SuperPower Up! Disrupt Reality with Tonya Dawn Recla

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The SuperPower Up! podcast features individuals using their super powers to have a positive impact on the world. Super Power Experts® Executive Director Tonya Dawn Recla talks with individuals challenging societal norms, eradicating limited beliefs, and reimagining their realities. Guests include CEOs of disruptive tech companies, celebrities using their influence to impact change, individuals honing supernatural abilities to create new definitions of what’s possible, multi-PhD holders courageously raising the bar on human potential assumptions, and many others.

Interviews utilize Zoom audio only. They are pre-recorded and last around 30 minutes. The format of the show is interview and dialogue style. Tonya is a masterful conversationalist and guests have reported SuperPower Up! is the most enjoyable experiences they’ve had on any show. After scheduling you will receive additional information about the show. You can view recent episodes on the Superpower NetworkTM 

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