And giving up also means to give up your own power of creating the life you want and desire. Embodying that power, is what allow us to be one with that Divinity we already are.

5 Truths about Trust

  1. Trust means not knowing much about where you are going, but it means being certain that you are headed in the right direction, and if there is no clarity now, it will come.
  2. Trust is making decisions, where the outcome is not clear, but you know and feel that they are the decision that must be taken.
  3. Trust brings a strong feeling of emptiness that even though it’s frightening, invites you to experience it in a calm, almost harmonious way.
  4. Trust is no more than succumbing to the fear of not being, not knowing, not having and still smiling because something better is yet to come.
  5. Trust generates an unshakable faith in you, in that oneness that you are with the Universe.

facing fearWhen you read this article and you sense that those five steps are talking about you, talking about what you feel, sharing your here and now; hold your head up high and continue walking, safely and confidently with that truth.  The other side is getting closer. Meanwhile, contemplate the vision of that which is on the other side, keep it in mind, because surely it is more and better than you can imagine now.