Ani Anderson

Just how much do mind matters impact our projected reality? Some say it is the only thing that matters. Ani Anderson, co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset, knows the importance of managing the mind and finding the balance between our inner and outer realities. She joins Tonya Dawn Recla to dive into the various aspects of the mind and explore the innate power lying within each one. Listen in as they provide tips and tricks for enjoining your mind in your evolutionary journey.

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I’m delighted to share with you just a wonderful wealth of information about some concepts that a lot of you struggle with of these minds, they’re all very, very, very smart, intelligent people and sometimes that’s our biggest hiccup in this development evolution game. So I’m really excited to bring in this conversation. Ani Anderson embodies this sense of everything from what is the mindset piece and how to do we kind of talk about in ways that make. We like our boxes and our constructs and kind of make sense of something so that we can really utilize each one of those components in a way that heightens our evolution. Here at Super Power Experts, we’re big fans of taking advantage of our resources is how I’ll frame it.

Excuse me. So Ani Anderson is the author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda and she does a lot of work in the sensation based mindset. So I really appreciate some of the terms and the terminology that she uses that’s subtly different than our curriculum and it really illuminates some of these differences that you’ve heard us talk about. So this is really gearing up to be a phenomenal conversation here and I’m excited to have you all along for the ride.

Please join me in welcoming Ani to the show. Welcome, Ani.

Oh, thank you so much. I’m so glad to be here today.

We’re excited to have you. I am very excited about this conversation. But before we get into the yummy gooeyness of it. Let’s start with the exciting question: What are your super powers?

I am really skilled at being able to see relationship patterns and I definitely consider that my biggest super power

I am really skilled at being able to see relationship patterns and I definitely consider that my biggest super power.

So, I have two that really came to mind and one of them was really developed through years and years of study and that’s what I have, a super power as a body-mind expert and we’re going to talk more about that for sure. And my second super power, not to say it wasn’t developed by learning but it was more experiential. I am exceptional at seeing relationship patterns and this plays out within the body-mind expertise but also just in that relationships are like the basis for everything, whether we’re talking about our personal life or our business life, relationship with self, relationship with life. I am really skilled at being able to see relationship patterns and I definitely consider that my biggest super power.

Beautiful. I love that and I love that you mentioned that relationship to self, which we refer to the internal-external game and we’re big believers that what the projection shows us is the replica of what’s happening internally and if you use that approach, if you look at the relationship to self and the relationship to others, it’s a really rich environment to grow in a solid kind of efficient manner, right? If we can systemize growth then we’re going to do it, by golly.

Yeah, no kidding. You’re absolutely right. I mean, it’s that relationship to self that’s really at the basis of all relationships and the more systemized we can be around it to learn how we can really do that to shift our external reality it’s this power.

Well and I think that’s what’s so wonderful about the work that you are; it’s the control measures, the discipline, of managing a different kind of vibrational feedback that we receive in the body gets really challenging when we have limited constructs to work with. So most of us matriculated through processes that it was pretty much the mind. I joke with people because they would ask me if I always knew that I had superpowers and I was like, no, really I just thought I was very smart because that’s what everybody told me was, “You’re smart. You have good programs.” I was just very smart. Well, the challenge with that is that sometimes I do not do smart things and so it’s like, “Well, who am I if I’m very smart?” But then I do not do smart things and then that challenges the very definition of my existence and on top of that, it wasn’t intellect that I was really leaning on but no one even suggested that it might be something different.

Yeah, do we have a language to describe what that is?