John VespasianJohn Vespasian, author of eight books on rational living, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about superpowered self growth and everything it isn’t. John writes about everything from rationality to fear to philosophy and it all centers around self growth. He uses lessons from history to make his points. Listen in as he and Tonya talk about misconceptions of self growth and how to apply rationality to a confused conversation.

Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and you are in for a treat. So, I’ve just made a connection with this gentleman but already my face is glowing, I’ve got a smile on my face, and my eyes are bright because he just has this really cool twist on things, that I think you’re really going to appreciate. So John Vespasian is an author of eight books about rational living. So what I love about him already is this idea of like just real down to earth. Like, bring it kind of energy, like let’s just open the dialogue up and get real with each other. Which is completely in alignment with what we do over here at Super Power experts. So we’re going to talk to him about some of these, but he has a nice little twist in the sense that he looks at history, and so you know one of the superpowers that we talk about a lot of the mutations and adaptations of what is going to be brought forward in this evolutionary shift. And he’s got a lot to say about that. And so we’re going to talk with him today about Super Powered Self Growth. It’s not what you think. So please join me in welcoming the show. Jon Vespasian. How are you John?

Very well Tonya thanks for having me on.

Absolutely so John’s out in the Netherlands, and he’s lived in Germany, in France, in a number of other places. And so it’s a big, big, big, thank you to you for staying up late to play with us today. I really appreciate it.

OK, thanks, Tonya.

Absolutely. So the very first question we’re going to ask you is what are your superpowers?

Transforming irritation into practical solutions.

Well, my superpowers we