Janelle HoylandReverend Janelle Hoyland, author, speaker, and certified Joyful Living Practioner, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss the spirit soul. Her intimate connection with spirit and the universe has allowed her to flow seamlessly in direct communication with all of life. Her style of work is at the moment for each client giving each one a connection to his or her soul in a unique way. As soul pathway healer the universe has groomed her from birth to help people transform their soul path connection. She is able to go into the blueprint of each soul clearing imprints and debris allowing your soul to enlighten you to see authentic self. The information from higher realms of communicating with Janelle as she guides you in your life. Listen in as she shares her deep thoughts about spirit soul conversations.

Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I’m very excited to have with us today, a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful soul of a woman. She just emanates this amazing kind of love and embracing and openness. I like the fact that she has a little bit of a different twist on this whole integrative approach to existence. She knew at the age of three, that she was connected to the source, and God and used that as a primary, kind of directional, her primary compass. Which is unusual for a lot of us. A lot of us kind of had to come around to that.

So I’m excited for her to share that journey, and then what happened after that. It’s like, that’s one thing a lot of us wistfully look, and like, “Oh, if I had known this before.” But then, you know the grass always looks greener, but she had her own kind of challenges and things that she had to adapt to in order to move into that integrative existence here. So, Reverend Janelle Hoyland is a soul pathway healer. She’s an international bestselling author, visionary, psychic, she’s definitely our peeps. So, without further ado, could you please join me in welcoming to the show, Janelle. Welcome.

Oh, I’m so excited to be with you today and I am you know, everything in divine order, just perfect timing for everything. And I can’t wait to see what rolls out of my mouth, because I don’t get a say so in that. So it should be fantastic.

Oh, I love it. It’s so funny because I find myself saying a lot that, I find myself saying a lot. Like, it’s like is so, I’m almost in an observation role within my own existence. Like, “I heard that just come out of my mouth. That was very interesting.” Oh, I love it.

So, well we’re going to be talking about spirit soul conversations with you because that just felt like a really juicy topic to share with you. So I’m excited. But before we jump in all of that, let’s follow the protocol of course, and ask, what are your superpowers?

I am a Creature of the Planet

I am a Creature of the Planet.

Oh my goodness, so my first one that came to mind was my sarcasm and my sense of humor, obviously. And you know, I’m very down to earth, like grassroots. You know I love to get in there and just touch the ea