Super Powers Activate!

What’s more exciting than sun, sea, the Caribbean and…superpowers?! …YOU!

Join the Super Power Experts team for an exciting adventure at sea as we take the superpowers training environment on a trip through the Caribbean. We’ve joined forces with the Marketers Cruise to bring you a trip full of new relationships, joint venture opportunities, and exclusive superpower training.

In addition to all of the benefits of becoming part of the Marketers Cruise family, you get to take your relationship with the Super Power Experts community to a different level. In between ports we’ll practice accessing intuition, playing with our predisposed superpowers and developing our unique superpowers. You’ll receive exclusive training from Executive Director Tonya Dawn Recla that empowers you to live a high vibrational existence. You’ll interact with SuperPower Up! podcast hosts and our Coaches Team to support your expansive growth.

Rooms are limited, so sign up now for this all-inclusive trip through a dimensional experience you never dreamt possible.

What to Expect

As a participant of Super Powers at Sea and the Marketers Cruise, you get the best of both worlds! You get focused business networking and joint venture opportunities AND superpower training and practice.

Super Powers at Sea workshops

Super Power Design Basic with Tonya Dawn Recla
Explore your Super Power Designrr with Tonya in an intimate environment. This intuitive assessment is the most powerful tool in honing your intuition and harnessing your superpower

Super Power Design Advanced Class with Tonya Dawn Recla
Take a deep dive into your superpowers and energy channels during this workshop. Tonya will guide you in exploring the intricacies of your specific design and understanding others.

Focused Practice  TBA

Connect with Super Power Experts and Coaches in specific areas: relationships, parenting, business, mindfulness, healing, etc.

Marketers Cruise Activities

7 big open seating networking group dinners in a special section just for our group. Break bread with the who’s who of our industry!​

Two private networking cocktail parties, PLUS our annual Karaoke theme night!

All of the Marketers Cruise curriculum, the prestigious “Group Leaders Showcase” and special peer-to-peer mastermind sessions with hundreds of fellow experts.

Bon Voyage Beach Bag with Marketers Cruise t-shirts and other fun SWAG!

The Million-Dollar Directory with photos and bios of everyone you’ll want to connect with and a full page about YOU!

Private Facebook group just for registered guests of the Marketers Cruise, so you can meet your  shipmates way before we set sail.

Best available cabins, on preferred higher decks, near each other, to facilitate even greater camaraderie.

TWO big networking BEACH PARTIES!

Optional private island excursions just for members of the Marketers Cruise group.

All meals on ship included.

Special Alcohol Packages available.

Find the Secret Invite Page!

To get started click on the Book Now section of the Marketers Cruise page.

The event is filling up fast! Mike and Lou are busily working to update the page. So while it still shows the 2019 cruise, the “Book Now” link will take you to the Secret Page for the 2020 event.

In addition to all of the great activities the Marketers Cruise offers, you’ll get to take advantage of the Super Power activities, gatherings and more. When you book, be sure to select Super Powers at Sea under the invitation section of the site to qualify as part of the Super Power Experts Event!

Join us!

Come discover your superpowers while sipping your favorite drink, enjoying the enormous healing and rejuvenating energy of the ocean and connecting with other high vibrational beings. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into frequencies that will change your life and focus your gifts to impact others.

Remember: When you book, be sure to select Super Powers at Sea under the invitation section of the site to qualify as part of the Super Power Experts event.